Envision adds Animal Radio to talk lineup


Envision Radio NetworksAnimal Radio, America’s most-listened-to pet talk show that celebrates our pets and the connection we share with them, is now available for barter. It offers three programming options, including a weekly two-hour show and two daily 60-second features, Animal Minute and Animal Radio Newsbreak, on the Envision Talk Network.

Animal Radio’s weekly two-hour talk show is hosted by veteran air-talent Hal Abrams and Judy Francis, who guide listeners through a lively and interactive discussion that addresses issues and concerns affecting pet-owners and their companions. By spreading education and awareness to over 350,000 pet-lovers tuning in weekly, Animal Radio helps animals and their owners live healthy, happier lives.

“Animal Radio has been growing exponentially for the last 12 years. Our partnership with Envision Radio Network is a logical next step for bringing America’s most-listened-to pet talk to stations that want a piece of the 55 billion dollar pet market,” said host Hal Abrams.

Animal Radio offers listeners the unique opportunity to call in for advice and tips from a world-class team of contributors, including Dog Trainer Vladae Roytapel, Veterinarian Dr. Debbie, Groomer Joey Villani, Animal Communicator Joy Turner, Travel Reporter Susan Sims and more! Animal Radio features frequent visits from celebrity pet-lovers and recent guests have included Bret Michaels, Joy Behar, Jenna Fischer, Glenn Close, and Cesar Millan.

Animal Radio also offers two stand-alone weekday vignettes. Hosted by Nashville musician Britt Savage, this feature shares stories about pets that are both entertaining and heart-warming. Animal Radio Newsbreak gathers topical pet-related news that any animal lover can relate to and is hosted by veteran air-talent and Animal Radio News Director Stacey Cohen.