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Volume 22, Issue 188, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Monday Morning September 26th, 2005
Publishers Perspective
NAB 2005 Overview
No time to either sing praise or be critical but the time is now to think the balance of the decade. Yes there is a need for a pure radio convention which is Management, Sales, Programming and Engineering driven with exhibit space for vendors to discuss their products. Talking with numerous attendees in various age demos they came to Philly seeking the same - Guidance in areas of HD radio, sales and management ideas, questioning Clear Channel's LIM diet and in short those who went to Philly went seeking help for the balance of this decade. Many did not receive what they came for which was a quick fix answer because there is none. One thing I personally noticed were new generations of radio broadcasters with a number sons and daughters of broadcasters of the yesterdays gone by because many of them came up to me and said, "Hey, Jim, my name is Weiss, son of Bob Weiss out of Cleveland. My dad says Hi." This is good as those young I trust will learn from their warrior parents. But after 30 years of attending NAB conventions I can see the industry can not continue to put on these annual events as they seem to be too self serving for various groups. I will blog on this later but let each take at look at the current system and now your vote counts.

RBR Poll
NAB has announced plans to co-locate the September 2006 with the R&R convention, but some broadcasters are skeptical. Which would be best for radio?

1 - Co-located NAB Radio Show with R&R programming convention.
2 - Co-located NAB Radio Show with the RAB management conference.
3 - NAB Radio Show in its own hotel with the NAB spring convention in Las Vegas.
4 - A pure Radio Industry Convention completely apart from the NAB with focus thinking.

Radio News®

LIM means tighten up
Before Clear Channel initiated its Less is More effort, there was not even agreement within the company on how to count what listeners would regard as a commercial interruption. But no more. Veteran programmer Kevin Metheny, now a CC Radio Regional VP for Programming, told a Friday NAB Radio Show session that everything, including station promotions, is being counted toward LIM limits, which are being strictly enforced. As a result, he says, programmers are having to do a better job with promotions - - and not a word can be wasted on the air. Fellow panelist Cat Collins from Jefferson-Pilot's KQKS-FM Denver agreed with what we heard repeatedly in Philadelphia - - that Less is More is going to help the entire industry. He's less certain about the part of LIM which pushed 30-second spots. As a PD, Collins said, he'd rather run :30s, but added, "there's simply not the demand right now. The strongest debate on the LIM evaluation panel was on whether CC Radio got it right moving from two breaks an hour to three shorter breaks. Collins wasn't willing to make the move away from only two breaks an hour. But Lee Jacobs, VP of Strategic Analysis for CC-owned Critical Mass Media, said the results speak for themselves. He said CC Radio PDs feared going into LIM that three shorter breaks an hour would kill TSLs. Instead, he said, they've inched up slightly across the board.

RBR observation: Now remember one thing before you go and grab for that silver bullet to bite into and let it explode. The panel was 'Less is More...or Less' and it was strictly about Clear Channel with Clear Channel people except for Collins. Clear Channel used the NAB convention to continue to explain the LIM theory. NAB should have printed in their guide - Clear Channel Presents 'LIM.' Our theory on LIM is be local, use your own brains to make decisions and do not play follow the leader into 2006 or you could be getting Less as Clear Channel has More stations than anyone and also has the network content of Premiere as its finger tips. Only thing RBR heard about LIM in Philly was the word 'Applaud Clear Channel on LIM' but nobody in the seats actually stood up and did it - like put two hands together and really applauded or clap. Be local and use your own brains.

Publisher note: Observation on the Super Group session and personally liked NRG Media CEO Mary Quass and her observation on LIM 09/22/05 RBR #186 suggesting that the radio industry should have the guts to cut inventories 50% and raise rates. "We're all a bunch of wimps. We don't want to raise our rates." LIM is coming out of an era of over feeding yourselves and now trying to find a fast diet to lose weight. Not going to happen fast. The LIM diet is not for everyone except Clear Channel as many of their own managers off the record say they can not sustain the LIM diet or sell the :30s over :60s as in some cases :60s are needed but not on the LIM diet.

