Envision Radio Networks debuts YouBeauty vignette


It’s a free, 60-second vignette that explores the science behind beauty. Seven days a week, host Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic will bring the knowledge and expertise of the popular YouBeauty.com website he co-founded with Dr. Mehmet Oz to the radio.

“Beauty equals health, and seeking your authentic inner and outer beauty is not some guilty pleasure, it’s actually good for you!” said Dr. Roizen. “Our daily insights will help you be the best you can be, inside and out.”

YouBeauty coaches listeners to a better lifestyle by offering simple tips, debunking myths, and revealing the scientific links between beauty and health. From nutrition and fitness to cosmetic topics such as hair and makeup, Dr. Roizen’s daily dose of beauty fundamentals empowers listeners with the facts they need to improve their appearance, break bad habits, boost self-esteem and even strengthen relationships.

“Dr. Roizen is one of the best known experts in the Wellness field today,” states Danno Wolkoff, Envision CEO. “His wealth of knowledge and respect amongst his peers makes him the ideal host for the YouBeauty feature. Dr. Roizen delivers daily health and beauty information that is compelling and entertaining for listeners.”