Envision introduces Radio Playbook


Envision Radio NetworksEnvision Radio Networks’ Radio Playbook is a new website that coaches talent through the process of programming a winning morning show. This simple-to-follow, two-in-one tool maps out each day’s complete show clock based on tested PPM research that suggests topics and bits for each programmed break for on-air staff.

Radio Playbook takes the guesswork out of programming your morning show and allows program directors to access the system and make real-time changes that can keep their morning show on task with reminders. On-air staff will benefit from a collection of the best prep which includes daily audio, news, and topic starters, along with such added features as original produced comedy bits and cutting-edge on-air games.

“Morning shows these days are doing their prep 24/7 and need a system to organize their show each day and throughout the entire week,” explained Danno Wolkoff, President and CEO of Envision. “Radio Playbook allows the entire show to participate in the process wherever and whenever they want while allowing the PD to get the important station material addressed throughout the broadcast. On-air talent will love the ease of use and flexibility.”

As the latest creation from programming duo Mike Marino (creator of BitXchange, AudioChopShop and AmeriCountry) and Jason Hillery (creator of RadioCurrents.Com, AmeriCountry, Hangar 19 and current PD at WRQE-FM/Green Bay, WI), Radio Playbook uses their combined 50 years of programming experience to guide and prep morning shows based on extensive research in markets of all sizes. They’re offering a free trial of the service.