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Volume 22, Issue 233, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Wednesday Morning November 30th, 2005

Radio News®

You decide:
Does Spitzer have a case?
We reported yesterday that New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's settlement with Warner Music was lacking in any real evidence of payola violations. Now RBR has obtained a copy of the settlement so you can read it yourself. Unlike the earlier Sony BMG settlement, which led to Clear Channel firing two programmers, no one is named in the Warner settlement for allegedly taking personal payoffs except for Dave Universal, whom Entercom fired early on in the Spitzer probe (and who was already named in the Sony BMG settlement). Otherwise, Spitzer contends that any sort of promotional consideration distributed by record labels in an effort to boost airplay - - whether it succeeds in doing so or not - - is illegal. He than complains that the FCC is dragging its feet on using the evidence he's provided to punish stations - - with fines and/or license revocation hearings - - for violating the federal payola statute. But, has he really provided the Commission with evidence of violations of the federal payola statute?

| Read the Warner Music settlement yourself |

RBR observation: So far Spitzer has shaken down two record companies for 25 million bucks without having to prove in court that any New York law was violated. And, don't forget, he's gotten repeated national news coverage to promote his own bid to become Governor of New York. It would have been far better for him to have referred the few actual cases of apparent payola violations to the feds, who actually have authority to enforce the payola law. Instead, he's taken it upon himself to become top cop in an area where he has no jurisdiction. What we've seen so far could be construed as extortion by the New York AG to the detriment of the other 49 states and every US radio station not located in the State of New York.

Senate decency bill literally put on hold
In yesterday's all-day confab on decency, Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-AK) explained why his side of the Capitol has failed to act on the Decency Enforcement Bill now twice-passed by the House of Representatives. The version offered by Sam Brownback (R-KS) has attracted holds from both sides of the decency enforcement spectrum. Brownback's bill gives the FCC the ability to hit indecency offenders with fines 10 times higher than the current ceiling, among other things. Stevens said some think it goes too far, others not far enough. Given that concern was coming from two opposite directions, Stevens did not think he had the 60 votes necessary to force action. He said it will definitely be taken up, along with proposals from John Rockefeller (D-WV) concerning broadcast violence, and another from Ron Wyden (D-OR) concerning a mandate for cable operators to provide a tier of family-oriented programming. Noting that yesterday's forum on indecency gave many the opportunity to get ideas on the record, Stevens mentioned adding another session on indecency before the year is out - - he suggested 12/12/05 - - for the purpose of looking into specific proposals and remedies.

Martin: FCC reversing itself
on a la carte

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin praised the entertainment industry for providing some of the finest programming ever, and in the same breath took it to task for also providing the coarsest. Saying that government intervention was a third and last resort, after parental involvement and industry self-regulation, he proceeded to suggest options which the cable industry could provide parents, and said that an earlier FCC report calling an a la carte cable channel regime burdensome on the industry was flawed and would soon be replaced with a new study more favorable to the concept. He said it was clear that the use of objectionable language and sexual content was up, and that parents need to be able to control the flow of content into their homes. He noted that cable forces objectionable content on parents, comparing it to a magazine subscription regime where, to get "Newsweek" and "Sports Illustrated," you also had to accept "Cosmopolitan," "Easy Rider" and "Guns and Ammo." Three remedies he suggested are the provision of family-friendly tiers, extending indecency regulation and enforcement applicable to broadcasters to basic cable channels, and to offer al a carte programming. The latter, he argued, should be economically feasible. Martin had no comments during his opening remarks regarding the prospect of upcoming FCC fine proposals on alleged incidences of broadcast indecency.
| Read Martin's full testimony here |

