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Volume 24, Issue 126, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Thursday Morning June 28th, 2007

Radio News ®

Kitchin exiting
Premiere Radio Networks
Kraig Kitchin, President/COO Premiere Radio Networks is resigning. Kraig and Katz Media CEO Stu Olds were gathered at CCU HQ in San Antonio yesterday for a meeting to hammer out the details. Charlie Rahilly will take over the top job at Premiere. He is currently Executive VP/Operations at CC Radio and its non-traditional revenue chief. Said Kitchin: "I have enjoyed one of the all-time professional career rides with incredible people at Premiere Radio, both on and off the air. I've been blessed with 20 years of continual successes, incredible trust from very talented people, an ability to formidably improve our industry with both ratings and advertiser successes and the opportunity to make a mark on an industry I love. I thank everyone currently and formerly associated with Premiere, and know that we'll continue to be America's number one radio network with that group of people. My next experience will be much more narrowly focused and I look forward to announcing that once a transition in my position starts to take shape and place. Right now, my focus is on our Premiere team and this year." Said Natalie Swed Stone, US Director, National Radio Investment, OMD: "I think he has done an incredible job for the industry, and this is a disappointment on a personal level and on a professional level to not have him to work with. Sometimes it takes years to develop a working relationship with somebody, and now he's gone."

RBR observation: Perhaps he just got a better job offer. There are some big openings possibly right now in the network radio business - Westwood and potentially ABC Radio Networks, depending on what Citadel decides to do with its new division - but neither seems to fit with his comment on his next job being more "narrowly focused." We wait to see what's up.

Analyst sees May as flat
Calling it a critical "swing" month, CL King analyst Jim Boyle thinks May radio revenues were only flat with last year. Once again, smaller markets were the place to be, with the mid to small markets outperforming the big guys. "Historically, the month of May has been Radio's largest revenue month of the year at roughly 9.9% of the total year's revenue. Additionally, by the end of May the industry has put five months behind it and usually assumes the holiday Q4 should be solid, as well as having the forward bookings of June and July, when most of the big summer/holiday campaigns are rolled out in-house. Thus, there has historically been a 'swing' month aspect to May," Boyle noted. But from the data he's collected from markets nationwide, he expects the RAB revenue report coming out in the next couple of weeks to show May 2007 flat with a year ago. "From our comprehensive data from different-sized markets, the sluggishness was once again primarily caused by larger markets being down 1%, while the mid-sized markets were up an estimated 2% average," he said. The analysts also notes that the small-mid markets have outperformed the big markets for 14 of the last 16 months. Thus, Boyle expects Q2 radio revenues to be flat. So, he is predicting that 2007 will be the 7th year in a row of slow or no growth. "It seems the radio industry is in for another discouraging year. The last year of unqualified revenue growth was in 2000. Small- to mid-markets are still significantly outpacing big markets, so those relatively brighter spots exist. Nevertheless, in our view, it is just relatively bright, not actually and dramatically bright enough or sufficiently high enough top-line growth for investors to 'de-couple' the small-mid radio stocks from the widely out-of-favor radio sector for potentially several quarters," Boyle said in his latest note to clients.

Fairness battle returning
to Washington?

It's no secret that Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), pictured, would like to see the Fairness Doctrine brought back to life, requiring that views expressed over America's airwaves are countered by equal time for their viewpoint opposites. It looks like that sentiment is spreading rapidly among Democrats on Capitol Hill, and their colleagues from across the aisle are said to be preparing a defense. On the Democratic side, Hinchey is gaining support on in the Senate, with Dick Durbin (D-IL) actively calling for the Fairness Doctrine's reinstatement. Senate Rules Committee Chair Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is also said to be on the case, and according to, she's looking at the technical aspects of crafting legislation that would make it the law. It formerly was an FCC regulation, struck down back in 1985. According to, Republicans in the House are attempting a pre-emptive strike. Mike Pence (R-IN) and radio veteran Greg Walden (R-OR) are said to be working on a bill that would give the FCC's abandonment of the Doctrine the force of law.

RBR observation: Until one party gets a reliable 60-40 vote in the Senate, it's unlikely a bill on this topic favoring either side will get anywhere. And even if it does, it would seem to be a prime candidate for death in the courts. We will be very surprised to see any meaningful progress toward the Fairness Doctrine's return in the near future.

