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Monday Morning, July 8th, 2002

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Michael CoppsFCC clears Cumulus buy in Green Bay
The FCC has cleared another "red-flagged" radio transaction, giving Cumulus Media (O:CMLS) a go-ahead to close its $7.25M purchase of WDUZ-AM & WQLH-FM in the Green Bay, WI market. But Commissioner Michael Copps (pictured) once again parted company with his colleagues and said too much concentration is being allowed. | Full Story | RBR Observation |

G. Gordon Liddy
G. Gordon Liddy wins again
A federal jury in Baltimore has thrown out a $5.1M defamation lawsuit against Watergate conspirator and Westwood One syndicated host G. Gordon Liddy. Ida "Maxie" Wells, a former Democratic National Committee secretary, claimed that Liddy falsely accused her of running a prostitution ring for the DNC in the early '70s. In their verdict, the jurors found that Liddy did not defame Wells by repeating the claim publicly.

The jury's decision comes more than a year after the first trial ended in a mistrial, with a previous jury not able to reach a verdict.

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Part 1

Steve ShawShaw sees recovery continuing for second half
After suffering through a 19% decline in 2001 spending on national
spot radio, the radio reps have been enjoying a recovery-and
they're expecting it to continue for the rest of this year.

In this first installment of RBR's canvas of radio rep company executives and ad industry forecasters, we spoke with Steve Shaw (pictured), President of Katz Radio Group. He oversees the operations of Katz Media Group's two independent reps, Katz Radio and Christal Radio.
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Media, Markets & Money tm

Fisher Communications suspends dividend
Stock in Fisher Communications (O:FSCI) dropped 25 cents to $54.95 on Friday (7/5) after the company announced on the eve of the Fourth of July that it was suspending payment of its quarterly dividend. The dividend, which had been $0.26 per share quarterly - - or $1.04 per year - - was last paid 3/1 to Q1 shareholders.
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Washington Beat

What is indecency, anyway?
Entercom's (N:ETM) WGR-AM in Buffalo was subject to indecency complaints from local resident Michael P. Palko. However, the 5/8/00 broadcast in question was not found to be actionably indecent by the FCC's Enforcement Bureau.
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Buckley tries to unbuckle CCU TV JSA
Clear Channel's (N:CCU) acquisition of Ackerley resulted in, among many other things, a six-radio-station, two-television station cluster in the Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz market. Clear Channel brought the radio stations to the table, and Ackerley brought the TVs--one owned, KION-TV and the other, Seal Rock Broadcasters' KCBA-TV, related via an time brokerage agreement (TBA)/joint sales agreement (JSA) | Full Story |

Engineered for Profit

Sirius, XM claim UWB Report
and Order flawed

Sirius and XM Satellite Radio filed a joint petition with the FCC for partial reconsideration (6/17), claiming its Ultrawideband (UWB) First Report and Order rulemaking (released 4/22/02), adopted rules which will "cause harmful interference to satellite radio receivers from UWB communications and surveillance devices." This is not the first time the satellite broadcasters have asked for the Commission's help. They've also claimed new generations of high-efficiency public lighting systems cause massive interference. | Full Story |


Mid-Year Review:
What Will You Do Differently in the Third
and Fourth Quarters?

At mid-year 2002, media forecasters, group heads and research companies are all stating they expect positive growth in the second half of 2002 advertising sales.

If your own expectation differs from these leaders, the question you should ask
yourself is, "Year to date, has my sales effort been focused, consistent,
effective, and efficient?"
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Radio Stocks

Radio stocks get a break
Bargain hunters took advantage of light holiday trading Friday (7/5) to buy beaten down stocks. That gave a boost to most sectors, including radio, with RBR's Radio Index moving up 3.81% to 224.556. Satellite radio stocks took a hit, though, after Merrill Lynch analyst Marc Nabi downgraded both XM and Sirius. He has worries about their ability to get continued funding in the wake of the Worldcom scandal, which has shaken confidence in all telecommunications companies.

Here's how stocks fared on Friday
Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change












NBG Radio Nets




Big City YFM $1.30 unch

Radio One, Cl. A




Clear Channel




Radio One, Cl. D




Cox Radio




Radio Unica
















Saga Commun.








Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.








Viacom, Cl. A








Viacom, Cl. B








Westwood One




Hispanic Bcg.




XM Sat. Radio








Publishers Perspective

Jim CarnegieWelcome to the first edition of the new RBR Daily E-paper. Like you, I've moved online to keep RBR up-do-date with the fast-moving radio industry. If you are reading this on your computer now, you'll be getting this publication for the next 40 days...every morning, plus our afternoon email update...for FREE!!! Just make sure you fill out the entry form here. | Full Story |

RBR Feature

Headliners of the first half of 2002:
"Who will be the headliners in 2002?" We asked that question in RBR's first print issue of this year and plastered 46 photos of radio notables across our front page. Many of those faces Who were they?were,
indeed, the newsmakers thus far in 2002--with half a year and lots of news yet to go.

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Top Stories in June
with RBR Observations
1. DOJ looking into radio
business practices

2. Senator Feingold
legislation unveiled

3. May Day, May Day

4. Broadcasters want to
slow down PPM

5. The End of the Big Mac

6. Get Ready to Rumble:
SBS lawsuit sends CCU
shares plunging

7. Lowry prepares for
congressional colonoscopy

More News Headlines

* Williams buys again
* XM & Sirius stocks fall
* Gaylord sells more assets
* Religious TV group buys first radio station
* Emmis to pay preferred dividend
* FCC offers additional comment period on WFUV-FM tower
* Labels now looking to sue individuals for song swapping
* Sam Donaldson to host DC Talk show
* Jennings gets the boots
* Broadcast gurus face new rules
* Standard Radio completes Iceberg purchase
* Delphi demos Mesh Networks streaming service for autos
* Indy Classical station debut put on hold
* BBC consortium gets three digital licenses from ITV
* XM announces preferred dividend
* FBI seeking radio scam artist
* Big Kahuna is new Classic Rocker

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