Reese makes the case for broadcasters
Bruce Reese took exception to the apparently widespread belief that broadcasters are filling the airwaves with filth. "To begin," he said, "it may be useful to remember that the vast majority of broadcasters have never had the FCC take any action against them on the indecency issue." He noted that the vast majority of programming complaints have been generated by organized mass Internet projects, and further, when there have been transgressions, the FCC has not been shy about slapping fines on the offenders. He said that broadcasters are locally oriented, and must in the course of doing business respect local community standards. These standards, however, are not the same from one place to another. He particularly noted the difficulty faced by broadcasters in an environment in which satellite and cable programmers are unrestrained. He specifically mentioned Howard Stern, who he said is installing a stripper pole in his new Sirius studio in preparation to shedding whatever broadcast restraint he currently operates with, and XM's Opie & Anthony, who already have left restraint in their wake - - and both shows are headed for satellite TV as well. "So the Committee would be well advised to consider the uneven playing field that broadcasters have with our satellite and cable competitors."
| Read Reese's full testimony here |

Wide open "Open Forum on Decency"
A lot of ideas were put forth yesterday at the special session of the Seante Commerce Committee put together by Chairman Ted Stevens (R-AK). While it can probably be said that all in attendance believe that it is important to protect children from objectionable material, that is pretty much where the consensus ended. Ratings, v-chips, channel blocking tools, channel tier and menus and legislative remedies all were voiced. Legislative intervention was alternately called for and warned against. Below is a brief summation of the testimony from most of the panelists, other than those of senators and FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and NAB Joint Board Chairman Bruce Reese of Bonneville, noted in the articles above.
| Comments on decency |

Clear Channel has another
parting of ways

At RBR deadline last night the word got out another top pro is no longer employed and it is Cleveland cluster manager Jim Meltzer who could not be reached for comment. Sources report he was given the news by Central Sr. VP Bill Gentry. This makes the second top seasoned pro in close to a month that has been shown the door as all remember John Gehron felt the same sting just last month 10/24/05 RBR #208

RBR observation: What RBR printed about Gehron holds true with Meltzer - bottom line is easy - forget philosophical differences if an executive is performing and brings more knowledge and skills to the table in these hard times forget the politics do not let that person out the door. Radio can not afford to lose any more front line experienced pros. RBR sources where not surprised as they say this happens every year inside Clear Channel as it is called the 'Year End' paid too much cleaning of the house. RBR was unable to contact John Hogan or Bill Gentry but email was sent as we wait for a reply.

ABC closer to the end of sale
Over night while you slept - Reports on the wire have pinned pointed on the potential buyers for ABC Radio and the suspects are the previous named – Entercom and Cumulus then the little surprise of the infamous Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) that seems to have come into the game at the last minute. The Financial Times reports that KKR may have teamed up with a ‘Trade Buyer’ to win the bid but the report did not mention who the ‘Trade Buyer’ is but RBR sources only have heard one person and that is Randy Michaels but unconfirmed. Disney is being advised by Goldman Sachs which by the way is also advising Knight Ridder on the sale of their newspaper chain.


Internet video ad spend to triple by 2007
Internet video advertising spending in the US will nearly triple to 640 million in 2007 from this year's 225 million, according to a new Online Video Advertising report from eMarketer. By the end of the decade, advertisers will spend at least 1.5 billion on video ads online. "Online video advertising used to be an oxymoron -- but no more," says David Hallerman, Senior Analyst at eMarketer and author of the report. "Television and the Internet are developing new ways to complement each other." Internet video has the greatest potential to blend several hot marketing elements: paid search, branded entertainment, viral marketing, consumer generated media, behavioral targeting, Web site brand marketing and online gaming. "Video represents common ground for television and the Internet, not a field of battle," adds Hallerman. "Winner-take-all is not the name of the game." Broadband adoption at home is a key driver of online video advertising's growth. According to eMarketer, there will be more than 69 million US broadband households by 2008, more than doubling 2004's figure of 34.3 million. Today, more than half of US online households connect via high-speed access, and by 2008, eMarketer says, more than half of total US households will be on broadband Internet access. This essentially provides advertisers with a new online "mass" audience. "All this is very good news for advertising agencies," says Hallerman. "Now the products they are best at creating -- film and video commercials, or 'spots' -- can be transferred to a new medium, new markets. In real-world terms, what that means is marketing campaigns can extend TV's reach to the online space, enticing the target audience to spend more time with a particular brand. It also means using the Internet's ability to track consumers in ways that match up television commercials with online (and offline) activity."

