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Volume 24, Issue 75, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Tuesday Morning April 17th, 2007
NAB2007 coverage from Las Vegas
Google chief wants to
partner with broadcasters

CEO Eric Schmidt sought to dispel ideas that Google poses a threat to broadcasters as he spoke before the NAB2007 convention in Las Vegas. Speaking just a few hours after announcing a major deal for Google to sell radio ad inventory for Clear Channel Radio, Schmidt called it the "defining deal for our radio business." Rather than competing with traditional radio ad sales organizations, Schmidt said Google's business model is not to target traditional radio advertisers or replace radio sales staffs, but rather to bring new advertisers to radio. "It should result ion significantly more revenue for Clear Channel," he said. Noting that radio and television have seen rather flat ad revenues of late, Schmidt insisted that Google's advertising business can ad to the success of the radio and TV businesses worldwide. How much of Clear Channel's radio inventory will Google be selling? Schmidt said it will initially be about 5% of the inventory, but could increase under the agreement based on success. Former NBC News anchor John Seigenthaler, who interviewed Schmidt before a packed hall, also asked him about the billion bucks lawsuit that Viacom has filed against Google and its YouTube subsidiary over alleged copyright violations. Schmidt insisted that his company had fully complied with the law and taken down Viacom clips when notified. He said Google is developing Claim Your Content (CYC) tools which will let copyright holders identify their content so that it can be identified by computer matching and automatically taken down. "We are very close to turning this on," he said. Schmidt said he objected to Tribune Company director Sam Zell using the word "stealing" to refer to how Google indexes newspaper content. The Google CEO said his company wants partnerships with newspapers and has the potential to help newspapers develop new revenues to counter the revenues they are losing to the Internet, particularly in classifieds.

Peacock Returns
NAB President and CEO David Rehr appeared to be "proud as a peacock" as he began his opening session speech yesterday at NAB2007 in Las Vegas, saying he had "really big news to announce. And it was big. NBC Universal has rejoined the association and Jay Ireland, President of NBC Universal Television Stations and Network Operations, was sitting in the front row as Rehr welcomed NBC back to the NAB. It is the second of the big four networks to come back to NAB, following Disney/ABC. All had quit NAB in a split between networks and affiliates over TV station national ownership limits. In his second address to the annual convention, Rehr declared that the past year had been "phase one," listening the hopes and fears of NAB members and putting his staff in place, including a strong bipartisan staff to deal with lawmakers. "I believe we have our internal house in order for the next phase, phase two," Rehr said. He said NAB will be more aggressive and will use new vocabulary to demonstrate the current relevance of radio and television, but with renewed emphasis on one old word - local, to point up the importance of service by broadcasters to their local communities. He vowed to redefine the argument over DTV must-carry so cable MSOs can't get away with claiming that being required to carry multicast channels forces them to displace other channels that consumers would want. Rather, he said, the cable companies want to strip out some of the content from broadcasters and deny it to their subscribers. "The NAB is anti-stripping," he declared. Meanwhile, on the radio side, Rehr declared that HD Radio is taking off, in part because IBOC has been replaced by a name that consumers can understand.

RBR observation: Two down, two to go. We've noted before that reuniting the broadcasting industry to speak with one voice in Washington has been a top priority since Rehr took his job. That will be to the benefit of the networks and all other broadcasters.

Tate calls for diversity
FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate (R) applauded Clear Channel for conducting a fly-in for female and minority candidates to prepare to bid on the stations that the company was divesting. And she noted that Citadel is preparing to do the same for the radio stations it is preparing to divest. Speaking at the annual Garvey Schubert Barer breakfast in Las Vegas, Tate also called for greater efforts to put more women and minorities in the management pipeline. "Nobody is going to invest in someone who hasn't had the experience," she noted. Tate had good news for small AM stations, indicating that she places a high priority on approving new rules to allow AMs to use FM translators. "I hope that will help a lot of small businesses," Tate said.

