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Volume 24, Issue 183, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Wednesday Morning September 19th, 2007

Radio News ®

Radio booze spending down...
...but inappropriate demo targeting is up, according to watchdog Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY). It claims that in the period between 2001 and 2006, radio spending in the beer, wine and spirits categories dropped 38%. However, 35.6% of the ads were placed on stations where the number of underage members of the audience (aged 12-20) likely topped the 30% threshold. And when members of that age group did hear such an ad, 58% of the time they were listening to a station targeted at them. "The assumption that iPods and the Internet have displaced radio as a primary source of entertainment for young people is wrong," said CAMY's David Jernigan. "Young people ages 12 to 17 are the most likely group to be listening from 7PM to midnight and our findings show that alcohol ads are still finding their way to too many young ears." The 30% threshold is an industry-adopted standard. CAMY has been pushing to lower it to 15%. It is also disappointed that a bill, Sober Truth On Preventing Underage Drinking Act (or STOP Act), despite being passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush in 2006, has yet to be funded. Among other things, it would mandate studies of youth exposure to both positive and negative alcohol messages.

Salem expands non-radio empire again
Did you notice that more than 10% of Q2 revenues at Salem Communications came from non-radio operations? Salem is again expanding its Internet portfolio, with the acquisition of, a Christian music website and online community. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The deal comes just six months after Salem bought "We now own and operate four fast-growing websites for devotees of Christian music -,,, and now With these four distinctive websites and Christian music's preeminent print publication, CCM Magazine, we provide content and community for everyone from the casual fan to the in-the-trenches professional," said Jim Cumbee, President of Non-Broadcast Media for Salem. As for those growing non-radio revenues: "We go where the audience is through a multi-platform strategy of print and online, and because of that we are able to truly meet the needs of our advertising clients," said Jerry Charles, executive director of Advertising Sales for Salem Publishing.

Big future seen for Dow Jones assets
At yesterday's Goldman Sachs Communacopia XVI Conference in New York, News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch said people thought he was an idiot for starting Fox News Channel and buying MySpace, so it's no wonder they think he's an idiot for buying Dow Jones & Company. He sees a big future in demand worldwide for financial information as more and more people come out of poverty and begin to participate in world economic markets. With closing of the 5.6 billion bucks deal expected around year end, Murdoch said there is about 100 million in savings from the "low-hanging fruit" post-merger, but in the long run the focus will be on expanding revenues. Will he keep the Wall Street Journal website subscription based, or open it up to build ad revenues from more users? Murdoch said that is a front-burner issue, but no decision has been made yet.

As for the soon-to-launch Fox Business Network (FBN), Murdoch says it will be very different from CNBC, but you'll have to wait to see how different. "It's done nothing for 10 years," Murdoch said disparagingly of CNBC. "CNBC is a financial channel for Wall Street. We're for Main Street," he said. As for the exclusive deal that CNBC has with the Wall Street Journal, Murdoch noted again that it applies only to business news and non-camera appearances by WSJ reporters, but not other areas - political news, for one thing, he said. And he noted that after a few years, the deal will end and FBN will get the WSJ rights that CNBC now has.

RBR observation: Rupert would do well to look at the history of CNBC if he thinks "Main Street" consumer news is the way to go with FBN. That was the original plan for CNBC - Consumer News and Business Channel. If failed miserably. NBC only made CNBC a success by throwing out all of its research on what consumers supposedly wanted, buying its spunky chief rival, Financial News Network (FNN), which didn't have the money for fancy research, and substituting the successful FNN format for the original failed CNBC format. People will tell researchers they want "consumer information." In truth, there is plenty available and they don't watch it. The stock market addicts watch CNBC religiously.

CBS sticking with radio, outdoor
CBS Corporation CEO Les Moonves told a Merrill Lynch investor conference Tuesday that while the company might make some more radio divestitures, he has no intention of exiting the radio business. What about CBS Outdoor, which is in a hot sector? "We like the outdoor business a great deal. I don't foresee us in the near term or the long term spinning it out," he said. Moonves is also anxious to expand online and said CBS is looking at potential Internet buys "every single day of the week."