Andrew sold for 2.6 billion
After rebuffing a takeover bid from CommScope last year for 1.7 billion, equipment maker Andrew Corporation has now agreed to a takeover. But the price tag is quite a bit heftier. CommScore will pay 2.6 billion, at least 90% in cash and the rest in stock. Andrew's stock has moved up dramatically since it said no to CommScope last August and also scuttled a merger with ADC Telecommunications (8/11/06 RBR #156), but even so the new buyout bid from CommScore constitutes a 13% premium to the average closing share price for Andrew over the past 30 days. Based on CommScope's and Andrew's results for fiscal year 2006, on a pro forma basis, the combined companies would have had sales of approximately 3.8 billion comprised of approximately 35% in wireless antenna and cable products; 29% in carrier and network solutions; 21% in enterprise products; and 15% in broadband/cable television solutions.

CBS Utah license challenged
Andrea Gutton and Sharilee Guest have objected to the license renewal of KUTV-TV in Salt Lake City, owned by a subsidiary of CBS Broadcasting (the sale of the station, along with several others, to TV Stations Acquisition LLC, a subsidiary of Cerberus Capital Management, is pending). It all goes back to an episode of "Without a Trace" which aired 12/31/04 and drew an FCC notice of apparent liability, about a month after CBS/Viacom had entered into a consent decree with the FCC which cleared the books of numerous indecency-related charges. As part of the decree, CBS was to suspend and investigate any employees involved in an incident involving indecent broadcasting and if necessary, provide remedial training. In order to complete the record before ruling on the license challenge, the FCC is seeking information from CBS on just what action it took in this case. CBS has been protesting the "Without a Trace" NAL, noting that most of the public outcry came some two weeks after the episode aired as part of a Parents Television Council/American Family Association email blitz. CBS has argued that levying fines on this basis essentially licenses an organization to eliminate any program they want simply by mounting a similar Internet campaign against it.

RBR observation: For starters, you'd think the FCC, upon issuing an NAL that falls under terms of a consent decree, would look into the matter of its own volition without any prompting from a pair of citizens from Utah. That said, we've seen licenses challenged time and again, but we rarely see licenses challenged successfully. Is this going to be a morality tale about the dangers of entering into a consent decree in order to avoid a costly fight you think you can win, or will it disappear down the rabbit hole like so many other similar challenges? Stay tuned.

Summer doldrums, scattered coverage
The biggest story of the week was not about a candidate for president, it was about a big-city mayor who once left the Democratic Party also leaving the Republican party to become an independent. That led to speculation that Michael Bloomberg may run a third-party campaign, and propelled the 2008 campaign back to the top of the latest Project for Excellence in Journalism coverage chart for the week of 6/17-22/07. Still, only two of five media put it on top of their own individual coverage list. And only two other stories, events in Iraq and the Palestinian conflict, received universal top-ten coverage from all five media categories. Weather figured back into the mix, and the sad saga of a missing Ohio woman was propelled onto the overall top ten by a strong cable focus. This marked the second week in a row that the top story barely broke into double digit territory, and the lack of any one thing to focus on allowed 23 separate stories to get attention from one medium or another. Cable just couldn't resist keeping Paris Hilton's name alive, and may well get some company after her sit-down with Larry King and whomever else scores this major tabloid get.
| Top ten lists here |

Ad Business Report TM

Interep Radio Symposium
today in NYC

Interep announced an additional list of speakers appearing at its 4th annual Radio Symposium today-Radio: New Century, New Directions, New Opportunities-at Bear Stearns in NYC. A new study from the RAB's "Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab" (RAEL) will be unveiled at the day-long event. It will be presented by Jeff Haley, RAB CEO, Mary Bennett, RAB EVP/Marketing, and Jim Peacock of Peacock Research. In addition, Arbitron and Media Audit will present updates on the PPM and audience measurement; iBiquity on HD Radio; Media Monitors on ad tracking; and Miller Kaplan on ad spending trends. The day-long event is hosted by Bear Stearns broadcast analyst Victor Miller (pictured), whose presentation is titled, "Is the Radio World Flat?" He tells RBR his opening remarks begin with the following theme: "Today we will talk about many of the legends of modern radio. For seven years, the compound revenue growth of the radio industry has approximated 0%. The evidence suggests that the radio revenue world currently IS flat. And this type of revenue scenario would most likely translate to negative EBITDA growth. Are the legends of the state of radio reality or myth? Ultimately the 'the world is not flat contingent' had its Columbus; an adventurer with the nautical skills and conviction who set out to prove what Aristotle knew 2,000 years earlier. Who is radio's Christopher Columbus? Who is going to sail the treacherous waters of media to prove that radio is not 'flat'."