Univision and Colgate partner re-up oral health initiative
Univision and Colgate-Palmolive announced the renewal of their oral health education partnership aimed at Hispanics. The partnership is part of Univision's Peabody Award-winning health campaign, "Salud es Vida...¡Entérate!" and will feature public service announcements, informative oral care vignettes, news health segments and special televised reports. In addition, extensive information about the importance of oral care will continue to be available on dedicated Entérate website pages throughout "Research has shown that Latino preschoolers - - the fastest growing child population in the country - - experience 2.5 times more tooth decay than the general population. Often, unknown information like the damage caused by the use of baby bottles after the age of two results to problems with mouth formation and tooth decay," said Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis. "Proper oral health and dental care is key to the health of many children in the Latino community. I applaud the efforts of Univision and Colgate for their continued commitment to improve the oral health of our community through their educational health campaign."

Second PacifiCare Medicare campaign launches
PacifiCare Health Systems launched a second national television campaign for Prescription Solutions from PacifiCare, the company's new Medicare Part D prescription drug insurance products. The new "Skeptics" effort is intended to create confidence among Medicare consumers and further reinforce the numerous benefits of PacifiCare's Medicare prescription drug insurance plans. The two 60-second commercials were directed by award-winning filmmaker Vadim Perelman, director of the DreamWorks film House of Sand and Fog, and created by Deutsch Inc. The campaign will launch with television ads airing on key national cable networks including A&E, CNN, CNN Headline News and the History Channel. The commercials feature a group of wary seniors whose doubts are entertainingly expressed up close in unconvinced winces, dubious chin-strokes and suspicious squints. Eventually, the diverse group of doubters is won over, convinced by the clear messages about quality benefits, affordable plans and cost savings. PacifiCare's first ad campaign, Choice is Swell, starring the Fred and Ethel characters from I Love Lucy, will continue airing nationally.

SORPRESA! adds Chuck E. Cheese
as charter advertiser

SORPRESA!, along with leading multicultural media agency Starlink y Mas/Tapestry, said Chuck E. Cheese has committed to an advertising partnership with the Hispanic kids net. "We are thrilled that the largest U.S. Hispanic media agency can see the value our network delivers to their clients. Chuck E. Cheese is a leader in their category, and we welcome them to SORPRESA!," said Leonard Firestone, CEO for Firestone Communications, Inc. owner and operator of SORPRESA! In addition to the on-air media buy, the partnership calls for a variety of promotions including banner advertisements on the network's website and sponsorship of programming blocks to be executed by the network and its cable affiliates. Starlink y Mas is a partnership between Starcom MediaVest Group's Starlink Worldwide and Tapestry, the first and largest multicultural contact agency in the U.S.

Media Markets & MoneyTM
Group of one is enough for a Quorum
Todd Robinson's WVJT LLC is getting a quartet of stations straddling the border of Virginia and West Virginia in a 1.3M deal which resolves a Chapter 11 proceeding. The seller is Quorum Radio Partners of Virginia Inc., D.I.P. Robinson will be payint 1.3M for the stations. The stations are in unrated territory north of Roanoke. WKEY-AM/WIQQ-FM hail from Covington VA, and just a little further west are WSLW-AM in White Sulphur Springs WV and WKCJ-FM Lewisburg WV.

Washington Beat
A Victory for Hurricane Katrina?
That's right folks. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has found a way to keep former NTIA Administrator Nancy Victory's hand in the communications regulatory field. She will chair a new panel, the "Commission's Independent Panel Reviewing the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks." She'll be joined by a panel of communications and public safety experts to look at the Katrina in terms of improving disaster preparedness, network reliability and first responder communications. Victory is currently a partner at communications law firm Wiley Rein & Fielding LLP.

"Air America Mornings"
to take over morning drive

Jazzing up its morning drive offering, Air America Radio announced beginning 1/2, the new morning format, "Air America Mornings," will broadcast weekdays from 5-9am ET. Veteran talker and current co-host of "Morning Sedition," Mark Riley, will lead off "Air America Mornings" with "The Mark Riley Show" from 5-7am ET. Riley will highlight the top news stories of the day and will also interview various guests. Rachel Maddow will take "The Rachel Maddow Show," to the 7-9am ET slot. Maddow has previously guest-hosted "The Al Franken Show," heard weekly 12-3pm ET and will do so again the week of 12/12. Maddow continues her night job as contributor to MSNBC's "The Situation with Tucker Carlson." Comedian and co-host of "Morning Sedition," Marc Maron, is returning to LA and is currently in negotiations with Air America Radio to host his own syndicated show.