FCC sets sail for Chicago
A seven hour session in the Windy City will bring two diverse panels before the five FCC commissioners to discuss the topic "Perspectives on Media Ownership." Representatives from radio, television, unions, academia, the watchdog community and the press will all have a champion on stage, and also features ample time for public commentary. The forum opens at 4PM Central on Thursday 9/20/07 and runs until 11PM. Each panel has an hour for their remarks with a two-hour public follow-up period. Panel 1 features Charles Benton, Benton Foundation; Karen Bond, National Black Coalition for Media Justice; Cynthia Canary, Illinois Campaign for Political Reform; John Chadwick, WREX-TV (NBC), Rockford IL; Melody Spann Cooper, WVON(AM), Chicago, Illinois; Marv Dyson, WKKC-FM, Kennedy-King College & Founding Ptnr, Urban Radio Broadcasting LLC; Tom Langmeyer, WGN Radio, Chicago; Dorothy Leavell, The Chicago Crusader; Dennis Lyle, Illinois Broadcasters Assn.; Doug Nowakowski, International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Silvia Rivera, WRTE-FM, RadioArte; and Dana Withers, Dana Communications Inc., Benton IL. Panel 2 features Linda Sue Brown, WBBM-TV; Kristine Laudadio Devine, Northwestern University School of Law; Cliff Kelley, WVON(AM) Chicago; John Lavine, Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism; Joyce McCullough, NewsTribune/WLPO(AM)/WAJK(FM) LaSalle IL; Milly Santiago, WSNS-TV, Telemundo; Jim Speta, Northwestern University School of Law; and Patric Verrone, Writers Guild America West.

RBR observation: Anti-consolidation activists are pursuing their usual m.o., which is to get as many of their own into the audience as possible. Also as usual, satisfied media customers will have no reason to show up. We therefore expect little deviation from the usual script.

Four media companies honored for equality
The Human Rights Campaign has given 100% scores to 195 major corporations for their treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. Four media companies made the list: New York Times Co. (4th year in a row); Viacom (3rd) ; Clear Channel Communications (2nd); and The Walt Disney Company (2nd). Back when the first such list was released in 2002, only 13 companies made the grade. "More businesses than ever before have recognized the value of a diverse and dedicated workforce. More importantly, these employers understand that discrimination against GLBT workers will ultimately hurt their ability to compete in the global marketplace," said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. The Corporate Equality Index, which this year rates 519 businesses, measures the extent to which employers protect their GLBT employees. Ratings are based on factors like non-discrimination policies, diversity training and benefits for domestic partners and transgender employees.

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BE is always there for you
That's why, at the NAB, Broadcast Electronics will be focusing on stations like yours; stations in mid- and small-markets, bringing fresh, profit-making ideas to the show along with our advanced technologies. See us in booth 417.
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Wall Street Media Business Report TM
ISS backs Clear Channel buyout
With the vote set for next Tuesday, Institutional Shareholders Service is advising clients to vote in favor of the buyout of Clear Channel Communications at 39.20 per share, which also includes an opportunity for shareholders to stay in as investors in the private company after the buyout by Thomas H. Lee Partners, Bain Capital and the Mays family. ISS had previously advised a "no" vote (5/2/07 RBR #86), but that was before the latest deal revision. Also, since then, the credit markets have gotten more difficult.

Ad Business Report TM

CBS Radio broadcasts "Live from the web carpet"
CBS Radio will be present at one of the hottest nightclubs in West Hollywood for "The Cadillac of Premieres" in honor of CBS Television's Monday night prime time shows. Tonight at 8PM PT, Leo Quinones of KLSX-FM LA will host this red carpet celebration featuring cast members from How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement and CSI: Miami. Viewers will hear from the stars about the upcoming season and have the chance to win exciting prize packages online. "Live from the Web Carpet" can be viewed at live and on-demand following the webcast. In addition, CBS Radio websites across the country and will simulcast the program. The event will be sponsored by Cadillac, which will feature the all-new 2008 Cadillac CTS on the red carpet. "Live from the web carpet" is a continuing series of online webcasts that highlight the most anticipated debuts from entertainments most exciting premieres.

Nielsen getting into spot monitoring biz for radio
The Nielsen Company is launching a new spot monitoring system for radio called Nielsen SpotScan. It's an entirely new and separate product designed for local radio. SpotScan provides detailed ad tracking reports at the market and radio station level and offers exclusive expenditure data by specific advertisers; including the number of spots aired in each market, total ad spend across media (radio, local TV and newspaper), market share information, and month-by-month trends. Catriona McGinn is the GM of the new division, based in LA.

