Envision Radio Networks launches "AmeriCountry"


Envision Radio Networks announced the debut of AmeriCountry, a new morning show prep service designed specifically for country radio.  AmeriCountry is the creation of longtime programmer Mike Marino (creator of BitXChange and AudioBitXChange) and 10 year programming veteran Jason Hillery (creator of RadioCurrents.Com, writer/producer of The BitXChange, current PD at WOZZ-FM/Green Bay, WI and former PD of WIXX-FM/ Green Bay, WI).

AmeriCountry delivers hard news to country chatter to news that pulls at the heart strings, all written in a rip-n-read style, ready for air. It also features Today’s 10, a daily breakdown of the top 10 most important stories of the day, Showbiz 60, the daily entertainment report (updated twice each day), one-on-one guest interviews, the latest daily audio clips, and blog content.