Notes from Las Vegas:
*US Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) announced that she is introducing the Broadcasters As First Responders Act, with Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) as co-sponsor - "so you will be on the list to get food, water and fuel" in an emergency. Landrieu said police and military officials had told her that they would not have been able to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina without the efforts of local broadcasters.

*Charles Morgan, former Sr. VP of Engineering at Susquehanna Radio, has retired as chairman of the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) co-sponsored by NAB and the Consumer Electronics Association, but will remain active on the committee. The new chairman of NRSC is Milford Smith, VP of Radio Engineering for Greater Media.

*NAB is calling for local TV broadcasters to help conduct 8,000 local events to inform the public about the DTV conversion coming in 2009. Making its debut at NAB2007 with the "Digit Dasher," a promotional vehicle which will be touring the country to inform people about the big change coming to television.

*At the NAB Television Luncheon, PostNewsweek Stations President Alan Frank informed NAB attendees who might not have been up-to-date on news developments of the tragic shootings in Blacksburg, VA. "It is at times like this we are reminded of what this business is all about," Frank said.

Radio News ®

CC Radio signs Google
for ad inventory

Well, after months of rumor on the matter (1/12/07 RBR #8), Google and Clear Channel Radio announced a multi-year relationship that enables Google to sell guaranteed :30- second ad inventory on more than 675 of Clear Channel's stations. CC pre-sold about 200 million of ad time to Google for each of the next three years. :30's account for about one-third of CC Radio's total inventory. The ad inventory made available through the deal represents about 5% of its total. These stations are in 85 of the top 100 markets and reach 90% of the US population P12+. The move adds to an existing online ad partnership in which Google provides text ads to CC's radio station websites. For Google, Audio Ads advertisers now have increased distribution through premium radio properties across all regions of the United States, enabling them to reach specific audiences, at specific times, in targeted geographies. For Clear Channel, this agreement opens up an additional sales channel and provides supplemental revenue by making Clear Channel inventory available to advertisers who previously had not used radio. Addressing the industry worries of commoditizing radio inventory, CC says its national and local sales forces will continue to focus on the company's most lucrative advertiser relationships, and on the many advertisers who seek specialized advertising packages and concepts. Google will focus primarily on advertisers who currently run ads online but do not run ads on radio. For CC, the move is part of a larger initiative to differentiate its on-air ad inventory. The company created a number of special positions (such as first-in-pod and islands), new and spot types (adlets and blinks) and creative resources (the Creative Services Group). Using its Viero System, the company already enables sales managers and sellers to dynamically evaluate and price inventory.

Hogan to all GMs: Google is "another step in us transforming our business"
An RBR source delivered an email to us from CC Radio CEO John Hogan, which was sent to all GMs and radio operating management.
| Read part of it here |

Clear Channel Radio/Google
PR Key Messages and FAQ

Key Messages: The relationship brings together two consumer focused market leaders whose goal is to extend relevant, engaging and measurable radio advertising capabilities to Google's online advertisers. Provides Google Audio Ads advertisers increased distribution through guaranteed advertising inventory on all core Clear Channel radio stations across all regions of the United States, enabling them to reach specific audiences, at specific times, in targeted geographies. Clear Channel Radio now has access to Google's large advertiser base which includes advertisers who previously did not advertise on Clear Channel Radio stations thus opening a new sales channel and generating a supplemental revenue opportunity. The relationship provides Google Audio Ad advertisers full transparency into their radio campaigns with the accountability, measurability and efficiency typical in their online campaign management. Clear Channel Radio will continue to develop, manage and service advertiser and advertising agency relationships through its traditional channels. Google will provide an automated, measurable radio advertising option for its advertisers through the same existing channels it sells audio inventory today.
| Read the FAQs |

RBR Observation: Although most of the inventory being given to Google reportedly is remnant, a Wall Street Journal article indicated that some of spots being given to Google include prime morning drive time. However, as noted in Hogan's email, advertisers can buy specific markets and demos, but not specific stations. Advertisers that wish to buy specific still have to go through the regular channels.