Media Business Report TM
Nielsen in mobile measurement acquisition
The Nielsen Company announced an agreement to acquire San Francisco-based Telephia Inc., which provides syndicated consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets. Terms were not disclosed. The acquisition provides Nielsen with an entry into measurement services for the estimated 350 billion bucks mobile sector, where telecom and media are quickly converging. Nielsen said adding Telephia expands its ability to measure the rapidly expanding mobile content delivery industry, where today there are more than 232 million wireless subscribers in the US. "As media content increasingly moves from television to the personal computer to the 'third screen' of the mobile device, it is essential that we measure all platforms," said Susan Whiting Executive Vice President of The Nielsen Company.

National CineMedia
invests in IdeaCast

National CineMedia has invested in IdeaCast, a provider of advertising to fitness centers and health clubs. NCM is investing up to 7.0 million in 6% preferred stock and will have an option to acquire additional common stock such that NCM's overall investment (including the convertible preferred stock) represents 50.1% of IdeaCast's fully diluted common stock. Through a series of multi-year agreements with CNN, CNBC and MSNBC, IdeaCast exclusively re-distributes network programming to and manages program ad sales for health clubs. The network currently includes nearly 600 locations and has secured agreements with an additional 500 to join its network over the next several months. At that time, the IdeaCast health club network will cover 116 markets including all top 25 markets and 45 of the top 50 markets, representing over 200 million club visits per year. The network includes Lifestyle Family Fitness, Club One, Fitness Formula, Spectrum and Town Sports International (NY Sports Clubs, Boston Sports Clubs, Washington Sports Clubs and Philadelphia Sports Clubs). National advertisers currently on the network include American Airlines, AT&T, Dunkin' Donuts and Quaker.

Media Markets & Money TM
Clear Channel spins out of Charlottesville
A six-station radio super cluster is exiting the Clear Channel portfolio. George Reed's Sistema 102 LLC is the buyer for the two-AM, four-FM group located in Charlottesville VA, according to brokerage Kalil & Co., which handled the transaction. Included in the sale are WCHV-AM, WKAV-AM and WCJZ-FM, all licensed to Charlottesville, along with WCYK-FM Staunton VA, WHTE-FM Ruckersville VA and WSUH-FM Crozet. The price was not immediately available.

More on Clear Channel's
Hawaiian farewell

Today we have more on the Clear Channel license parking project currently being processed by the Federal Communications Commission. The licenses are all headed to Aloha Station Trust LLC under the oversight of Jeanette Tully. Today's data dump includes radio stations representing 13 markets in 11 states. Check that: Another document came in on 6/27/07 for one single station, WPHB-FM, serving the Panama Beach FL market from its city of license of Port St. Joe FL. That brings the total of the parking project to four television stations and 124 radio stations.

RBR observation: We would like to point out our admirable restraint thus far in avoiding making any jokes, observations or allusions linking the name Jeanette Tully and that of the classic British rock outfit known as Jethro Tull. Jeanette Tully. Jethro Tull. See? Unlinked. You can thank us later.
| More parked CCU stations here |

Washington Media Business Report TM
Imus on the Congressional calendar
Ed Markey (D-MA) has shown a ravenous appetite for broadcast and communications issues since taking over a key House Energy & Commerce Committee subcommittee. Since he's been tackling the industry from almost all angles, if this were a football game, perhaps this latest hearing, coming not from Markey but from Bobby Rush (D-IL) would draw a 15-year flag for piling on. It's called "From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degrading Images." Markey's Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet usually handles such matters, but Rush is getting into the act via his Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection. But if you haven't had enough of Markey's act yet, don't fret - he has an invitation to the session as a standing member of Rush's subcommittee. Cliff Stearns (R-FL) is the Ranking Member. The session is scheduled for Wednesday, 7/11/07, at 10AM. No word yet on witnesses.