RADAR 94 pre-release stats detailed
Arbitron has released preliminary findings from RADAR 94. 96% of Adults age 18-49 with a college degree and an annual household income of 50,000 or above, tune into radio over the course of a week. RADAR Network affiliates (which account for over 50% of all radio stations) reach 85% of this coveted demo. They also reach 85% of adults 25-54 in households with a college degree and an annual household income of $75,000 or above. While the trend in radio shows fewer young listeners, network radio reaches the ad elusive and media multi-taskers, Teens 12-17. While overall, RADAR networks reach 82% of all radio listeners, these same networks reach 85% of listeners ages 12-17. Radio reaches 233 million listeners over the course of the week according to the RADAR 94 September 2007 estimates. This remains consistent from a year ago. The 7,200+ RADAR Network Affiliated stations reach 82% of all radio listeners.

NAB Daytime Planner

The following will be attending the NAB.
Call or email to make your
appointment in advance.

Peter H. Ottmar; Dover Capital Partners, LLC; Westin Charlotte; 401/723-1063 x103; cell 401/639-4958; [email protected]

Jacob J. Barker; Barker Capital; Hilton Charlotte City Center; (212) 332-4312; [email protected]

Brian Eick/Dave Meier; The Gladstone Companies; Omni Charlotte Hotel; Brian cell 847-612-3002, Dave cell 847-650-1735; [email protected], [email protected]

Todd Fowler/David Reeder; American Media Services; Westin Charlotte; 843-972-2200; [email protected]; [email protected]

Cliff Gardiner; Clifton Gardiner & Co.; Hilton Charlotte City Center; 303-758-6900; [email protected]

Andy McClure/Erick Steinberg, The Exline Company, Westin Charlotte, office 415-479-3484, Andy cell 415-497-3855, Erick cell (415) 209-4890, [email protected]. [email protected]

Frank Boyle; Frank Boyle & Co.; Residence Inn Charlotte Uptown; 203-969-2020; cell 203-249-7818;
[email protected]

Gordon Rice; Gordon Rice Associates; 843-884-3590; Westin Charlotte; [email protected]

John L. Pierce/ Jamie Rasnick; John Pierce & Company LLC; office 859-647-0101, John cell 859-512-3015; Jamie cell 513-252-1186, Westin Charlotte; [email protected]; [email protected]

Dick Kozacko/George Kimble;
Kozacko Media Services; office 607-733-7138; cell 607-738-1219; Westin Charlotte; [email protected]; [email protected]

Media Services Group; Westin Charlotte;

Elliot Evers/Greg Widroe/Brian Pryor/Patricia Carberry-Harris;
Media Venture Partners;
415-391-4877; Hilton Charlotte City Center;
[email protected]

Larry Patrick/Susan Patrick/Greg Guy/Todd Wirth; Patrick Communications; 410-740-0250; Westin Charlotte; [email protected]

Glenn Serafin; Serafin Bros., Inc.;
office 813-885-6060; cell 813-494-6875; Westin Charlotte; [email protected]

Bill Schutz; Schutz & Company; Westin Charlotte; office 757-258-8740, cell 757-880-9251; [email protected]

Zoph Potts; Snowden Associates; Omni Hotel; office 252-940-1680, cell 252-717-3772; [email protected]

Richard Mertz, Dan Ryson; Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc.; Main Office 703-392-9090; [email protected]

Shane Harris/Susie Hedrick; Marketron Broadcast Solutions; Booth #530;; 208-788-6800; [email protected]; [email protected]

Media Business Report TM
All Petraeus, all the time
Larry Craig (R-ID) must have been thrilled at the arrival of General David Petraeus to discuss the situation in Iraq with Congress. The resulting tunnel vision coverage of Iraq policy dominated the news focus for the week of 9/9/07-9/14/07, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism's latest coverage chart, finally giving the embattled senator a break. PEJ noted that the Petraeus spotlight left little room for other topics, meaning six of the top ten stories picked up only a 2% share of the newshole. 13 other stories received top-ten coverage, but only for one or two media categories, including two foreign affairs stories - the resignation of Japan's top exec and the Vladimir Putin's decision to disband the Russian government - received only scant attention and failed to make the top ten list. There was still room for some tabloid fare. The missing UK girl did make the top ten, Brittney Spears showed up online and cable was happy to welcome OJ Simpson back to the lineup. There was absolutely no sign of Larry Craig after pulling a 7% overall share the week before, but watch for a return engagement when he goes to court to try and reverse a guilty plea on 9/26/07.
| Top ten lists here |

