Entravision launches “El Vacilon del Mandril” on La Tricolor stations


The Spanish-language broadcaster announced the launch of “El Vacilon del Mandril” on its La Tricolor format radio stations in nine markets, including Denver, Sacramento and Las Vegas. The show, which began airing 1/18, can be heard Monday through Friday at various times throughout the morning. Featuring veteran Hispanic radio personality and lifelong jokester Ricardo Sanchez, better known as “El Mandril” (the Baboon), he provides listeners with an entertaining array of wisecracks, hit music and prank phone calls.

The family-friendly program includes guest segments from Tatiano, the effeminate problem solver, and La Toluca, Mandril’s co-host.

The show currently airs on KPVW-FM Aspen, Colorado; KXPK-FM Denver; KMXX-FM El Centro, California/ Yuma, Arizona; KQRT-FM Las Vegas; KAIQ-FM Lubbock, Texas; KRNV-FM Reno, Nevada; KRCX-FM Sacramento; KLOK-FM Salinas, California; and KMIX-FM Stockton, CA.

La Tricolor is a Regional Mexican music format that caters to men 18-34. Within the demo, four of Entravision’s stations are the number one rated station and an additional four stations rank in the top five in the same demographic, regardless of language. The music is a high energy mix of banda, corrido, nortena, ranchera and emerging Regional Mexican genres.