Entertainment Media Business Report TM
Reunion weekend for WFAN-AM NYC
It was July 1, 1987 that Suzyn Walman opened her mic at 3:00 pm and welcomed listeners to the launch WFAN-AM New York as the nation's first all sports radio station. This weekend, to mark its 20th anniversary, WFAN is bringing back many of the hosts who have graced its airwaves as part of the "WFAN Reunion Weekend." WFAN's special lineup will include a return to the air of former hosts and anchors, Howie Rose, Ian Eagle, Jim Lampley, Russ Salzberg, Bill Mazer, Suzyn Waldman and Spencer Ross, among others, on Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st. Original WFAN hosts Greg Gumbel and Art Shamsky will also be calling in at times to be announced over the weekend. To commemorate this achievement, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signed a proclamation announcing that this Sunday, July 1st is "WFAN Day."

RBR observation: There seems to be a key name missing from that list. Wasn't there a morning man at WFAN for almost all of those 20 years? Think the name began with an "I"...

Rusty Humphries goes to Afghanistan
Talk Radio Network's Rusty Humphries was invited as the sole journalist to chronicle a secret, "Need to know," inspection of NATO's efforts in Afghanistan by Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, General John Craddock. This trip to the front lines of the Afghanistan war zone triggered Humphries' three part investigation of the War on Terror outside of the US. Humphries reports that the influence of extremists in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, is pervasive and troubling. He says Afghanistan continues to face the threat of a Taliban resurgence and remains a major producer of opium and there is an active attempt to cut off the drug trade as a source of income for terrorists. London was his final stop, with an interview of the infamous Member of Parliament, George Galloway. Galloway, now that Tony Blair has stepped down, is the best known member of Parliament and is quite outspoken against The Iraq War and The Bush Administration. During the interview, Humphries and Galloway got into a war of words. So much so, Galloway attempted to have him arrested inside the halls of Parliament.

Fox News Radio offering Independence Day special
FOX News Radio will present an Independence Day Special: Fat America: Food Police, which will dissect the food debate and examine how the government is intervening with America's obesity problem. Neil Cavuto, VP/Managing Editor of Business News, will provide a report during this one-hour special, hosted by Lisa Brady, and joined by FNR correspondents Mike Majchrowitz in Washington, Jessica Rosenthal in Los Angeles, Holly Hickman in Miami and Alastair in London and Copenhagen. They'll examine the government's enactment of a "Twinkie tax" and a trans-fat ban in NYC and Philadelphia and provide a detailed look at the issue over what we eat and who decides.

Internet Media Business Report TM
More than half of streaming audience
vanished on "Day of Silence"

On Tuesday, thousands of Internet radio stations across America turned silent in symbolic protest of the increase in royalty rates proposed by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). Bridge Ratings conducted two studies in association with Tuesday's "Day of Silence." When asked, "Did you find your primary internet radio station silent on Tuesday, 62% said "No." The national sample of 3000 persons 13+ was first asked if they normally listen to Internet radio in a typical week. 21% of the respondents said they did. On the Day of Silence, 45% of the respondents said they listened to Internet radio; 55% said they hadn't. Bridge also asked the 62% who found their primary Internet station silent on Tuesday, what action they took when they found that station silent. 72% stated that they tuned to an Internet radio station that was streaming while 23% didn't listen to Internet radio that day. The Day of Silence generated a great deal of publicity and activity on overwhelmed their servers. Congressional office switchboards also reportedly received significant floods of calls.

CC Radio's Online Unit surpasses Live 365
Since its inception just over two years ago, Clear Channel Radio's online network has gone from a weekly streaming cume of 316,000 listeners to 1,375,000-a 335% increase. The company's network is now outpacing Live365 and is quickly catching up to LAUNCHcast and AOL Radio (which are both down in streaming CUME during the same time period).
| See chart here |

RBR observation: All the more reason why radio has a horse in this race when it comes to battling the CRB Royalty Rates and pushing Congress to pass the Internet Radio Equality Act. People DO listen to their favorite terrestrial radio stations online.

