Envision announces “America Weekend”


Envision Radio NetworksDesigned to be a break from the usual brokered programming and rerun political fare of most News/Talk stations, America Weekend covers the lighter side of news and lifestyle issues facing today’s on-the-go talk listeners while maintaining revenues from paid hosts.

Despite the fact that as many people use radio on weekend middays as weekday drive times, research shows that typical News/Talk stations experience greatly decreased ratings on weekends. America Weekend helps maximize ratings performance by offering an entertaining, informative alternative to low-rated brokered shows while providing an avenue to maintain or even increase revenue from paid programs.

“It’s been said that ‘weekdays are for ratings, weekends are for revenue”, said America Weekend Executive Producer Kipper McGee.  “However, now we’re seeing the damage that poorly rated weekend programming is causing weekday shows.  Listeners are forced to find other weekend options, and increasingly are not finding their way back to the radio station.”

America Weekend provides six hours of live programming on both Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am until 3 pm ET and accommodates up to four local expert slots per hour, with frequent break-away points for sports, weather or other local programming. Since the programming is broadcast live via satellite, America Weekend is able to stay current by addressing breaking and developing stories of national interest as they happen.

“America Weekend is all about maintaining revenue opportunities for radio stations from long-form brokered programs in a new and innovative way,” said President and CEO of Envision Radio Networks Danno Wolkoff. “We have always believed that there is a better way for radio to monetize its Saturday and Sunday programming without sacrificing quality. Finally, ‘Content is King’ again on weekends.”

Taking modular approach to programming, America Weekend is anchored by top-level personalities hosting three-hour blocks on Saturday and Sunday.  These nationally recognized hosts will also be joined by frequent high-profile guests including celebrities and newsmakers to share their latest views and topics.

America Weekend affiliates will also receive specialized sales training to help clients better utilize the on-air and on-line infrastructure provided by the programming, as well as operational training to ensure seamless execution.