Entravision harnessing radio to get out the LA vote


Entravision Communications CorporationA run-off election for mayor in Los Angeles is on the calendar for 5/21/13, and multimedia Hispanic outfit Entravision is hoping its assets can help the municipality improve on low voter turnout seen during the preceding primary election.

The group’s three LA FM stations — KSSE-FM Super Estrella 107.1, KLYY-FM Jose 97.5 and KDLD-FM El Gato 103.1 – will be running PSAs emphasizing the importance of showing up at the polls. Additionally, the stations will use their websites to showcase a video on the same topic.

According to Entravision, only 16% of all eligible voters showed up for the primary.

Chairman/CEO Walter F. Ulloa commented, “At Entravision, we believe that the Los Angeles Mayoral election is extremely important to the future of the city. As an active member of the community, it is our civic duty to encourage as many citizens as possible to exercise their right to vote. With this election being only the third time in the last 75 years that an incumbent mayoral candidate has not been on the ballot in Los Angeles, this election offers a unique opportunity for citizens to vote with their voice and help shape the future for the city. By leveraging Entravision’s multiple media properties in Los Angeles, we will provide a valuable service to the community and help encourage voter participation for this special election.”

RBR-TVBR observation: This is what serving the public interest is all about. The next step is to make sure this effort is chronicled and placed for all to see in each station’s public file.