Enhanced disclosure ownership forms back online


The FCC is looking to get a more detailed profile of its broadcast licensees, and FCC Form 323 is the regulatory vehicle upon which it will gather date. The long-delayed form is back online as of 4/9/10, and the forms are due to be returned by 7/8/10.

The original due date was 1/11/10, but to its credit, the FCC responded to numerous complaints from broadcasters and their counsel who were trying in good faith to meet that deadline, but in so doing exposed numerous flaws.

The FCC suspended the form 12/23/09, and announced that when problems were addressed, a new form would go online, and with it, a 90-day period to fill them out and turn them in, hence the online date of 4/9/10 and the due date of 7/8/10.

The good news is that broadcasters need not redo their own data compiling – the information returned to the FCC this time around still needs to be up-to-date as of 11/1/09, which was the information cut-off for the original January due date.

Information on filling out the form is available at http://www.fcc.gov/form323.