For Clear Channel deal, it's the week to tweak
Clear Channel has already delayed its shareholder vote on the 37.60/share plan to take the company private by a month, and with the new Thursday 4/19/07 vote coming up fast, the would-be buyers are looking for ways to sweeten the deal, but apparently without making any adjustments to the per-share offer. The bone of contention has been the belief by many institutional investors with a stake in the media giant that the price being offered is too low. Analysts such as Institutional Shareholder Services, which recommended a no vote back on 3/11/07, have supported this belief. However, according to a Reuters report, potential buyers Thomas H. Lee and Bain Capital do not see as rosy a future for the radio business as do some analysts. The answer it is looking at is to offer current shareholders an ongoing stake in the company after the transfer is accepted, giving them the chance to cash in on the improvement they expect from the company. Reuters says discussions are under way, and a slight pricing tweak may yet be a possibility.

CRB denies request for re-hearing
The Copyright Royalty Board, the three judge autocratic panel responsible for the 3/2 ruling that set webcast performance royalties at ridiculously increased rates, has denied all motions for rehearing of the ruling (RBR 3/21/07 #56). CRB said the motions introduced no new evidence and were "legally insufficient." No additional information surrounding the new rates and minimum 500 dollar fee per channel ruling was given.

RBR observation: Again, where is NAB on this? There's a whole convention right now in Las Vegas that could be rallying folks against these rulings, but apparently that's not in the larger agenda. Who is the CRB really working for, that's the question of the day. Obviously these greedy, uneducated rate metrics will have to be appealed to some higher body in the chain. The new model, meanwhile, will be any new bands that want their music heard on the net will just have to remain unsigned. Bruce Reese, Bonneville CEO, may have the answer: | listen here | As well, there are plenty of Canadian and UK webcasters folks will be able to find after all of the US webcast industry has been decimated.

Zogby poll finds Americans open to new platforms
We remember our grandmother in rural Pennsylvania had cable before most people even knew what it was, and back in those days, broadcasters no doubt scoffed at the idea that the vast majority of Americans would one day prefer getting their programming over a wire rather than off the air. But all that has changed, and nowadays, it appears that broadcast, cable and satellite delivery platforms need to keep an eye on the rearview mirror as new platforms begin to move in. Redback Media commissioned pollster Zogby to get some facts, and it found that if content is the same or comparable, citizens are already prepared to switch their delivery platform to the Internet or to mobile devices such as two-way video cell phones. 53% would gladly replace cable or satellite with broadband TV of equal quality, and 88% think video cells will be widely available within five years. 64% would put mobile television in their cars to run kidvid. There is some pushback, however. 74% believe Internet video may be tougher for parents to police; 75% find it rude to peck away on a Blackberry or similar device in a restaurant or at a meeting, and 80% want laws on the books to prevent watching cell phone TV while driving.

RBR observation: We've already had the chilling experience of passing a car on major eastern seaboard corridor I-95 in which the driver was working on a laptop placed on the passenger seat. He did not appear to have an eyeball in his left ear to use for keeping tabs on the highway, so we cleared out of his general zone of operation just as swiftly as possible. Neither are we thrilled about being passive participants in cell phone conversations at every turn, particularly among those driving near us. It looks like cell TVs are inevitable, but we admit we are not particularly looking forward to ubiquitous video, particularly among the nation's drivers.

Ad Business Report TM

Agency reaction to Google-CC deal
Soothsayer Rich Russo, JL Media's SVP/Director of Broadcast Services, sort of called some of the details of the deal back in December (see page 6): "Maybe Clear Channel could cut a deal with Google for 20% of all of their inventory at 'rack rate' which Google can afford and will give Clear Channel a guaranteed up year because "rack rate" and selling of the rest of inventory at normal rates is a positive uptick no matter what happens to the industry. Google although overpaying at first, gets legitimate top tier inventory and gives their newly formed group something substantial to sell." Here's what Russo said about yesterday's deal "This has been rumored for months but actually with less inventory than originally thought. Obviously the impending sale may have had something to do with it. I think that was why it has been delayed so long. Expect others to follow suit. Overall this is a good thing, the more people selling the inventory thru different venues the better the chances of selling it all. I don't know how this affects traditional business or existing transactional business at this point. We will have to see the pitch from them in terms of what they have to offer just like we would any other seller of time."