AOL launches upgraded news site
AOL has launched a completely revamped version of AOL News,, that adopts a blog format, combining traditional news sources, AOL programming and social news. The center column of the main AOL News page features regularly updated top news stories, selected by AOL's editorial news staff, delivered in a blog-style format that lets users vote and comment on each story. The right column offers news headlines, photos and breaking videos from The Associated Press, ABC News, CBS News, CNN and others. It also features links to AOL's roster of News Bloggers, including Mo Rocca, Dinesh D'Souza, The Young Turks and Power Line. The left side of the page features stories that are generating the most user interest, including most popular and most commented on stories, along with user-submitted news. The site also includes in-depth features, called Topics Pages, on a wide range of stories, such as elections, health, science and more. These Topic Pages include headlines, photos and videos, as well as interactive features and community elements.

1.5M KBIM AM & FM Roswell NM from King Broadcasting Company Inc. (John H. King) to Noalmark Broadcasting Corporation (William C. Nolan Jr., Edwin B. Alderson Jr.). 100K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Includes non-compete, consulting agreement. Will need waiver due to slight overlap between KBIM-FM and stations about 90 miles away in Hobbs NM. [File date 6/4/07.]

85K KLBO-AM Monahans TX from Sandhills Communications Inc. (Rick Anderson) to Kickin' Country Broadcasting LLC (Gerald E. Kiefer, Robert W. Souza, Perry C. Gipson, Robert E. Williams, Andre R. Labombard). 1,992.08 monthly loan from buyer to seller as earnest money, 45K cash at closing less the monthly loans, 40K note. [File date 6/5/07.]

Stock Talk
Stocks rally as Fed meets
We learn today what, if anything, the Fed does about rates - and pretty much everyone expects them to stay right where they are. Stock traders did some buying yesterday, ending a three-day downturn. The Dow Industrials rose 90 points, or 0.7%, to 13,428.

Radio stocks benefited from the up trend. The Radio Index gained 1.516, or 1%, to 157.898. Beasley and Entravision led the parade, each up 2.6%.

Radio Stocks

Here's how stocks fared on Wednesday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change




















Journal Comm.







Lincoln Natl.




Citadel CDL
6.10 +0.10

Radio One, Cl. A




Clear Channel




Radio One, Cl. D




Cox Radio












Saga Commun.




Debut Bcg.




Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.
















Westwood One








XM Sat. Radio





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Ad Business Report
Interep Radio Symposium
Today in NYC with a solid agenda and new study from RAB...

Media Business Report
Nielsen in buying mood
Agreement to acquire mobile measurement company as they Follow the 3rd screen...

Media Markets & Money
Clear Channel spins out
Of Charlottesville 6-station radio super cluster is exiting their portfolio...

CC Hawaiian farewell
More on the license parking project...

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Radio Media Moves

SCBA Executive Board
Southern California Broadcasters Association's General Managers have confirmed Greg Ashlock (pictured), President/Market Manager, Clear Channel Radio, as Chairman of the SCBA Board of Directors. Additional executive board members returning for the 2007-2009 term include Val Maki-Candido, Vice President, Emmis Radio, as Vice Chairmen, Michelle Hohman, SVP/Regional Manager, Univision Radio, as Secretary, and Pat Duffy, Vice President/Market Manager, News/CBS Radio, as Immediate Past Chairman. John H. Davison, President & General Manager of ABC Radio, joins them as incoming Treasurer. Mary Beth Garber is President of the SCBA.

Raposa to
program MOYL

Veteran programmer Jim Raposa has been named Program Director for Music of Your Life, the 24/7 format network serving more than 125 stations nationwide. Raposa has hosted the syndicated "Frank and Friends" since 2000 and recently became mid-day host for Music of Your Life.

Back to Milwaukee
Milwaukee native Adrian Kedar Coleman has been named Programming and content Director of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, WYMS-FM. He most recently headed music, marketing, audience and participation development strategies for Chicago Public Radio's

Manning moves up
Fox News Radio has promoted David Manning to Director, Affiliate Sales and Marketing. He's worked with FNR since its inception in 2003 as Manager of Affiliate Sales and Marketing. Prior to joining FNC, Manning worked at Comcast Cable as an AE from 1995-2000.