Idol judge delivers his
assessment of radio

Randy Jackson comes from the record side of the world, although the "American Idol" judge now has his own radio show on Westwood One, but what he had to say to the NAB Radio Show reflected much of what's being said inside the radio business - - new ideas have to be tried to interest people, particularly the young demos, in listening to radio. "When listeners are included in the music selection process, they're willing to spend millions of dollars to support their habit," he said. Jackson sees HD Radio as an opportunity to try new ideas. "Don't be afraid to try something that hasn't been tested," he said. On a personal note, Jackson noted that his hometown is Baton Rouge, LA is now housing hundreds of thousands of evacuees from New Orleans. He thanked broadcasters for all of their efforts to help the ravaged Gulf Coast. Although he says it's hard to watch what's been happening in New Orleans, Jackson expressed the hope that "someday we'll all dance again in the streets of New Orleans.

RBR observation: The NAB Friday sessions in many cases seem the best but least attended as many people departed. Keying in on what Jackson emphasized - try new ideas. Remember local content is king and your best place to find talent is local. HD is a reality around the corner but still many questions have to be addressed. The best honest answer RBR heard about HD and programming came from FigMedia1's Bill Figenshu, "We are great at developing content but we suck at marketing ourselves." On HD Radio, again we liked Figs comments as RBR could not have said it any better: "The industry has about two years to get its act together and speak with one voice to make consumers want HD receivers .. Otherwise, this is going to smell like AM stereo." Take a read back on 09/22/05 RBR #186 and get the full view. Remember the fish stinks at head.

Politics: Don't expect a 1994 in 2006
WTOP AM-FM Washington political commentator Mark Plotkin told hungry NAB Radio Show attendees over breakfast Friday that in his opinion the Democrats are going to have a difficult time converting the current political maladies of George W. Bush into a revolutionary makeover of the House of Representatives such as the Newt Gingrich "Contract With America" makeover of 1994 during the Clinton Administration. His reasoning: The science of drawing congressional districts - - and the cooperation of politicians at different levels of government and even from different parties - - has made an incumbent in the House the least endangered of all political species. Look for more action in Senate races, where Republicans will go after Robert Byrd (D-WV), Kent Conrad (D-ND), Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Bill Nelson (D-FL), while Democrats target Conrad Burns (R-MT), Lincoln Chaffee (R-RI), Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Mike DeWine (R-OH). Also look for hot gubernatorial races in Illinois, Maryland and California, where Arnold Schwarzenegger has said "I'll be back" while others are saying "not so fast."

RBR observation: This 7:30am morning session was very low attended for those who stuck around Friday morning but you missed out. Expecting the SOS 'Legislative Session' blah blah blah from Senator whomever there was a little fresh air with Plotkin and the food was free so attendees you missed out - Free Food and Humor with legislative comments from WTOP's Plotkin who in short laughed at many on capital hill and the audience did the same. It was refreshing not to hear an NAB Board member question a legislator as it is boring. Stick to this format and put it earlier in the rotation with the free food. RBR actually viewed people laughing and really clapping.

FCC highlighting safety issues
FCC Enforcement Bureau's Kris Monteith said the top priority of the EB going forward will be public safety and homeland security issues - - things like EAS, RF radiation, tower lighting and painting and antenna registration. This was a concern anyway, and it obviously has been heightened by recent events in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, look for more indecency decisions to be made public in the near future. She also said that indecency is an area of particular interest for new Chairman Kevin Martin, and noted that his leaning toward stiffer enforcement measures will probably be noticeable. Media Bureau icon Roy Stewart said that competition and diversity, DTV, upgrading EAS to include digital services, broadband deployment and spectrum management are also top of mind at the Commission. MB's Peter Doyle noted that 11K license renewals have been granted, but that process turned up a surprising number of public file violations. Stewart suggested every station have one designated employee to make sure the file is always complete and up-to-date. EEO records should be a part of that record, with particular emphasis on outreach efforts (this should also go on the station website). Above all else, when dealing with the FCC, all three officials emphasized candor and truthfulness - - they agreed that misrepresenting anything is the worst thing a licensee can do. Payola/VNR/sponsor ID is still an ongoing investigation. Several other matters have a closed record and may be brought to the 8th Floor at Martin's discretion, including a possible broadcast taping requirement and Powell's study of localism.

