Envision Radio Networks welcomes new affiliates


Envision Radio NetworksDuring the month of December, Envision Radio Networks welcomed the following 10 new affiliates, with the shows and products listed:

•           WBLO-AM/Greensboro, NC and WGSP-AM/Charlotte, NC (Univision Radio’s El Handyman en Su Casa)

•           KTUM-FM/Albuquerque, NM (The Core)

•           WHIT-AM/Madison, WI (HANK FM)

•           WAKY-FM and WLVK-FM/Louisville, KY (Westar Music Library)

•           KLQB-FM and KLJA-FM/Austin, TN (AudioMonky)

•           WKGO-FM/Washington, DC (The Rooster)

•           WRZZ-FM/Parkersburg, WV (Chop Shop Classic)