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Volume 22, Issue 235, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Friday Morning December 2nd, 2005

Radio News®

If you pay them, will they come?
After falling out of favor with Wall Street as growth stocks, public radio and TV companies have been trying to reposition themselves as a value proposition - - delivering big rewards to investors by using their cash flow for dividends and stock buybacks. Is it working? Not so far. In fact, the most dramatic move - - Citadel Broadcasting's move from no dividend to a whopping 5% yield (10/6/05 RBR #197) - - has done almost nothing to boost the stock price. Citadel's stock rose 26 cents to 13.66 the day the dividend was announced, but has been back below the pre-dividend price of 13.40 several times since then. It's well off its lows from mid-year, but nowhere near the 15.97 where it began this year, let alone its 19.00 IPO price.
View the chart.

Later this month we'll get a real test of growth vs. value investing. That's the whole reason for splitting Viacom into two companies. New Viacom, with its hot cable networks, is supposed to be the growth stock, while CBS will be the value stock, with a dividend yield that should be at least double the current 0.8% for Viacom.

RBR observation: It's almost unbelievable that you can buy Citadel stock for around 13.70 and get 72 cents a year in dividends - - and Wall Street isn't biting. A yield of 1.6-2% for CBS, depending on how post-split trading goes, isn't nearly as enticing. It will be interesting to see whether Sumner Redstone's gamble pays off. He could be left with a New Viacom that doesn't get valued any higher than the old Viacom - - and a CBS that drops even lower.

KKR kicking lots of tires
Not only is Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) in the hunt for ABC Radio - - apparently in league with Randy Michaels, no less (11/30/05 RBR #233) - - but the Wall Street Journal reports that KKR has also joined with two other firms to bid for Knight Ridder. But the WSJ also warns that the four billion required to buy out the public stockholders of the nation's second largest newspaper group may be prohibitive even for KKR, Providence Equity Partners and Blackstone Group.

RBR observation: At first glance, you'd think there'd be a crossownership problem at the FCC if KKR were to buy both Knight Ridder and ABC Radio. But since the KKR folks won't actually be running either company, they could easily set up structures that don't give them an attributable interest in the eyes of the FCC - - while still retaining a financial trigger to pull if it becomes necessary to toss out their management partner(s).

Infinity may sell, Clear Channel won't
"We do not have plans to divest," Clear Channel Radio CEO John Hogan told the Reuters Media and Advertising Summit in New York when asked if his company might sell off some of its stations. But soon-to-be CBS CEO Les Moonves took a different view. He said the company's Infinity Broadcasting might look at "trimming" some of its smaller markets. Viacom had previously shopped some of the Infinity stations, but put the effort on hold while working on its split into New Viacom and CBS, which will take place later this month. For some on Wall Street who'd been speculating that the big HD Radio announcement coming next Tuesday in New York from major radio groups might include a subscription radio component to compete head-to-head with satellite, Hogan seemed to set them straight. He said the subscription model doesn't make sense for radio - - and doubted that it will work in the long run for the satellite guys.

Watchdogs join forces to fight censorship
Representatives from TV Watch and the Creative Coalition seemingly came away from the Senate Commerce Committee's "Open Forum on Decency" with more than a transcript of their remarks. TV Watch's Jim Dyke and CC's Joey Pantoliano have announced an alliance to push TV Watch's "1-2-3 Safe TV" campaign, with CC's roster of 50 entertainers (headlined by Bill Cosby) chipping in. Pantoliano said, "Creative expression in America-whether it's a play about a national hero, a cartoon that lampoons politicians or a gritty TV drama-should never be subject to government approval. It's important for our freedoms that it stay that way." He added, "Parents should manage what their kids watch, not politicians. We don't need Washington making decisions for our families regarding what's playing in our living rooms." "The answer to the question of who should decide what programs kids watch on TV is parents," agreed Cosby. "And in homes where parents are not available to filter what children see, it is even more important that an adult use the tools that keep inappropriate programming from children. This is a form of protection."
| Creative Coalition members signing on with TV Watch |

When it's too low to count...
Readers who go through the RBR stock list each day with a fine-toothed comb may notice a slight change today. We've removed International Broadcasting Corporation from the list. The stock price for the company has recently fallen so low - - three tenths of a cent - - that it would correctly be rounded to a price of zero in our list. IBC announced last month (11/10/05 RBR #221) that it had received a 300K buyout bid, but there's been nothing further. Since then, the company issued an announcement that its programming was going to begin airing on Clear Channel's WTKS-FM Orlando, but retracted it four days later, admitting that it had no deal to put any of its programs on the station. IBC currently airs its programming on the Internet and in overnights on WWPR-AM Bradenton, FL, although the time-brokered station's website indicates that the time slots are available for sale. Another small AM which previously aired IBC programming has also listed the time slots as available and is apparently not broadcasting anything overnight. IBC CEO Daryn Fleming didn't return a phone call from RBR.