BE creates Google AdSense plug-in for AudioVault
The timing is perfect, considering yesterday's announcement between CC Radio and Google for ad inventory-and the likely ensuing deals from other groups. Broadcast Electronics (BE) announced a collaborative effort with Google that will bring new ad revenue capability to one of the industry's largest installed base of digital media systems. Available immediately, Google's AdSense for Audio is being offered as a software plug-in for BE's AudioVAULT digital studio system that will automatically connect stations' available ad inventory with untapped ad dollars. "Because of our strong working relationship with BE and their support of AdSense for Audio, our advertisers are gaining access to new stations in additional markets and BE's customers are able to benefit from these new ad dollars," said Russell Ketchum, Business Product Manager for Google AdSense for Audio. "AdSense for Audio is about connecting Google's advertisers, a group largely new to radio, with radio stations in a way that's similar to what they're used to online."

SWMX reacts to Google/
Clear Channel announcement

In an email to all SoftWave Media Exchange (SWMX) department heads, SWMX COO Bill Figenshu discussed implications of the Google/ Clear Channel deal (see Radio News). Fig said the deal was actually good news for SWMX, stating the age of electronic revenue generation for radio is here and that Google's worldwide name will lend legitimacy to the medium. "90% of SWMX revenue for radio stations is NEW revenue," he explained. "If Google brings more money into radio, it's good for radio...Many Clear Channel stations receive revenue from SWMX. We expect it will continue! As long as SWMX provides revenue to ANY broadcaster, we will be doing our job...Overall, this looks like a classic network deal. No station choice, only 30's, limited availability, conflicting sales efforts. SWMX allows stations at receive revenue at any spot length. Whether the advertiser wants a :10, :30, :60, or 1:20 seconds, SWMX can deliver any length the client wants. SWMX can also deliver long form programming of any length. The advertiser on Google's network cannot choose the stations within the markets. This is a huge problem. This is why Google will remain a 'bulk' player in radio broadcasting. Radio stations spend all their programming resources on 'targeting' to specific audiences. If an advertiser can't pick specific stations, how will they be able to evaluate what is working, and what is not? Even if a campaign is successful, how would you know what works when you don't know the station it worked on?"

NAB Daytime Planner
The following will be attending the NAB.
Call or email to make your
appointment in advance.

Jacob J. Barker; Barker Capital Bellagio Hotel
(212) 332-4312 [email protected]

Peter H. Ottmar; Dover Capital Partners, LLC; office 401/723-1063 x103;
cell 401/639-4958; Bellagio Hotel; [email protected]

Brian Eick/Dave Meier/John Weller; Gladstone Capital; Bellagio Hotel;
Brian cell 847-612-3002, Dave cell 847-650-1735, John cell 509-496-3254; [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Todd Fowler/David Reeder; American Media Services; Bellagio Hotel; 843-972-2200; [email protected], [email protected]

Brian Cobb/ Denis LeClair /Dan Graves/Jack Higgins; Cobb Corp; Bellagio Hotel; 212-812-5020; [email protected]

Andy McClure/Erick Steinberg, The Exline Company, Bellagio Hotel, office 415-479-3484, cell 415-497-3855, [email protected]. [email protected]

Frank Boyle; Frank Boyle & Co.;
Imperial Palace;
203-969-2020; cell 203-249-7818; [email protected]

John L. Pierce/ Jamie Rasnick; John Pierce & Company LLC; office 859-647-0101, John cell 859-512-3015; Jamie cell 513-252-1186, Bellagio Hotel; [email protected]; [email protected]
Gordon Rice; Gordon Rice Associates;
843-884-3590; Bellagio Hotel; [email protected]

