Entercom using web-based based platform to sell local ads (audio)

Drew Hilles:

It has partnered with The Media Dash, a media and advertising technology company, to offer premium advertising content to local advertisers in Denver and New Orleans. Entercom is the first broadcasting company to utilize The Media Dash’s web-based self-serve platform and is now offering on-air spots and packages for its four stations in Denver (KALC-FM, KEZW-AM, KOSI-FM and KQMT-FM) and five stations in New Orleans (WWL-A/FM, WWWL-AM, WLMG-FM, WKBU-FM and WEZB-FM), on (www.Denvermediadash.com) and(www.NewOrleansmediadash.com), respectively.

Drew Hilles, The Media Dash CEO, spoke with RBR-TVBR on how sales teams and stations can approach advertisers on this option; a bit of what steps advertisers take to get the ad placed; and how the system differs from WO Automation for Radio 2.0 (formerly Google Radio Automation—Hilles previously worked with them). Listen to the audio, above.

The Media Dash Local is a web-based, hyper-local advertising platform designed to help broadcasters sell premium on-air and streaming commercials to both new and repeat advertisers. The platform helps broadcasters to reach underserved advertisers and lets them review sales info and provides them with the flexibility to adjust their offerings in order to increase sales. Local merchants and advertisers can browse The Media Dash Local in order to find available broadcast packages that match their marketing needs and reach their target audience.

“The Media Dash is a viable solution that exposes us to a vast number of underserved advertisers. We are proud to be early adopters of Denver Media Dash and New Orleans Media Dash. These digital, self-serve platforms will bring a new and more convenient buying experience to our clients and enhance our ability to serve more advertisers in our local communities than ever before,” said Weezie Kramer, regional president, Entercom.

The Media Dash Local launched in New Jersey, Denver and New Orleans in June and will soon be available in Santa Rosa, CA and Long Island, N.Y.