Media Markets & Money TM
Benchmarks at Radio One
Urban specialist Radio One closed 104M worth of station transactions, amended its bank credit and hit a new benchmark with its basic cable channel TV One, all of which earned it a favorable nod from Bear Stearns analyst Victor Miller. The station sales included an 76M agreement with Main Line Radio's Dan Savadove for stations in Louisville and Dayton, and a 28M agreement with Northern Lights Broadcasting, run by former employee Steve Woodbury and backed by MLB Minnesota Twins owner James Pohlad. TV One was trumpeting its arrival at the 40M subscriber level. Radio One's Alfred C. Liggins III stated, "The sale of these radio stations has allowed us to pay down debt and enhance our financial flexibility while this bank amendment provides further flexibility under our bank credit agreement. All of these transactions are beneficial to shareholders from a variety of perspectives." Miller took these pieces of news into consideration and gave the company an outperform rating.

Washington Media Business Report TM
McDowell talks about white space
"I have long advocated vigorous promotion of unlicensed use of the white spaces, provided such use does not cause harmful interference to others." This is what FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell (R) told the assembled masses at the Conference on Spectrum Management this week in Washington. He noted the vigorous debate being waged over technical issues, and said he expects this will only intensify. "But at the end of the day, we will have a resolution. Inventors will continue to invent, and a workable technical solution will develop. We should let science, and science alone, drive our decisions. If we don't pollute science with politics, powerful new technologies will emerge, and American consumers will benefit as a result."

RBR observation: If one of the main goals of white space use is bringing wireless broadband rapidly to rural areas, what's wrong with licensing a fixed slice of spectrum between TV stations so that it can be provided in a halfway orderly manner? What else are we talking about here, throwing order out the window so that someday some inventor can sell a cord-free, hands-free electric razor that hovers along your face for a smooth, completely effortless shave for the terminal sluggards among us? At any rate, the one thing FCC tests in this area have proven is that the science isn't there yet. Let the experimenters experiment all they want for now. There should be absolutely no attempt to resolve this issue until successful tests are run in the DTV environment that will exist 2/17/09.

Internet Media Business Report TM
Webcasters strike more deals with SoundExchange
SoundExchange has reportedly reached a seal with some 24 smaller internet webcasters, allowing them to continue operating through 2010 with similar terms they've had since '98 under the Small Webcaster Settlement Act (SWSA). The agreements are retroactive to January 1, 2006, which is the beginning of the current rate period, and continue through December 31, 2010, at which time new rates will be set either through negotiation or by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). Recently, another rate deal was struck between SoundExchange and larger webcasters like AOL, Yahoo, Pandora and Live365. Still no deal yet for radio stations that stream online.

2007 WebAward winners announced
The Web Marketing Association announced winners of its 11th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development. The 2007 Best of Show WebAward is presented to Walt Disney Internet Group, for their exceptional work on Disney XD. The site was also awarded Best Design WebAward. Disney XD is an online entertainment experience that's designed for how kids want to use the Internet. Best of show runner up submitted by Atlanta-based IQ Interactive is UPS Whiteboard. Seamlessly integrating with the TV campaign, visitors to the site are treated with the ability to interact with Andy Azula, the actor from the 'Whiteboard' commercials. Biggs/Gilmore was named Top Agency at the 2007 WebAward Competition, taking home 20 awards.

Ratings & Research
Online retailers upgrading their sites
As today's shoppers become more discriminating about their interactions online, the stakes are being raised for retailers to provide a consistently positive, more sophisticated experience. According to the 150 retailers surveyed for the second part of The State of Retailing Online 2007, the tenth annual study conducted by Forrester Research, top priorities include fixing website design and performance issues, improving the efficiency of online marketing, and enhancing cross-channel integration. Fixing product detail pages will top retailers' website to-do lists for the next 12 months. According to the survey, 88% of retailers plan to focus on improving content presented on product detail pages, with 80% adding alternative images, 72% incorporating lifestyle photography, and 63% integrating customer ratings and reviews. Retailers are also focusing on their homepages, integrating top sellers and "what's new" sections, and making their websites more sophisticated, with dropdown menus and rollover lists in navigational areas. To differentiate themselves from competitors, online retailers are also making customer service a priority, with 33% of companies planning to invest more in live chat and 53% planning to enhance their guest checkout process within the next year.