Connecticut approves
state-funded campaigns
The state of Connecticut is now "...a national leader on campaign finance reform," according to Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell, who plans to sign into law a sweeping reform bill. Statewide candidates who meet basic thresholds to demonstrate significant voter support will be able to tap into a campaign fund with about 17M annually. It also bars lobbyists, state contractors and state contractor wannabes from making campaign donations. Connecticut, which has a recent former governor in jail for cozying up too closely with contractors, is said to be the first state to adopt full state office funding by legislature - - others have partial funding, and two states - - Maine and Arizona - - which put similar systems into place via ballot initiatives. "Connecticut's action shows that while Washington, D.C. is consumed with its own corruption issues, many states are pressing forward with bold and courageous reforms," said Michael Waldman of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law. "This bill makes a number of significant strides ranging from public financing to direct restrictions on special-interest money. This action also shows that elected officials close to the ground understand that the public can and will support public financing." Added Common Cause President Chellie Pingree, "After being a poster child for scandal, Connecticut now has the chance to show the country a better way to limit the corrupting influence of money in political campaigns."

RBR observation: This is another election story which does not bear on broadcasters directly. Candidates need to come up with cash to run for office. Broadcasters who stand to collect a significant amount of that cash do not need to know where it came from. It would be somewhat of a concern if it suddenly reduced the amount of money politicians have to spend on broadcasting, but few if any new restrictions on fund-raising seem to have had that effect. That said, we'd say there is a very good chance this will end up in the courts at some point. Telling a lobbyist that he cannot spend his money to promote the candidate of his choice is a restriction of his free speech. The courts have upheld the principal of limiting how much advertising speech one can purchase, but there is always the prospect that someone will test this to see if maybe it goes over the constitutional line.Nielsen expands NPM. Nielsen Media Research says it has completed phase one of its plan to double the size of its National People Meter (NPM) sample to 10,000. Phase one brought in 2,000 new households from outside the Local People Meter (LPM) markets. Phase two will be completed next year when all 10 of the LPM markets are integrated into the NPM sample. As it stands now, seven LPM markets are up and running and integrated into the NPM sample, for a nationwide total of 9,160 households. That will grow to around 13,000, when all 10 LPM markets are included, but due to weighting it will produce an NPM sample of approximately 10,000.


Nielsen Monitor-Plus: U.S. ad spending
up 4.5% through Q3

Ad spend through Q3 rose 4.5% over the same period last year, due to gains across major media, according to preliminary from Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Ad spending increased in almost all reported media, led by Internet, Spanish-Language TV and Cable TV. Local Magazines continue to show healthy gains. A number of media haven't shown much movement through the third quarter including Spot TV in the smaller markets, Local Newspapers, and Network Radio. Coupons were flat. "Network TV showed positive growth through the first half of 2005. However, the absence of the Olympics in third quarter resulted in a year-to-date decline," said Jeff King, managing director of Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The increase in Spot TV in the top 100 markets was a result of growth in the automotive, retail, and insurance/real estate industries.
| View the Numbers |

Lucent builds new agency lineup
to lead worldwide advertising

GlobalWorks Group was named worldwide creative advertising agency of record by Lucent Technologies, Yuri Radzievsky, agency president, announced. GlobalWorks is Lucent's lead agency for strategy, creative development, brand communications and language management on a worldwide basis. GlobalWorks has teamed with Carat Group for planning and buying and with ICP - International Co-Production - for through-the-line campaign implementation and global brand asset and production management. "The appointment of GlobalWorks represents a more streamlined approach to global advertising for Lucent," said Mark Miller, Lucent's senior manger, group communications and marketing. "This approach is designed to give us more flexible partner relationships and a more cost-effective vendor model. We believe that by leveraging the unique capabilities of each agency, we will strengthen the Lucent brand worldwide." "Our mandate is to reinforce how Lucent is making true convergence a reality by enabling truly simple, truly seamless communications experiences for the end-user," Radzievsky said. "We're all living and running around with four or five pieces of gear, which reflects today's digital lifestyle and work style...and the advertising will focus on how Lucent will bring real harmony to what until now has been an ever growing vortex of communications chaos." The integrated advertising campaign is being deployed globally, with market-specific initiatives.

