Envision’s AppCheck prepares for Thanksgiving


Envision Radio NetworksRadio’s only daily 15 second app review is offering up a cornucopia of unique apps via a week of content available for broadcast beginning November 19th through November 25th.

For example, Thanksgiving Menu Maker can help keep listeners on track with its customizable menu planning app that features 75 recipes, shopping lists and cooking times to make your holiday meal a success.

The Leftovers App will tell how many days they can safely enjoy leftovers until it’s time to toss them.

TGI Black Friday will help beat the crowds and plan for the biggest shopping day of the year as this App helps you find and organize all your Black Friday coupons in one convenient location.

Created by J. Coleman, veteran host and show producer, AppCheck is a versatile, fast-paced feature that can be incorporated into any daypart and broadcast multiple times throughout the day. Covering apps from iPhones and iPads to Androids and Blackberrys, AppCheck equips listeners with the facts they need before they hit download.