RBR Stats
AHAA: television, print ad spend
in 2004 grew 4.7% from 2003

The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) says Hispanic television and print ad spend in 2004 grew 4.7% from 2003. The 4.7%, however, surprisingly contrasts to the overall growth in total television and print spending which increased 10.5% from 2003. Despite this growth in Hispanic media spend, one-third of the top 250 national advertisers still do not appear among the top 250 Hispanic advertisers. While some marketers, such as Sears, McDonalds, Procter & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson recognize the brand loyalty associated with reaching out to U.S. Hispanic consumers; others may be ignoring the trends.

The findings were the result of the 2004 Hispanic Media Spend study commissioned by AHAA's Hispanic Advertising Agencies Foundation, Inc. (HAAF) with data from TNS Media Intelligence and Market Development. "Our new study confirms what AHAA agencies have known for years," says HAAF Chair Carl Kravetz. "Hispanic marketing is flourishing. Yet still more than 100 of the top 250 television and print advertisers are allocating less than 1% of their total budgets in these media to reaching the influential U.S. Hispanic consumer. Some of America's most iconic brands-like Apple, Maytag and Nike-are missing in action. Others are doing the barest minimum: Mattel, for example, showed 0.1% spending in the Hispanic market in 2004 according to study findings. Considering that nearly a quarter of all children in America are Latino, it just doesn't make good business sense." The study reviewed total measured television and print ad spending among the top 500 national advertisers ranked by spending in those categories. A key metric for the analysis, Hispanic Media Share, divides the dollars spent with Hispanic media by the total television and print spend (Hispanic and general market).

Continental and Prophet Systems partner for HD Radio
Continental Electronics has partnered with Prophet Systems to market a fully integrated studio/STL disaster-management tool for broadcasters already using, or looking to move up to, Prophet System's NexGen Digital automation system. This joint effort pairs a specially branded version of NexGen with Continental Electronics' all-in-one 816HD transmission platform to create a unique delivery system that ensures the broadcast of station program and commercial content. Prophet Systems' NexGen Digital automatically executes all log functions not only the playback of music, spots, and liners, but also relay closures, shift changes, and more. By adding the stand-alone Prophet Importer module, which integrates seamlessly with NexGen and can be used with any automation system, broadcasters can achieve advanced HD Radio capabilities like multicasting and datacasting.

ERI begins major facility expansion
Electronics Research, Inc. began site work for the construction of new buildings to accommodate the increases in the company's structural, transmission line, and antenna products fabricated at its main manufacturing and HQ facility in Chandler Indiana. The new structures include a specially constructed Antenna Tuning Building for final test and tuning of ERI's high power UHF and VHF television antennas. This 10,000 square foot building, constructed of materials that eliminate RF reflections, allows the final assembly, tuning, and test measurements for new television antennas to be made in a weather protected environment. In addition to the new Tuning Building, site clearing, excavation, and grading began on a new 35,000 square foot building to house high power television antenna fabrication and assembly for rigid transmission line components. By also accommodating the shipping and receiving center for the Chandler facility, this building allows for the expansion of ERI's fabrication areas for FM antennas, FM filters, and FM combiners. With the completion of these two new buildings, the design, assembly, warehouse, fabrication, and test space at ERI's HQ campus totals well over 200,000 square feet making it the largest facility in the world dedicated to the design and manufacture of broadcast antenna, transmission line, structural, and accessory products.

