Envision Radio Networks launches “Paranormal 60”


Envision Radio NetworksEnvision says Paranormal 60 is their new daily :60 second exploration through the realms of the unexplained. Paranormal expert Dave Schrader takes listeners on a supernatural journey that probes such phenomena as alien and UFO sightings, encounters with elusive creatures known as Bigfoot and chupacabras, and, of course, ghostly visitations from the beyond.

To stay grounded from the world of the unknown, Paranormal 60 marries unusual subject matter with current entertainment news in features that appeal to all listeners including “Celebrity Paranormal Reports” and “Sci-Fi/Horror Entertainment Updates”.

“Paranormal 60 offers programming specifically designed for PPM markets at no cost to affiliates,” says Danno Wolkoff, Envision CEO. “Radio stations can use these compelling stories of the supernatural on-air, online and on demand throughout multiple dayparts. Listeners love these unexplained events and want to hear what really happened?”

While taking a quick break from conducting a paranormal investigation in Mansfield, Ohio, host Dave Schrader said, “Paranormal 60 is the perfect blend of creepy, fascinating and fun information that will get the water cooler talk buzzing. Paranormal 60 is dragging your nightmares out into the daylight; hold on for one hell of a ride!”


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