Marconi Radio Award winners announced
Winners of the 2005 NAB Marconi Radio Awards were announced at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner & Show. Established in 1989, and named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, the NAB Marconi Radio Awards are given to radio stations and outstanding on-air personalities to recognize excellence in radio. An independent task force selected finalists and ballots were sent to members of the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Selection Academy in August. This year's NAB Marconi Radio Award recipients are:
| The List |


Last of the true Road Warriors: Gary Fries delivers State of the Industry speech
"There are lots of positives in our business," said Gary Fries, RAB CEO, during his semi-annual state of the industry speech, delivered at the NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia. In his first public speech since announcing he would not be seeking renewal of his contract at the end of 2006, Fries outlined a radio business that is on the precipice of a "repositioning" that could propel the medium forward into the future - if the industry acts. radio broadcasters to be proud of their outstanding work in the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He urged them, "Make sure everyone you talk to understands how important Radio was to the people of the Gulf States." Fries pointed out that the unfortunate disaster spotlighted the significant role radio plays in the local marketplace and revealed how the industry could band together for the good of the community.

Fries attributed the research from RAEL as a key element in the success of RAB's National Marketing efforts to secure appointments with advertisers and agencies. "Next month, the RAB National Marketing Department, along with a coalition from the radio representative companies, is meeting with a major, national retailer to present the RAEL research studies," he proudly stated. "This is one in a series of meetings with the advertiser - who had traditionally been a non-Radio user - and its agencies," he said. "You can't just walk in and say give me the money. You sow the seeds first. We've had several victories, but this is real-time, happening next month." Electronic measurement was also a key topic in Fries' agenda, but he stressed that this was not an endorsement of any one device. "I don't care what it is," he said, "but we need electronic measurement and it must be right." Fries pointed out that the RAB sponsored a presentation by Eurisko, a European company offering an alternative to Arbitron's PPM. Fries said he believed there was even more potential revenue for Radio than the recently released Forrester Study on the Economic Impact of the PPM on radio showed. Fries warned that the move to electronic measurement couldn't be slow. "It must be done rapidly and in every size market. You cannot have electronic measurement without saying the diary method is flawed, and you cannot sell a flawed device. "We need HD Radio in a lot better fashion," he added. "It's a digital world and we don't want to be left out. Advertisers will give us more money if we do these things," he predicted.

RBR observation: Fries took on the EDI project in 2002 and this is one issue that needs addressed as we close out this first half of this decade. Agree 100 percent with Fries as 'Technology waits for no one.' Side note: No word on where the RAB 2006 will be held as it was scheduled for New Orleans. RBR is on the record standing on 'It would have made more sense to co-locate the NAB Radio Show with the RAB convention or to have an expanded Radio Show at its own hotel in Las Vegas alongside the spring NAB Convention.' For details on this topic see 09/20/05 RBR #184

Omnicom expanding PHD media network
Omnicom Group is expanding its PHD media network as well as its holding company management team at Omnicom Media Group (OMG). Mark Amabile, previously OMD Worldwide CFO, is now OMG CFO, reporting to CEO Daryl Simm. An OMG global board has been established that includes Amabile and Simm, Joe Uva, OMD Worldwide CEO (who adds the hat of OMG President); David Pattison, PHD Worldwide CEO; Colin Gottlieb, OMG Europe CEO; and Mike Cooper, OMG Asia Pacific CEO. The PHD expansion will take place across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It will begin in the Q4, with most markets in Asia Pacific and Europe to be completed by early next year. "This is very exciting news for PHD. Given our success in North America and the needs of multinational clients, there has never been a better time to extend our network globally," said Pattison. As part of a continuing plan to provide clients with leading international capabilities, OMG is making additional investments in central resources including research, digital media, emerging media, sponsorship and entertainment, as well as its media-negotiating arm, OPERA, which leverages the combined scale of OMD and PHD. All capabilities are available through OMD and PHD international networks. "This approach allows us to provide alternative media network solutions to meet individual client needs," said John Wren, CEO of Omnicom Group. "And whether their preference is OMD or PHD we want all our media clients to benefit from the full scale and resources of our group".