TVBR - TV News
"Idol" price tag growing for Fox
What's a hit franchise worth? Fox has signed up for up to six more years of "American Idol" in a deal with Simon Fuller's FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment, now owned by Bob Sillermans's CKX Inc. - - but it won't come cheap. The license fee for Idol 5, which should begin airing in January 2006, will cost 18 million bucks. Fox is committed to a minimum of four more years of Idol, with the license fee growing to 30.5 million for Idol 7 in 2008. If certain ratings minimums are met, two more years will be added, with the license fee growing to 35.5 million annually for editions 8 and 9 in 2009 and 2010. Fox also agreed to pick up at least two original shows produced jointly by 19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia over the next five years. That's in addition to "So You Think You Can Dance?," which was a summer hit this year and already renewed. At the same time, Fox also signed Simon Cowell to continue as a judge for at least five more seasons of Idol. His future had been in doubt because of litigation between Cowell, 19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia over "X-Factor," a new show created by Cowell which FremantleMedia claimed infringed on its copyrights. CKX said the settlement gave 19 Entertainment, of which Cowell is CEO, a minority interest in certain intellectual property and programming related to the "X-Factor" show.

TVBR observation: Can you imagine what it's like to sit across the negotiating table from Bob Sillerman and Simon Cowell? We wonder if the folks at Fox are now trying to come up with a competitor to NBC's "The Apprentice" so Sillerman can show Donald Trump how business deals are really done.

11.4M KJIN-AM/KCIL-FM, KBZZ-FM & KXOR-FM Houma-Thibodaux-Morgan City (Houma, Morgan City, Thibodaux LA) from Guaranty Broadcasting Company of Houma LLC (George A. Foster Jr., Forrest E. Mills Jr.) to Sunburst Media-Louisiana LLC, a subsidiary of Sunburst Media Inc. (Don L. Turner, John Borders). Cash going to seller and its creditors. Existing superduopoly. LMA 9/1/05. Radio ratings provided by Eastlan. [File date 11/2/05.]

2.8M WEFL-AM West Palm Beach-Boca Raton FL (Tequesta FL) from Star of the Palm Beaches Inc. (Carl Como Tutera) to Good Karma Broadcasting LLC (Craig Karmazin). Cash. LMA 12/13/02. [File date 11/2/05.]

Stock Talk
Essentially a flat day
Worries about possible rate hikes by the Fed kept a lid on stock prices on Tuesday. The Dow Industrials slipped 3 points to 10,888, but other indices were up slightly.

Radio stocks were also nearly flat. The Radio Index edged up 0.124, or 0.07%, to 189.428. The big movers, if you can call it that, were Univision, up 1.1%, and SBS, down 1%.

Radio Stocks

Here's how stocks fared on Tuesday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change













Journal Comm.




Citadel CDL
13.50 +0.04

Radio One, Cl. A




Clear Channel




Radio One, Cl. D




Cox Radio












Saga Commun.








Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.
















Viacom, Cl. A








Viacom, Cl. B








Westwood One








XM Sat. Radio




International Bcg.










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Regarding TiVo's new ad search product for television
(11/29/05 TVBR #232):

I'm a big believer in localism. To me, it's the key to the success of any radio or TV station. And I believe one of the reasons that people turn to local media is to find out what's new in products and services - - via advertising. TiVo may have hit the nail on the head and carved out its own, new success model by delivering relevant, targeted advertising to subscribers that want to view particular advertising categories. A person who bought a Walkman in 1981 will probably want to learn about the new iPods. However, TiVo will have to offer more than just what the subscriber dictates. Viewers choose certain stations because they have determined these stations will keep them informed and updated. The software will also have to identify commercials about new products and services that are compatible with what the viewers have indicated they want to see - a logical extension of the viewer's expressed interests. For example, Bluetooth capable wireless phones - a technique only recently invented. TiVo is on the right track; local media should support the concept heartily.

Michael B. Levine
Director of Affiliate Relations
Matrix Media Inc.

Below the Fold

Ad Biz
Internet video ad spend
To triple by '07 spending at least 1.5 billion...

SORPRESA! adds Chuck E. Cheese
As charter advertiser and partnership with the Hispanic kids net...

Washington Beat
A Victory for Hurricane Katrina?
Martin finds a way to keep former NTIA Administrator...

Media Markets & Money
Group of one is enough
for a Quorum

Todd Robinson's WVJT LLC is getting a quartet of stations...