Builders' confidence falls to lowest level ever
US home builders are as pessimistic as they've ever been over the past 22 years, the National Association of Home Builders reported. The NAHB/Wells Fargo housing market index fell two points in September to 20, matching the all-time low for the index set in January 1991. The index, which gauges builder sentiment, dates back to 1985. The index has fallen by 16 points in the past six months following a brief bloom of optimism around the turn of the new year when unseasonably good weather boosted both home sales and housing starts.

9.5M KBUF-AM Holcomb KS, KULY-AM Ulysses KS, KKJQ-FM Garden City KS, KSKZ-FM Copeland, KSSA-FM Ingalls, KWKR-FM Leoti, KFXX-FM Hugoton & KSKL-FM Scott City KS from KBUF Partnership/Western Kansas Wireless Inc. (Janice M. Ingstad) to Armada Media Corporation (Jim Coursolle, Christopher A. Bernier et al). 25K prepayment, 500K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Daisychain superduopoly forming four distinct contour overlap markets. [File date 8/31/07.]

550K WBOJ-FM CP Columbus GA (Cusseta GA) from Signature Broadcasting Ltd. (Shirley Bledsoe) to River City Broadcasting LLC (H. Lynn Page). 250K for memorandum of understanding, 300K cash at closing. Original MOU was with Cumulus 1/23/98 and was transferred to Clear Channel before moving to Signature. CP is for Class A on 103.7 MHz with 6 kw @ 328'. [File date 8/30/07.]

Stock Talk
Stocks jump on Fed cut
Wall Street celebrated as the Fed cut its key Fed Funds rate by a half percentage point, not just the quarter point cut that had been expected. The Dow Industrials jumped 336 points, or 2.5%, to 13,739.

Radio stocks participated in the celebration. The Radio Index gained 4.437, or 3.7%, to 124.798. Salem was a double-digit gainer, up 12.7% after announcing another online acquisition. Fisher was up 7.8%. Citadel and Radio One Class A each rose 6.1%. Radio One Class D gained 5.6%.

Radio Stocks

Here's how stocks fared on Tuesday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change




















Journal Comm.







Lincoln Natl.




Citadel CDL
4.35 +0.25

Radio One, Cl. A




Clear Channel




Radio One, Cl. D




Cox Radio












Saga Commun.




Debut Bcg.




Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.
















Westwood One








XM Sat. Radio





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On buyers commenting about Houston stopset reduction (9/18/07 RBR #182)

Tragically we have time buyers focused on the length of stop sets rather than the quality of the SHOW. Listeners care about the show and that's all media buyers should care about. Let programmers program. Forget "metrics", listeners seek fun, entertainment, companionship. If a buyer is worried about "recency" focus on the moments of passion a station should provide its audience today.

Walter Sabo
SaboMedia CEO

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Nielsen getting into Radio
That is spot monitoring biz for radio SpotScan. New & separate product designed for Local Radio...

CBS boosts CBS
In other words CBS Radio boosts CBS Network premieres...

Media Markets & Money
Benchmarks at Radio One
Closed 104M worth of station deals, amended bank credit & hits new benchmark...

Washington Media Business Report
FCC sets sail for Chicago
Windy City will bring two diverse panels before the five FCC commissioners...

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Florida Resort FM
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Radio Media Moves

New analyst
Jefferies & Company announced the hiring of Brian S. Shipman as a Senior Equity Research Analyst to cover the media, advertising and publishing industries. Shipman has over a decade of sell-side experience covering these industries, most recently at UBS.

More News Headlines

Freedom comes to the New York Times
The New York Times has abandoned the subscription model for its TimesSelect and will open up its entire website to the online public, effective September 19th. American Express has signed on as sponsor of the newly opened sections of Ending TimesSelect will give all Internet users access to 23 news and opinion columnists, personalization tools and the Times archives back to 1987 at no charge. TimesSelect was launched in September 2005 and, two years later, had approximately 787,400 active subscribers. Approximately 471,200 received TimesSelect free of charge as a benefit of their home-delivery subscriptions, while 227,000 paid for online access and another 89,200 received it for free on college campuses through TimesSelect University. The company said it expects increased usage once the pay-barrier is eliminated, netting it more in ad revenues than it had generated from user fees. The only part of the former pay service not being opened up are the New York Times archives from 1923-1986, which will be available for purchase in single or 10-article packages. Strangely, the archives from 1851-1922 and 1987-present will be free.