Kenneth Cole launches "We All Have AIDS" PSA
Kenneth Cole, in conjunction with KNOW HIV/AIDS, a joint public education initiative of Viacom and the Kaiser Family Foundation, unveiled the "We All Have AIDS" campaign, which brings together key entertainment, political, social and scientific leaders in an effort to foster needed solidarity and to bring light to the devastating stigma associated with those living today with HIV/AIDS. The goal is to encourage millions to learn more, protect themselves, get tested and find treatment. The effort includes an arresting photograph with a message about stigma that will be seen and heard by hundreds of millions via newspaper, magazines, radio and outdoor PSAs, along with a new dedicated website, a t-shirt initiative and public art installation. The tag reads, "We All Have AIDS ... If One Of Us Does." In the print and outdoor ads, the tag is written across a photograph taken by renowned photographer Mark Seliger. Among those pictured are President Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Elton John, Alicia Keys, Will Smith, Sharon Stone and Elizabeth Taylor, all of whom are shown stepping into cement, representing their commitment to the global fight against HIV/AIDS. The outdoor PSAs are running across Viacom's outdoor properties, including billboard, bus and bus shelter advertising faces in the nation's largest markets. Radio spots feature Richard Gere, Barry Manilow, Ben McKenzie, Liza Minnelli, Julianne Moore, Natasha Richardson and Mena Suvari, among others, who read the "We All Have AIDS" tag aloud. These spots will air on a number of Viacom's 179 Infinity stations. In addition, the "We All Have AIDS" print PSAs are already scheduled to run in about 200 publications internationally, including Vogue, French Vogue, Vanity Fair, Bell' Italia, Luna, InStyle, InStyle Spain, The New Yorker, The Sunday Telegraph, Elle Belgique, Men's Journal, Out, Us Weekly, Time, People, Rolling Stone and many others. The six-page insert will also run on World AIDS Day in The New York Times, Boston Globe, and The Chicago Tribune.

Media Business Report
QUALCOMM and Verizon Wireless
to launch MediaFLO mobile TV

QUALCOMM, a developer and innovator of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and other advanced wireless technologies, and Verizon Wireless announced that QUALCOMM and its subsidiary MediaFLO are working together with Verizon to bring its customers real-time mobile video over the MediaFLO multicasting network in the United States. QUALCOMM and Verizon expect to launch mobile TV services over the MediaFLO network in approximately half of the markets already covered by Verizon Wireless' CDMA2000 1xEV-DO-based broadband network, enabling Verizon Wireless to offer real-time mobile TV services of unprecedented quality to its subscribers. "Using the MediaFLO technology and network, Verizon Wireless will be able to offer its customers a real-time TV-like experience on their wireless phones unlike anything available on the market today," said Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO, QUALCOMM. "With the MediaFLO network, we have developed a wireless multicasting solution that will offer high-value, high-quality branded content at an affordable cost to service providers."

Fandango and TiVo
to launch TV application
for movie info, ticketing

"Fandango," the first major online movie information and ticketing service is now available via DVR in a deal with TiVo. With Fandango's first set-top box application, consumers will be able to access movie information and purchase movie tickets from their living rooms via their TiVo Series2 DVRs connected to their broadband home network.

At launch, the Fandango service will offer TiVo subscribers:
* Comprehensive movie information, including showtimes for all movies;
* Comprehensive theater information with quick access to a personalized list of favorite locations;
* The ability to purchase tickets for new movies, sortable by "Now in Theaters", "Opening This Week", "Coming Soon" and "Top Box Office."

"This alliance furthers our goal of ubiquitous consumer access," said Art Levitt, Fandango CEO. "Fandango's service on TiVo DVRs represents our fourth interactive platform: set-top boxes. We are already the leaders in movie ticketing on the Web, phone and mobile -- and with our new TiVo collaboration, we are thrilled to offer movie ticketing via TV sets. With advance tickets already on sale for upcoming films such as The Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong, we expect our new feature to be a big hit."

