Entercom goes green


Entercom Communications announced the launch of the “1 Thing Green Pledges” program, a corporate sustainability initiative designed to reduce the company’s environmental impact and further its commitment to good corporate citizenship.  The program builds on the foundation of Entercom’s existing “1 Thing” platform, an environmental awareness campaign that provides employees, listeners and business partners with actionable ways to start living greener lives.

Said Entercom CEO David Field: “We can make a difference, and therefore we must.  And if we do it right, we can run our business more efficiently, we can partner with like-minded customers, we can have a healthier workplace and we can significantly reduce our impact on the planet.”

The 1 Thing Green Pledges program incorporates the roll-out of various green practices at all Entercom facilities.  These practices include the implementation of energy-efficient lighting systems; the exclusive use of 100% post consumer waste recycled paper (PCW); paper-saving systems to reduce overall paper consumption; and recommended energy-efficient practices for electronic office equipment.  In addition, company radio stations will produce and air locally-focused “Green Tip” spots, voiced by station personalities who are sustainability stewards in their own communities.

As part of its corporate sustainability initiative, Entercom is pledging a $1 million advertising grant to three leading environmental organizations.  Additionally, each of Entercom’s 23 markets will designate its own local environmental partner, which will also receive a grant of advertising time.