Entravision Finalizes Its Q3 Unveil Time


Entravision Communications will host a teleconference to discuss its third quarter 2019 financial results on Thursday, November 7, at 5pm Eastern.

What will investors find?

One need only look at the company’s Q2 2019 earnings call to get a hint of what is to come.

Michael Kupinski of NOBLE Capital Markets inquired about Entravision’s Q3 pacings for TV, with 2% growth expected. Does that include spectrum agreements and service agreements?

Entravision CFO/Treasurer Christopher Young said yes. “It includes all revenue streams, multicast, one-offs with the mobile telecom and advertising and retrans.”

In terms of the core business, what’s the problem spot, Kupinski asked.

“In terms of just the core business, what are you seeing — is auto the problem? Because I know that auto as a percent of total advertising revenues tend to be higher for you than even some of the English language TV stations,” Kupinski noted.

Young replied that automotive was down 1% for Q2, saying it was “basically flat and kind of in line with, I think, where the rest of the industry ended up.”

For Q3, automotive is pacing down 3 points.

EVC finished Thursday’s trading at $2.84, off 1.4%.

RBR+TVBR will offer coverage in its Nov. 8 news updates.