Entravision's Phoenix radio stations address immigration


Illegal immigration is a hot, hot topic in Arizona these days – so hot that it has caused the issue to at least warm up throughout the US. And if you are Hispanic in Arizona, the issue is white hot. Broadcaster Entravision used its Phoenix radio cluster to for a special news and information program on the topic.

The multimedia group used its four stations — KDVA 106.9, KMIA 710, KVVA 107.1 and KLNZ 103.5 – from 6PM-7PM on 5/27/10 for a special on Arizona’s new law SB 1070, which allows citizens to be detained on suspicion of being an illegal. The company said that “Informaté Arizona” attracted thousands of listeners.

“Our listeners have a lot of questions about how SB 1070 impacts them, their families and our local communities, and this special broadcast helped bring them up to speed and understand the ramifications of the new law,” said Entravision Chairman/CEO Walter F. Ulloa. “The issues around this legislation and immigration in general are growing more complicated by the day, and it’s important that we continue to positively promote civic engagement by giving our audiences an opportunity to engage and discuss what’s happening in their community and state.”

RBR-TVBR observation: This is what localism is all about. Entravision is going to have an attractive public file, with a heaping helping of listener loyalty on the side.