Visa launches multimedia campaign
Visa USA announced the launch of a new print and online advertising campaign, which marks the latest phase of the "Life Takes Visa" brand advertising platform. The collaborative new campaign uses print and online channels as well as specific merchant partnerships. The multimillion-dollar campaign also includes an online consumer destination that will provide consumers access to whatever "Life Takes." The effort kicks off with print in the October issues of national InStyle, Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Gourmet and more. Co-branded ads that incorporate specific merchant offers from Banana Republic, Sony and will also roll out in select pubs in November and December. The campaign also features an online marketplace at, designed to serve as a "digital magazine" of deals and content.

Google upping the volume on mobile ads
Google announced it is expanding the number of mobile ads that it delivers to mobile devices, hoping to capitalize on the geometrically increasing numbers of consumers surfing the web away from their laptops or PCs. Most of Google's ad revenue, expected to exceed 15 billion this year, currently comes through online search.

RBR Radar 2007
Radio News you won't read any where else. RBR--First, Accurate, and Independently Owned.

NBC "takes over" CC Radio
stations to promote Fall sked
The NBC Agency and Clear Channel Radio announced national radio campaigns for NBC's fall programming line up. Beginning 9/17, on-air and online promotions begin on select stations in the top 10 markets to drive viewers to the new romantic mystery/drama series "Journeyman," which premieres 9/24. And next Monday, NBC and CC Radio will orchestrate the first ever "takeover" sponsorship in the radio medium with NBC as the exclusive, full-day advertiser on five of CC Radio's biggest reach stations. The entire day on September 24 on WHTZ-FM NYC, KIIS-FM LA, KYLD-FM San Francisco, WKSC-FM Chicago and WIOQ-FM Philadelphia. Instead of typical commercials, listeners will hear entertaining vignettes hosted by the new show talent. Unique content will be featured every hour.

RBR observation: They must have taken a page out of the Russo [Rich Russo, JL Media's SVP/Director of Broadcast Services] playbook, who had already done this twice--once in Dallas with "Jerry-FM" for Seinfeld, and once in Chicago with Jim-FM for "According to Jim." The Chicago campaign won an industry award in June. (It is called Cross Marketing and yes your group can do this too.)
09/18/07 RBR #182

CC Radio Houston; Moving from
3 to 2 stopsets per hour?

It's all part of upping the numbers with PPM. We're getting information, but couldn't confirm with CCU, that CC Radio Houston sent out an email to agencies and clients last week indicating reasons for moving all five of its FM stations there from 3 to 2 stopsets per hour. Here's one of them, from one of our sources: "Effective Immediately Clear Channel Houston Radio is moving from 3 stop sets per hour to 2 stop sets per hour. In order to increase our PPM numbers even more. Below are more specifics, the great thing about PPM is we will see the benefits of this much more quickly than we were able with the old diary method.
09/17/07 RBR #181


Affiliate Sales Rep
WOR Radio Network's (WRN) needs an exec with Passion for Talk Radio. Self-starter w/ 2-5 yrs experience. Work independently and achieve goals to increase market coverage and audience delivery for our Nationally Syndicated programming. Business is about relationships and candidate with strong database in Talk Radio will win big time. Offering competitive salary + commission plan, health insurance and 401K. WRN is the place to be to succeed with stability. Details & Apply see Radio Careers

General Manager
Midwest & Life is good with this Small-Medium cluster in rated market. Top Aggressive, community minded GM needed. We're reentering ownership so don't be concerned that you're already working for us. Have a track record of performance, strong on sales and ideas. Ability to get the most out of a talented staff. Tired of the corporate jungle and want to work in real radio. This GM post for the person with Radio Passion. Details where to apply see Radio Careers

General Sales Manager
America's Legendary CHR station, KDWB, looking for a world class GSM to lead a talented sales team! We have 5 questions for our next GSM to answer. If you can say Yes to some or all then lets talk. A college degree is preferred with two years related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education/experience. Clear Channel's KDWB, EEO--Hey, it doesn't get any better than this. Complete requirements, where to apply see Radio Careers

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