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Radio Media Moves

XM hires Kingston
Steve Kingston, Empire Broadcasting principal (WRNR-FM Annapolis/Baltimore and WINX-FM Annapolis) and former WXRK-FM NY PD, has been tapped by XM Satellite Radio as director of label relations. He'll work directly with record labels to help break new artists, create special XM promotional opportunities and assist in securing artists for exclusive XM performances.

Sirius taps Cross
Sirius has hired Rob Cross, former Operations Manager for Infinity's WXRK-FM New York as Director of Programming for its MAXIM Radio channel 108. Cross, who was with WXRK for two and a half years as Operations Manager, starts 12/6.

Stations for Sale

NYC Prime Radio
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As a Professional courtesy and your convenience we have produced our December Solutions Magazine in PDF Format to Save on your Desk Top to archive. This requires version 6.0 or later of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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RBR Radar 2005
Radio News you won't read any where else. RBR--First, Accurate, and Independently Owned.

A closer look at
Spitzer's payola case
Indicated that radio groups are his next target, saying the improper transactions have to have two sides. But does Spitzer have any legal basis to go after radio station owners?
RBR observation: Has Spitzer provided a "mountain of evidence" of widespread payola violations, as claimed by FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein? Or is it more a mole hill, with a mountain of garbage piled on to help a hard-driving politician grab headlines? We see even less hard evidence of payola in the Warner settlement than in the Sony BMG one and that wasn't much.
11/29/05 RBR #232

December 6: A big HD radio
iBiquity CEO Bob Struble confirms it's the world's leading radio companies as they jointly announce the most significant innovation in more than 50 years. HD multicast consortium details that the big groups have been meeting about. RBR observation: You want to offer a better, FREE alternative to satellite? Offer up some of the formats it has. Oh how we just wait with pounding hearts.
11/29/05 RBR #232

"Black Friday"
weekend spend up 5 billion
NRF survey conducted by BIGResearch found the average shopper spent 302.81 dollars, 14.2% higher than their 04 survey average of 265.15 dollars. ShopperTrak RCT Corp., which tracks sales at 45,000 retail outlets, the overall sales on Black Friday itself were relatively unchanged compared to a year ago but Its data is mostly concentrated on shopping mall retailer traffic. So RBR/TVBR goes with BigResearch since most of the traffic measured went to the non-mall retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy who had heavy promotions.
RBR observation: It isn't over yet, not by a long shot. Only one in 13 consumers has finished their holiday shopping. Local Account Execs should bring these numbers in hand and recommend to clients that shopping malls/mall merchant associations do some additional advertising and promotions to drive shopper traffic. See the data and demos here
11/28/05 RBR #231

Ready to bid goodbye to 2005
There's still more than a month left of 2005, but from listening to the Q3 Wall Street conference calls, it seems to us that many broadcasters would be happy to jump right into 2006 and put Q4 of 2005 behind them as quickly as possible. Pretty much everyone complained that the national spot market is soft, so they all touted how great their stations are doing on pushing local sales - - some better than others.
RBR observation: The obvious solution is to build other business categories and not be so dependent on automotive. Easier said than done, but it must be done. Stations have to develop new business categories on the local level and the reps (along with RAB and TVB) have to do it on the national level. Don't forget this lesson when the auto and political revenues start pouring in again - - unless you want to repeat this painful history.
11/28/05 RBR #231

Account Executive - Suburban, NYC
It is Star 99.1, NYC's only Contemporary Christian music station. We look for overachievers with significant radio sales experience and offer base salary, commission, benefits and a positive environment. Giving you the tools to do your job to succeed. See Radio Careers

Regional Sales Director
WideOrbit, the broadcast television industry's leading traffic, sales, and billing software solution has expanded into Radio. Looking for the right salesperson to join the team with experience working for a radio station or group with a understanding of sales, traffic, and billing systems. Excellent growth opportunity.
See Radio Careers

Sales and Marketing
Executive sought by rapidly growing participatory Television Company. Experience selling innovative programming to cable operators and programming executives across the United States with all aspects of the launch and rollout of a new program offering. Building a sales team and managing with their peers in the company. Prior relevant experience is a requirement. Competitive salary, benefits and stock options.
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