Enough with negativity


Let’s have more good news about local television stations!! I challenge any other media channel, yes, even in this new digital universe, to show better ROI or more influence than local television. The worst TV station in the world gets better results than the best of any other media. Personally I don’t care what media analysts have to say. They don’t work at stations and most of them never have. We don’t run our station to please Wall Street. We run our stations to inform and entertain our viewers and get results for our advertisers.

I challenge these analysts to knock on all the doors in my neighborhood any night of the week and find one house where the TV is not on. It won’t happen. Go into any restaurant, any store, TV is on. Go into a hospital, a gym, TV is on. People talk about what they see on TV. Sure, viral videos are huge for the few that work. You know when they get real talk? When they are shown on TV! People watch live sports on TV on a big screen in the living, or in a bar,  with their friends, not in their room, alone, by the light of their computer monitor. How do the internet sites get real traffic? – by advertising on TV. How do you sell iphones and mobile services? By advertising on TV. TV just plain works. It reaches everyone. You can target big hunks of any demographic group on TV. or you can just reach everybody.   Let’s hear how the successful TV stations are doing it!!!

Bob Backman
Price Hill Television, LLC
Digital Channel 31
Rehoboth Beach, DE