Entravision looks to move to lower channel


Entravision Communications CorporationKCEC-TV Denver is currently operating on Channel 51. Despite a general freeze on such things, the FCC is willing to not only consider but encourage this one – but it requires a rulemaking.

The FCC explained, “Entravision states that grant of the petition would serve the public interest.  While the Commission instituted a freeze on the acceptance of rulemaking petitions by full power television stations requesting channel substitutions in May 2011,1 it subsequently announced that it would lift the freeze to accept petitions for rulemaking filed by full power television stations seeking to relocate from channel 51 pursuant to a voluntary relocation agreement with Lower 700 MHz A Block licensees.”

The Commission continued, “Entravision further states that discontinuance of KCEC(TV)’s operations on channel 51 will eliminate potential interference to and from wireless operations and allow T-Mobile USA, Inc., the Lower 700 MHz A Block licensee, to commence operations in service to wireless subscribers.”

The FCC said the proposal warrants consideration and is initiating the rulemaking. At this point, it is opening the proceeding up to public comment. Deadlines will be announced once the proceeding makes it into the Federal Register.