Entercom launches Alternative Buffalo 107.7


EntercomAt 12 noon on 9/26, Entercom Buffalo launched “Alternative Buffalo 107.7 FM,” ending tis simulcast of sister station, News-Talk WBEN-AM. Entercom says it has had tremendous success with alternative stations across the country, including The End in Seattle, The Buzz in Kansas City, and KRNK in Portland—and will draw on that to design Alternative Buffalo 107.7.

“Our station will reflect the best part of today’s Buffalo. From a revitalized downtown and a growing economy, to a strong sense of environmental protection, to a renewed sense of optimism and community, 107.7 is the New Alternative for a New Buffalo,” said Greg Ried, Vice President and General Manager of Entercom Buffalo. “We are building Alternative Buffalo 107.7 to compete and win. On Day 1 we will stand alone as the exclusive alternative station in Buffalo. With our unique sound, Alternative Buffalo 107.7 will target an audience in the heaviest acquisition years of their lives. Alternative Buffalo 107.7 will deliver modern consumers who need to buy and buy right now.”

Alternative PD Mark Hamilton, from KRNK Portland, is advising 107.7FM on its launch: “We conducted extensive local research in Buffalo and listeners were clear … they wanted an alternative, and they wanted modern alternative music,” said Mark Hamilton, the renowned alternative program director of KRNK Portland, who is advising 107.7 FM on its launch. Alternative Buffalo 107.7 will play the very best in today’s alternative music from artists including Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers, Muse, and FUN.”

Entercom also announced it has launched a national search for a PD for 107.7.

Part of the reason for the move is that Entercom research showed, and Arbitron has confirmed, that over 90% of WBEN listening continued to occur at 930 AM.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s a bit of a return to “Alternative” on that frequency. Back in 1982-1986, WUWU-FM out of suburban Wethersfield, NY, served that market with a marginal signal and free-form/progressive rock. Of course, those were the days that folks in Buffalo could also hear CFNY-FM out of Toronto, bearing a similar format.


  1. I have listen to sandy beach and others on your station for years I can get 107.7 here in the southern tier I cannot listen to 930 am because it doesn’t come through in the southern tier. I am very angry that it is not available for me to listen to it. and I don’t like the music you are playing.

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