More News Headlines

RTNDA/Unity Awards
The Radio-Television News Directors Association has announced the winners of the 8th Annual RTNDA/UNITY Awards. RTNDA developed the award with UNITY: Journalists of Color as part of their shared commitment to achieving diversity in the newsroom through developing news content and editorial staffs that reflect the changing face of America. Five news organizations are being recognized this year for their ongoing commitment to covering the cultural diversity of the communities they serve. Radio: CBC National Radio News, Toronto, for "Search for Security" (network); Hawaii Public Radio, Honolulu, for "Justice for Native Hawaiians" (large market); New Hampshire Public Radio, WEVO-FM, Concord, NH, for "Culture Lessons" (small market). Television: NBC News, New York, for "Separate and Unequal, Reported by Tom Brokaw" (network); KPIX-TV, San Francisco, for "KPIX-TV Compilation" (large market). The awards will be presented at the RTNDA Awards Dinner on October 15, 2007, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York.

Mark Levin: 130 affiliates in 17 months
ABC Radio Networks announced The Mark Levin Show has affiliated 130 stations in 17 months; making it the "fastest growing nationally syndicated radio shows in America." Levin's newest affiliate is WVLK, the Cumulus station in Lexington. In recent months the show has added two Curtis Media stations, WPTF Raleigh and WMFR Winston-Salem. Included in this wave of success are six Citadel stations; KKOH Reno, WNOX Knoxville, WAPI Birmingham, WGOW Chattanooga, WJCW Johnson City, TN and WTMA Charleston, SC. Also added were KVTA Ventura, CA, KZIM/KSIM Cape Girardeau, MO and WJNT Jackson, TN.

RBR Radar 2007
Radio News you won't read any where else. RBR--First, Accurate, and Independently Owned.

Coen lowers expectations
for 2007 ad spending
Advertising guru Bob Coen is less optimistic now than he was back in December when he issued his ad spending forecast for 2007. The Universal McCann forecaster now expects US ad spending to grow only 3.1% this year, down from his previous prediction of 4.8% growth. Coen noted in his mid-year update, saying that consolidation of many retailers has hurt local ad spending. But he'd been so negative about local radio going into this year, that it is one of only two local media categories (yellow pages is the other) where he has boosted his forecast. He now expects local radio revenues to be up 2% this year, rather than 1%, while local ad spending across all media rises only 1.1%, down from his previous forecast of 2.7%. Coen is not so upbeat about national radio ad sales (network and national spot combined),
06/27/07 RBR #125

What does the Supreme Court ruling on issue ads mean to you?
The US Supreme Court removed barriers on ads financed by corporations and labor groups that mention a federal candidate and are run in the days before an election. In sweeping aside the rules of the road that it approved just three-and-a-half years ago, the decision is expected to unleash millions of dollars in corporate- and labor- sponsored advertisements in the run-up to federal elections. In this special report for RBR, attorneys Larry Norton and Jim Kahl of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC, explain the impact on broadcasters - Special Report page.
06/27/07 RBR #125

Clear Channel deal for
PPM finally confirmed
At long last, Arbitron late Tuesday confirmed what we reported Monday (6/25/07 RBR #123), that Clear Channel has signed a long-term contract for PPM ratings in all of the top 50 markets where it has stations. That's 46 markets in all, which should have PPM up and running by the end of 2010. Clear Channel had previously signed up only for Philadelphia, the first market where PPM has become ratings currency. According to Arbitron, the agreement with Clear Channel expires December 31, 2011. More details in RBR
06/27/07 RBR #125

But wait, there's more CC parked
It turns out that the Clear Channel station parking garage revealed last week wasn't complete. Two more floors (or documents filed with the FCC) add 71 and 52 radio stations to the four TVs and 71 radio stations already noted, bringing the total to four television and 194 radio stations. Listed the second set of 71 radio stations. The third drop will come tomorrow or the day after depending on scheduling matters, and by week's end we'll put together a merged list of all properties, along with any further filings which hit the FCC database.
06/26/07 RBR #124

Radio One caught up
on reports; Q1 up a bit
Radio One filed its Q1 financial report with the SEC Monday morning, getting the company caught back up on its filings since restating previous results due to problems with how it accounted for stock options. Q1 revenues were up 1.1% to 82.5 million, or up 0.6% excluding revenues from the company's new magazine, Giant. Details on the reworked books in this issue of RBR.
06/26/07 RBR #124


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