Dick Kozacko/George Kimble;
Kozacko Media Services; office 607-733-7138; cell 607-738-1219; Bellagio Hotel; [email protected], [email protected]

Media Services Group; Bellagio Hotel;

Elliot Evers/Greg Widroe/Brian Pryor/Patricia Carberry-Harris;
Media Venture Partners;
415-391-4877; Bellagio Hotel;
[email protected]

Brian Byrnes; Paramount Media
Advisors, Inc.; 312-396-4043;
cell 312-933-7559; Bellagio Hotel; [email protected]

Glenn Serafin; Serafin Bros., Inc.;
office 813-885-6060; cell 813-494-6875; Aladdin Hotel; [email protected]

Bill Schutz; Schutz & Company; Bellagio Hotel; 757-258-8740, cell 757-880-9251; [email protected]

Larry C. Wood; Wood & Company, Inc.; Alexis Park Hotel; Office: 513-528-7373; Cell: 513-225-5100; [email protected]

Gary Cavell, Richard Mertz, Michael Rhodes, Dan Ryson; Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc.; Main Office 703-392-9090; [email protected]

Media Markets & Money TM
I don't think we're in Kansas any more
That's what Mary Quass and NRG Media may be saying after striking a deal with a new radio ownership company that transfers 14 small market Kansas radio stations. The buyer is Rocking M Radio, headed by three members of the Miller family. The stations include KGNO-AM/KOLS-FM/KZRD-FM Dodge City, KXXX-AM/KQLS-FM Colby, KNNS-AM/KGTR-FM Larned, KSSH-FM Ingalls, KZLS-FM Great Bend, KILS-FM Minneapolis, KQNS-FM Lindsborg, KWLS-AM Pratt, and two more stations licensed to Waitt Omaha LLC - KYUU-AM/KSLS-FM Liberal KS. The pricetag is 4.75M cash. Rocking M is headed by Monte, Christopher and Doris Miller. The deal appears to clear out the Kansas portion of NRG's small market midwest portfolio.

Washington Media Business Report TM
Legal eagle's eye view of payola guidelines
The FCC's consent decrees with Entercom, Clear Channel, CBS Radio and Citadel were useful to all broadcasters in that it included concise guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable when radio is dealing with its friends in the music business. Here to deconstruct it for us is attorney Peter Gutmann of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC. As usual, the law firm reminds readers that these comments are advice only and are not to be used in an actual court of law.
| Gutmann commentary here |

Rockefeller gets support
in assault on violence

Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), pictured, has taken the baton from former Commerce Committee Chairman Fritz Hollings (D-SC) on the issue of broadcast violence. Hollings tried repeatedly to pass a law placing restrictions on violent program content, and now it looks like Rockefeller has a sympathetic individual in the Chairman's seat once again. Dan Inouye (D-HI) is manning the gavel in the Commerce Committee these days, and indicated last week that he would like to give Rockefeller's effort a chance to pass. According to National Journal's Congress Daily, he recognizes that any such bill would have to be tailored carefully to avoid First Amendment problems. Inouye told Congress Daily, "If we sit around and wait until we believe we have the perfect bill, in the meantime, thousands will be murdered from lessons they learn on television."

RBR observation: In its blog, watchdog Center for Creative Voices in Media threatened to wipe out the nation's supply of question marks and exclamation points when responding to Inouye's quote. There were five of the former and nine of the latter. CCVM asked, "Where in the world did he come up with that," and dipped back into the well for two more of each punctuation mark. We agree that Inouye managed to come up with one of the silliest statements we've read all year. And that's why the legislation is doomed to fail eventually, in the courts even if it ever gets out of the Committee. Restricting violence sounds good, but the practical hurdles are steep, by the wise design of our Founding Fathers. Inouye's frivolous and utterly insupportable comment is worthy of ridicule, and little else. We have an idea where he pulled his "statistics" from, but in the interest of political correctness and civility, we elect to keep our opinion to ourselves.