Media Markets & MoneyTM
Viacom to buy VOD firm iFilm
Viacom is reportedly close to announcing a deal to buy VOD site iFilm, a move that would give it new distribution channel for content. Viacom will pay about $50 million for the privately held company. The buy shows the growing importance of the Internet as a distribution channel for video content and that content owners are becoming more comfortable with the Internet, as broadband numbers continue their march upward. As well, media sites that specialize in video are seeing traffic double ever six to eight months. The move adds to other recent Viacom internet deals. It also bought, a site that caters to pre-teen web users; and also made a recent deal to distribute Yahoo ads across its web network. iFilm, founded in 1998, is backed by Sony Pictures, Rainbow Media, Liberty Digital and Eastman Kodak.

RBR observation: Advertisers are supporting more and more content found in the online and VOD spaces-each year the numbers go up geometrically. And as Carat Americas CEO David Verklin has told us that because of it, the television upfront marketplace is going to change dramatically-if not in 2006, then 2007. Companies like Viacom are chomping at the bit to be able to offer their content across multiple platforms-to continue to be the one-stop shops for media planners and buyers. Let's face it-entertainment is less and less about sitting in front of a TV screen and more and more about viewing and listening when and where consumers want-and on what devices they want them on. Viacom sees this future and is acting on it.

Washington Beat
Senators introduce bipartisan legislation to provide disaster alerts
Senators Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Ben Nelson (D-NB), the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Disaster Prevention and Prediction, announced the introduction of S. 1753, the Warning, Alerts, and Response Network (WARN) Act. Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-AK), Co-Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-HI), and Senators David Vitter (R-LA), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Trent Lott (R-MI) joined as co-sponsors. The WARN Act ensures America's communities receive the alerts and warnings necessary to mitigate the impacts of natural disasters, manmade accidents and terrorist attacks by:

* Establishing a network for the transmission of alerts across a broad variety of media, including cell phones, blackberry, digital, analog, cable and satellite television and radio, as well as non-traditional media such as sirens and "radios-on-a-stick."
* Providing federal, state and local emergency managers with alert tools and the ability to send out geographically targeted alerts only to those communities at risk.
* Establishing a grant program to help remote communities install sirens and other devices because of the lack of quality telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring that individuals in communities in tornado alley, some of which may not have high cell phone penetration, still get warnings about threatening storms.
* Providing at least $250 million for the research, development and deployment of technologies and equipment to operate the alert systems.

"Co-Chairman Inouye and I have worked closely with Senators DeMint and Nelson to develop a bipartisan all hazards alert bill that we believe will have a significant impact on all Americans. I come from a generation that had only a radio-based emergency notification system. But today with so much new technology we do not have a uniform mechanism to contact our people in a time of crisis. We believe this bill overcomes that obstacle, allowing public safety officials to communicate with people through all forms of communication devices during a terrorist attack or natural disaster," said Senator Stevens.

ABC News Radio to launch
"Desperate Housewives Minute"

ABC News Radio will launch a special feature recapping the latest developments of the top-rated primetime drama Desperate Housewives. The one-minute produced feature, Desperate Housewives Minute, will be available to affiliates and on ABC Radio Networks' ePrep subscription service, which provides format-specific entertainment news and features to morning radio shows across the country. The feature will begin 9/26, following Desperate Housewives' season premiere airing on 9/25. A new Desperate Housewives Minute will be produced and available for distribution every Monday following a first-run episode, throughout the television season.

RBR observation: This has got to be a winner and better than Paul Harvey both in programming content and local ad sales. This short clip kind of programming is needed and PDs can also work this into show prep material and have fun with it and sell it at the same time.

Monday Morning Makers & Shakers

Transactions: 8/15/05-8/19/05
One deal is all it takes to propel the weekly trading value total into a spike on the old flow chart, and that's what happened this week. Univision traded 90M in stock for an AM-FM combo in heavily-Hispanic San Jose. However, the remaining handful of deals didn't quite have the moxie to push the overall total to nine digits.



Total Deals







| Complete Charts |
Radio Transactions of the Week, Entravision takes stock
of San Jose
| More...
TV Transactions of the Week
The calm before the storm...

5M WAMB-AM Nashville (Donelson TN) from Great Southern Broadcasting Company (William O. Barry) to Bott Communications Inc.(Richard P. Bott, Sherley E. Bott, Richard P. Bott II). 250K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Seller retains right to WAMB call letters. [File date 8/19/05.]