Media Markets & MoneyTM
Triad makes a bigger play in Peoria
David Benjamin's Triad Broadcasting is going from three to six stations in Peoria IL, getting a pair of FMs from AAA Entertainment in a deal brokered by Media Venture Partners. The stations coming in are Country WXCL-FM and Classic Hits WDQX-FM. They join AC WSWT-FM, Oldies WPBG-FM, News-Talk WMBD-AM and Classic Country WIRL-AM. Management of the new stations will be assumed by Triad's SVP Mike Wild. Terms of the transaction were not revealed.

Close encounter in Ft. Wayne
Non-profit Redeemer Radio Group is the proud new owner of WLYV-AM in Ft. Wayne IN. The seller was Jon Yinger's Christian Broadcasting System. According to broker John Pierce, Yinger collected 675K cash and a 15K tax receipt.

Washington Beat
Better faithfully maintain that file
WYRV-AM Cedar Bluff, VA licensee Faith Christian Music Broadcast Ministries Inc. was hit with a 3K fine relating to omissions in its public file. Specifically, since acquiring the station, via "misunderstanding by station management," it has failed to include issues/programs lists. Faith tried many tacks as it attempted to wriggle out of the fine besides the misunderstanding plea. It said the fine was too high compared to other standard fines for what it deemed more serious infractions - - the FCC didn't agree with that. It also argued that no harm was done because "the public has no interest whatsoever in the content of radio stations issues and programs lists." The FCC also disagreed with that one. The small rural operator was able to plead poverty successfully, alongside an overall record of compliance with FCC rules and regs, and was rewarded with a reduction down to 500 dollars.

Infinity to air
World AIDS Day program

In observance of World AIDS Day, Infinity stations will present a special program on 12/3 or 12/4 featuring an interview with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in which he discusses the global impact of HIV/AIDS and the fight to eradicate the disease. MTV News senior correspondent John Norris, in conjunction with Viacom's KNOW HIV/AIDS initiative, will host the 30-minute public affairs show focusing on the current state of the world's AIDS crisis and progress that has been made. The special can also be heard at, and MTV News will broadcast a special segment excerpted from the interview, which will also be available on demand on MTV Overdrive, MTV's new broadband network. MTV Radio will offer the interview to all MTV Radio Network affiliates nationwide, and a transcript will also be posted at

David Stein joins Sporting News Radio
Sporting News Radio announced the debut "The David Stein Show, which will air weekdays 2am-6am ET/11pm-3am PT and premiere 12/5. The show will be heard across the country and in Top 10 markets including, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Boston and Houston. Prior to joining Sporting News Radio, Stein hosted the morning show on FOX Sports Radio. Stein previously hosted "On the Line with David Stein," featuring sports, pop culture, and current events, heard nationally on Talk America Radio Network. He also currently hosts World Poker Tour Radio on XM Satellite Radio.

Springhill Syndication launches
the Dream Doctor Weekend Show

Springhill Syndication has launched a weekend version of the "Dream Doctor Show," which discusses dreams and how their meaning can help us make better decisions in our lives. Formatted for both News/talk and music stations, the Dream Doctor Weekend Show hosted by Charles McPhee is satellite-delivered via Jones StarGuide on Saturday nights from 10pm-3am (ET). Each of the five hours is unique, culled from the best of the weekday show. Stations can opt to run 3-5 hours at any time during the weekend. Among the first stations to carry the show are KZLA-FM Los Angeles, WTIC-AM Hartford, KUTR-AM Salt Lake City and KNUU-AM Las Vegas.

RBR Stats
Auto sales still disappointing in November
Auto sales rose in November compared to a dismal October, but the results were still disappointing to automakers who introduced a flurry of discounts to lure buyers to showrooms. Ford's U.S. sales fell 15%, the third straight month of a double-digit drop in results for the company. DaimlerChrysler sales slipped 3%, while results for the Chrysler Group brands, also dropped 3%, reported The Detroit Free Press. GM sales, even with the "Red Tag" promotion, were down 11% from last November, with truck and SUV sales down 17%. The industry last month recorded its worst October in 13 years. Land Rover was the only one of Ford's six brands to increase sales in November. Ford's dismal November follows a drop of 26.1% in October and 20.1% in September. Sales of Ford's traditional SUVs, like the Explorer, again posted sharply lower results from last year's levels. Sales of SUVs, pickups and minivans for Ford's six brands dropped a combined 17.9%.