Entertainment Media Business Report TM
JMA ends ad sales deal with Air America
Jones MediaAmerica announced it will end its ad sales rep relationship with Air America Radio (AAR) effective 5/31. AAR and JMA have had the partnership since the inception of AAR in 2004. Gary Schonfeld, President of JMA says, "We wish the new ownership of Air America the best of luck, and we will continue to provide AAR quality sales representation until that date."

Ratings & Research
Iceland selects PPM to measure both radio and television
Arbitron announced leading broadcasters in Iceland have selected the Arbitron Portable People Meter system as the audience measurement currency system for both radio and television. This makes Iceland the first country to take full advantage of the PPM system's multimedia measurement capabilities. The six-year contract was awarded to the Reykjavik-based research and consulting firm Capacent, supported by TNS Norway. TNS already provides currency measurement for the radio industry in Norway using the PPM and has licensed the use of the PPM system to Capacent. TNS will support the set-up and ongoing running of the audience measurement panel by Capacent. The contract with Iceland's major TV and radio broadcasters was awarded through a competitive RFP for electronic audience measurement. The PPM technology, which was evaluated in field trial in Iceland, was selected over a "wristwatch meter" system proposed by Swiss-based Telecontrol, a GfK subsidiary. This announcement continues a highly successful phase in the adoption of PPM on a commercial basis around the world. PPM was first used in a commercial audience measurement panel for VRT in Belgium, tracking TV and radio since 2003. The PPM system has been used for TV currency ratings in Montreal and Quebec since 2004. In 2006, PPM was adopted as radio currency in Norway and as TV currency in Kazakhstan.

Engineering Business Report TM
Low cost HD Radio announced at NAB
Radiosophy announced a new HD Radio receiver at NAB2007 scheduled to begin shipping in May. The HD100 is a fully-featured entry-level HD Radio which will retail for 119.95. For a limited time, Radiosophy is offering the HD100 at an introductory price of 99.95. To take advantage of this special offer, orders must be placed by 6/30. The HD100 radio can be purchased online at or by calling 1-877-4HD-RADIO (443-7234). The HD100 features a line-in input which allows users to play MP3 and other audio devices through the radio speakers. Also, the receiver has a "scan HD" feature allowing the tuner to scan only for HD Radio stations in the listening area. As soon as the radio detects a digital station, an indicator light blinks until the receiver locks on that station. A "scan all" feature lets users scan for both analog and HD stations. Radiosophy is displaying the HD100 radio in two different locations at NAB in Las Vegas. Attendees can see it at the Nautel booth (N8111) and the Harris booth (N2502.)

375K KWHI-FM Hilo HI from Aloha Radio Group LLC (Frank Hooton) to Parrott Broadcasting LP (Scott D. Parker). 20K escros, 80K cash at closing, 275K note due in one year. silent by STA from 9/7/06 to 3/7/07. [File date 3/26/07.]

225K WURP-AM Pittsburgh PA (Braddock PA) from Urban Radio of Pennsylvania LLC, a subsidiary of Inner City Broadcasting Corporation (Pierre M. Sutton) to WURP East Inc., a subsidiary of BusinessTalkRadioNet.Inc. (B. Michael Pisani, Frank Lazauskas, Michael Metter, William Purcell). 11,250 escrow, balance in cash at closing. Holds CP to move city of license to Reserve Township. LMA 4/16/07. [File date 3/26/07.]

Stock Talk
Q1 season kicking off in earnest
The stock market decided to take an optimistic view of the quarterly result season (with Q1 results for most, depending on each company's internal calender). Even though profits are expected to be slimmer in many quarters, other reports show consumers are primed to do what they do best - consume. We are pleased to report that most broadcast stocks were able to catch the wave.

Radio Stocks

Here's how stocks fared on Monday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change













Journal Comm.







Lincoln Natl.