850K WSRV-FM Deltaville VA from Bullseye Broadcasting Inc. (Sherry L. Campana, Mitt Younts et al) to Davis Media LLC (Thomas G. Davis, Bruce & Kathy Hornsby, Jack Stewart, Norman Volk, Doug Ferber, Joseph Montgomery, Lyman Wood, Robin B. Martin & descendents, Susan Cochoran, John Scher). 42.5K escrow, 407.5K cash at closing, 400K note. Includes non-compete. Temporary duopoly with WTYD-FM West Point VA, which will end when WTYD completes CP to move station. [File date 8/19/05.]

500K KTGM-TV Tamuning GU from Island Broadcasting Inc. (David Larson) to Sorensen Television Systems Inc. (Rex W. Sorensen, Jon Anderson, Curtis Dancoe). 25K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Cross-ownership with KGUM AM & FM, KZGZ-FM. [File date 8/23/05.]

Stock Talk
Winners lead losers
Seems the NAB Radio show had a calming effect on investors. As the week came to a close, most radio stocks were either up or relatively unchanged. Standouts included Beasley up 1.36, Fisher up 0.60 and XM down .66

Radio Stocks

Here's how stocks fared on Friday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change













Journal Comm.




Citadel CDL
13.34 +0.37

Radio One, Cl. A




Clear Channel




Radio One, Cl. D




Cox Radio












Saga Commun.








Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.
















Viacom, Cl. A








Viacom, Cl. B








Westwood One








XM Sat. Radio




International Bcg.










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30's vs 60's

Research proves, 30's sell more product then 60's...period! So as an advertiser, why would I want to pay 80% of a 60 for a weak 30? I realize less is more. More for the station, less for the advertiser! Why aren't the agencies buying 30's? Easy-they want to get results for their clients. Whether your selling 30's or 60's, teach your staff how to write copy that works. I would start with David Ogilvy "Confessions of an advertising man".

Bill Pressly
VP Programming /Station Manager
Jonesboro, Arkansas

More on less is more: A reader offers a writing lesson

Cindy Ramirez (9/15/05 RBR #181) very bravely puts herself out there and claims that :30s are a crock, and they don't work because "you can't cram it all in there." But consider this: Cindy's missive is 269 words long. Read it out loud, really fast, and that would be a 90-second piece of copy. In about two minutes, I whacked it down to 169 words and made it much stronger. You could read 169 words aloud in a comfortable 60 seconds. But let's not stop there. Let's cut to the really potent, 8-second version of Cindy's letter. "LIM was introduced as a means to increase TSL. Three stations in my market show significant TSL decrease since beginning LIM. Explain that." Pow! Go get 'em, Cindy! Good writing is about rewriting, not about figuring out how to "cram it all in there." Now, as a copywriter, I don't love :30s. And yes, some clients will be poorly served by the :30. Many advertisers, however, will benefit from it - - but only if radio writers quit whining and learn how to be pithy, direct, and emotional. And most of all, writers (and their account reps) must learn how to say, "No" to extraneous, fluffy phrasing. Those phrases include but are not limited to, "Conveniently located at," "Courteous and professional staff," "Plenty of free parking," "The phone call is free," "Storewide savings," "The customer comes first," and "All of your (FILL IN THE BLANK) needs." Anyone insisting such phrases constitute quality copywriting should be prepared to die the painful, frustrating death in the age of LIM. Thank you, Cindy and Clear Channel.

Blaine Parker, Creative Driector
Salem Communications, Los Angeles

On Shmuley's show being
cancelled in Salt Lake

Rabbi Shmuley is wrong to imply racism at KUTL, Bonneville, and (one cannot help but infer) LDS and Utah. He is wrong to launch a major campaign under the auspices of an affiliate station without a whiff of executive participation or approval. His show was not cancelled because he wanted to help the poor. His show was cancelled on this particular station because, aside from the fact he is not an exceptionally entertaining radio host, he made an exceptionally unprofessional decision. I am not surprised that he brags of his associations with Al Sharpton: he has sealed my personal opinion of him by his own gratuitous, hot-headed, race-baiting malevolence.

