Envision scores new affiliates


Envision Radio NetworksDuring the month of January, Envision Networks welcomed the following 20 new affiliates:

•           KTWV-FM/Los Angeles, CA, WQZY-FM, WMLT-AM, WMCG-FM and WQIL-FM /Macon, GA  (AudioChopShop)

•           WRCN-FM/New York, NY and WHHZ-FM/Gainesville, FL (VirtualNWS Weather Reports)

•           KBOB-FM/Davenport, IA (Full Metal Jackie)

•           WBRU-FM/Providence, RI (EZ Trak)

•           WVKO-FM/Columbus, OH, WLFM-LP/Cleveland, OH and WOXY-FM/Cincinnati, OH  (AudioMonky)

•           WMVN-FM/Syracuse, NY and KKRG-FM/Albuquerque, NM  (The Rooster)

•           WQZY-FM, WMCG-FM and WMLT-AM/Macon, GA (Imaging Chop Shop)

•           KBZQ-FM/Lawton, OK (Univision Radio’s El Hit Parade de America)

•           WOZN-AM/Madison, WI (Where Are They Now)

•           WQQR-FM/Paducah, KY (Looking Up to #1)

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