2.2M KUKI AM & FM, KLLK-AM & KDAC-AM Ukiah CA (Ukiah, Willits, Ft. Bragg CA) from MBU Licensee LLC, a subsidiary of Moon Broadcasting Ukiah LLC (Abel de Luna) to Bicoastal Media LLC (Kenneth R. Dennis, Michael R. Wilson, Kevin P. Mostyn, Paul Moses, Brian J. Parente). 110K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Includes non-compete. Superduopoly with KXBX AM & FM/KNTI-FM Lakeport CA, KQPM-FM Ukiah CA. LMA 10/1/05. [File date 11/8/05.]

36K KITG-FM CP Gonzales TX from Maranatha Church of Laredo Inc. (Israel Tellez) to Educational Media Foundation (Richard Jenkins). Buyer has loaned 36K to seller, and will forgive debt at closing. CP is for Class A on 88.1 mHz with 5 kw @ 328'. [File date 11/4/05.]

Stock Talk
Happy days are here again...
Stock prices jumped as the Commerce Department reported that consumer prices rose only 0.1% in October, cooling fears of inflation. The Dow Industrials rose 107 points, or 1%, to 10,913.

Radio stocks rode the wave. The Radio Index gained 0.860, or 0.5%, to 190.773. Arbitron was the star, up 2.9%. Entercom rose 2.7%.

Radio Stocks

Here's how stocks fared on Thursday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change













Journal Comm.




Citadel CDL
13.78 +0.30

Radio One, Cl. A




Clear Channel




Radio One, Cl. D




Cox Radio












Saga Commun.








Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.
















Viacom, Cl. A








Viacom, Cl. B








Westwood One








XM Sat. Radio





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If the most imaginative thing that the NAB can do to promote radio is to say that it is free (12/01/05 RBR #234)... then we have hit the mother of all walls.

When we started up a radio station and aimed directly at the leading format competitor, our hope was that the competitor would acknowledge us (we did what we could to egg them on). The smarter stations would ignore us and promote themselves. We are now in the same situation and our choice of tactics is to either ignore a new competitor and promote ourselves or promote them. Apparently, the NAB has chosen the latter. Take the current batch of NAB commercials promoting radio. If free radio was "the new kid on the block" these commercials would make sense, but all we are doing is bringing more awareness to satellite programming. Think about it. You are listening to your favorite radio station, your mind is a zillion miles away from XM or Sirius and suddenly a commercial comes on reminding you that radio has a competitor. I just don't "get it."

Fran Maze


Market Results
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Below the Fold

Ad Biz
Nielsen Monitor-Plus
U.S. ad spending up 4.5% through Q3 over the same period last year...

Media Business Report
QUALCOMM and Verizon Wireless

To launch MediaFLO mobile TV...

RBR Stats
Auto still disappointing
In November compared to a dismal October...

Media Markets & Money
Triad makes a bigger play in Peoria
Going from three to six stations...

Radio Media Moves

Quinn upped at Infinity
After six years of programming KYXY-FM San Diego, Charlie Quinn is taking on nationwide responsibilities for Infinity as Vice President, AC Format. He'll continue to be Operations Manager for KYXY and KSCF-FM San Diego. As format VP, Quinn succeeds Smokey Rivers, who left the company in October.

Two become Connoisseurs
Connoisseur Media named market managers for two markets where it is preparing to launch new stations. Bonnie Nielsen, who comes from Renda Broadcasting, will head the Huntington, WV-Ashland, KY operation. Michael Schutta, previously with Pittman Broadcasting services, will head Billings, MT for Connoisseur.

More News Headlines

Cardon Walker
dead at 89

E. Cardon "Card" Walker, who ran The Walt Disney Company from 1971-1983, died at his home in California on Monday at age 89. Walker started in the Disney mailroom in 1938 and worked his way up to become President in 1971, following the death of co-founder Roy O. Disney, brother of Walt. During the time Walker ran the company it launched the Disney Channel and developed Tokyo Disneyland and EPCOT at Walt Disney World.

Mazda now offering Sirius as option
Sirius Satellite Radio announced that Mazda is now offering Sirius as a port-installed option on 2006 model year MAZDA3, MAZDA6, RX-8 MPV. Tribute, MAZDA5 and MX-5 Miata. Mazda is offering the port-installed Sirius system for an MSRP of 430 dollars, which includes the first six months of service.