Franklin Raff,
Executive Producer,
Radio America Networks, Washington, DC


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Viacom to stand pat after split,
look for cable cash
No major acquisitions will be required when the multimedia giant splits in two. RBR observation: Anybody who does not think the mass entertainment/information business is in for major upheaval just isn't paying attention. The rules are changing rapidly. More and more players are getting into the game. The number of media players is growing at a much faster pace than the growth rate of the population in general, meaning that the already strong trend toward audience fragmentation figures to speed up, not slow down. It's time to pay attention, be flexible and open minded, and be ready to act when the time is right. Viacom seeing No Major buys - RBR sees more of Selling of certain assets.
09/23/05 RBR #187

How about a whole lot less?
"I think a lot less is a lot better," stated NRG Media CEO Mary Quass in the NAB Radio Show group head super session, but she doesn't think Clear Channel's Less is More (LIM) initiative goes far enough. She suggested that the radio industry should have the guts to cut inventories 50% and raise rates. "We're all a bunch of wimps. We don't want to raise our rates."
RBR observation: Yep lots of talk at NAB or BS but RBR sees no precise plan getting into 2006. More or less of the Blind leading the Blind.
09/23/05 RBR #187

Group heads tee up HD Radio
There was no announcement yet of an industry consortium to program HD Radio multicast channels, but Infinity CEO Joel Hollander told NAB Radio Show attendees to expect some important announcements in the next 60-90 days. RBR observation: Hold your breath or better yet hold on to your hair. Nobody wanted to admit of the private meetings of the HD Consortium or the PDF outline CCU and Infinity put together as RBR First broke this report, 09/06/05 RBR #174, but another announcement in 90 days. What about the rest of the radio business and station operators or is this an exclusive club on deciding on the entire radio mediums future. Why people can not just tell the truth and check the ties and egos at the door is the real question. Radio HD you have one shot to win or lose so get involved do not let others decide your future.
09/23/05 RBR #187

NAB Radio and R&R
Conventions team up
After years of rumors about NAB consolidating its Radio Show with someone else they are now true. 2006 Radio Show will "co-locate" with the Radio & Records Convention September 20-22, 2006 at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel in Dallas. "There's no money changing hands here at all," noted NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton. All the PR was the blah blah on collective energies and fantastic celebration of radio.
RBR observation: R&R's Erica Farber and Bonneville International CEO Bruce Reese, now Chairman of the NAB Joint Board, as the principal proponents. After consolidation in '96 Telecom Act took its toll on attendance at the NAB Radio Show, it was inevitable that NAB would also have to consolidate. We don't see much synergy, though, with a programming/record convention. It would have made more sense to co-locate the NAB Radio Show with the RAB convention or to have an expanded Radio Show at its own hotel in Las Vegas alongside the spring NAB Convention. As for no money changing hands who is kidding whom or will NAB and R&R both charge the same price tag for admission. Money happens to be one of the oldest motivating factors so this one RBR can not swallow. At this point, NAB and R&R are committed to each other for only one year, so we'll see how this engagement progresses along. PS: It is called survival of conventions and many forget NAB had a Programmers convention in the '80s which built into the current show. Don't buy the one year test the milk before the cow theory either.
09/23/05 RBR #187

No perfect storm to sink radio values
Despite sluggish revenue growth that's depressed stock valuations on Wall Street they're still strong private market demand for good radio properties. so no repeat of the "perfect storm" of the early 1990s when a revenue decline hit at the same time as a credit crunch. Rather, there was a new face on the lending on the front line Ivan Zinn of HBK Investments, the first representative of radio's newest money source, hedge funds as he said hedge funds are looking for new opportunities due to a lack of opportunities in their traditional investments. "Hedge funds are willing to make the bet on the value of FCC! spectrum," Traditional lenders on the panel said they were not concerned so much about Wall Street beating down radio stocks, but rather on a borrower's ability to repay the loan, so they still like radio buyers with good management teams.
09/22/05 RBR #186

ABCRN Producer
ABC Radio Networks needs a motivated, creative, talk radio producer for a nationally syndicated daily talk show targeted to women. Must have a love for news and current events, possess superb writing skills, a terrific sense of humor, and work well under pressure. No Calls. EOE
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GSM Nations Capital
Washington DC Business Talk station has an immediate GSM opening. Must have proven experience in large to major market sales. Full benefits added incentives and extraordinary growth potential. AE positions also available.
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Account Executive
Radio People of Jackson, MS (WUSJ, WYOY, WJKK and WIIN) are interested in talking to any displaced sales executives from the Gulf Coast area. Nancy Fletcher 601-956-0102 EOE
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