December '05 RBR/TVBR Solutions Magazine

As a Professional courtesy and your convenience we have produced our December Solutions Magazine in PDF Format to Save on your Desk Top to archive. This requires version 6.0 or later of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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RBR Radar 2005
Radio News you won't read any where else. RBR--First, Accurate, and Independently Owned.

October no treat for radio
Crystal ball gazers had been predicting that October would be a tough month for radio and Bingo - they were correct. RBR observation: Can this really all be blamed on the political category? The other big factor, of course, is Clear Channel's Less is More initiative, which has the industry giant lagging the rest of radio as it works to get its house back in order. In other words - So Goes Clear Channel so goes the business. Start to think independently and stop following a so-called leader. If not it will not be any better next year.
12/01/05 RBR #234

Think Radio has problems; Hearst-Argyle CBS comp to end
Renewed the affiliation agreements for its two CBS affiliates but the comp is gone. Now figure out how to replace that extra 1 million yearly. TVBR observation: Glad this is on the record as next phase could be reverse compensation - like the affiliates paying the networks for their content. Do not be surprised at this statement as Content is King. TV is going through pains as radio has over the past few years and this pain will not end in the near future.
12/01/05 TVBR #234

Senate decency bill
literally put on hold
Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-AK) said some think it goes too far, others not far enough. Given that concern was coming from two opposite directions, Stevens did not think he had the 60 votes necessary to force action. RBR observation: We call it Beltway BS. 11/30/05 RBR #233

Reese makes the case
for broadcasters
Bruce Reese took exception to the apparently widespread belief that broadcasters are filling the airwaves with filth. "To begin," he said, "it may be useful to remember that the vast majority of broadcasters have never had the FCC take any action against them on the indecency issue." Read Reese's full testimony here
11/30/05 RBR #233

Wide open "Open Forum
on Decency"
A lot of ideas were put forth at the special session of the Seante Commerce Committee put together by Chairman Ted Stevens (R-AK). While it can probably be said that all in attendance believe that it is important to protect children from objectionable material that is pretty much where the consensus ended. Comments on decency read here
11/30/05 RBR #233

A closer look at
Spitzer's payola case
Indicated that radio groups are his next target, saying the improper transactions have to have two sides. But does Spitzer have any legal basis to go after radio station owners?
RBR observation: Has Spitzer provided a "mountain of evidence" of widespread payola violations, as claimed by FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein? Or is it more a mole hill, with a mountain of garbage piled on to help a hard-driving politician grab headlines? We see even less hard evidence of payola in the Warner settlement than in the Sony BMG one and that wasn't much.
11/29/05 RBR #232

"Black Friday"
weekend spend up 5 billion
NRF survey conducted by BIGResearch found the average shopper spent 302.81 dollars, 14.2% higher than their 04 survey average of 265.15 dollars. ShopperTrak RCT Corp., which tracks sales at 45,000 retail outlets, the overall sales on Black Friday itself were relatively unchanged compared to a year ago but Its data is mostly concentrated on shopping mall retailer traffic. So RBR/TVBR goes with BigResearch since most of the traffic measured went to the non-mall retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy who had heavy promotions.
RBR observation: It isn't over yet, not by a long shot. Only one in 13 consumers has finished their holiday shopping. Local Account Execs should bring these numbers in hand and recommend to clients that shopping malls/mall merchant associations do some additional advertising and promotions to drive shopper traffic. See the data and demos here
11/28/05 RBR #231

Account Executive - Suburban, NYC
It is Star 99.1, NYC's only Contemporary Christian music station. We look for overachievers with significant radio sales experience and offer base salary, commission, benefits and a positive environment. Giving you the tools to do your job to succeed. See Radio Careers

Regional Sales Director
WideOrbit, the broadcast television industry's leading traffic, sales, and billing software solution has expanded into Radio. Looking for the right salesperson to join the team with experience working for a radio station or group with a understanding of sales, traffic, and billing systems. Excellent growth opportunity.
See Radio Careers

Sales and Marketing
Executive sought by rapidly growing participatory Television Company. Experience selling innovative programming to cable operators and programming executives across the United States with all aspects of the launch and rollout of a new program offering. Building a sales team and managing with their peers in the company. Prior relevant experience is a requirement. Competitive salary, benefits and stock options.
See TV Careers

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