Radio One, Cl. A




Citadel CDL
9.73 +0.07

Radio One, Cl. D




Clear Channel








Cox Radio




Saga Commun.








Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.
















Westwood One








XM Sat. Radio





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Imus, Imus, Imus
Imus only said what has always been in his Heart/Soul. The remark was not a written piece, but came from the Imus psyche. It was degrading, hurtful and IGNORANT. While his remarks were right up there in being All-Time Bad, it simply reflects the state of the broadcast industry.

In early 2006, I suffered a back injury and became acquainted with Imus show while recovering. The show is most of the time funny, quick and counter to the prevailing conventional wisdom of the broadcast industry. For instance Imus was willing to take on the hypocrisy of the political establishment on either side, this is what attracted me to this show. The larger issues are not being addressed. Here are a few.

The Imus shows on MSNBC & WFAN are lily white. Imus lives in a big white bubble. 99% of his music guests are white (Speaks Volumes). Would he have made these remarks if he had any interaction with African-Americans on regular basis? Maybe so, but if he had any front of mind awareness of the feelings of others who are not white & male, I doubt he would have.

| Read the Full Response |

Andre Washington
SouthWest Media Group, Dallas

Below the Fold
Ad Business Report
Agency reaction
To Google-CC deal Rich Russo, JL Media sort of called some of the details of the deal back in December...

Media Markets & Money
Don't think we're in Kansas
That's what Mary Quass and NRG Media may be saying...

Washington Media Business Report
Legal eagle's eye view
Of payola guidelines, to deconstruct it for us is attorney Peter Gutmann...

Engineering Business Report
Low cost HD Radio
New HD Radio receiver, HD100 shipping in May...

Ratings & Research
Iceland selects PPM
To measure both radio & television...

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More News Headlines

Google to buy DoubleClick
Google announced Friday an agreement to acquire DoubleClick for 3.1 billion in cash from San Francisco-based private equity firm Hellman & Friedman along with JMI Equity and management. The acquisition will combine DoubleClick's expertise in ad management technology for media buyers and sellers with Google's leading advertising platform and publisher monetization services. The combination of Google and DoubleClick will offer superior tools for targeting, serving and analyzing online ads of all types, significantly benefiting customers and consumers: For users, the combined company will deliver an improved experience on the web, by increasing the relevancy and the quality of the ads they see. For online publishers, the combination provides access to new advertisers, which creates a powerful opportunity to monetize their inventory more efficiently. For agencies and advertisers, Google and DoubleClick will provide an easy and efficient way to manage both search and display ads in one place. They will be able to optimize their ad spending across different online media using a common set of metrics. "It has been our vision to make Internet advertising better - less intrusive, more effective, and more useful. Together with DoubleClick, Google will make the Internet more efficient for end users, advertisers, and publishers," said Sergey Brin, Co-Founder & President, Google Technology. "DoubleClick's technology is widely adopted by leading advertisers, publishers and agencies, and the combination of the two companies will accelerate the adoption of Google's innovative advances in display advertising," said Eric Schmidt, Google CEO. Both companies have approved the transaction, which is subject to customary closing conditions, and is expected to close by the end of the year.

VIERO transACT incorporates AdSense
for Audio by Google

Following the announcement between Google and CC Radio for ad inventory (see Radio News), CC Radio's LAN International and Google also announced Viero Systems full AdSense for Audio compatibility. LAN announced at NAB2007 it will offer to the radio industry VIERO transACT, a solution for exposing available inventory to an expanded pool of advertisers. VIERO transACT enables customers to process all types of media buys - Internet CPM, terrestrial and national. transACT tracks current available inventory and historical usage, recaptures inventory not sold by Google, and places advertisers into that availability. Throughout the process the platform assures fulfillment with real-time spot insertion and verification. For a distributed radio enterprise, VIERO transACT can utilize the existing infrastructure to conduct electronic business transactions, and is scalable and adaptable to ever-changing revenue models. AdSense for Audio gives stations a direct link to advertisers they've never really been able to reach before," said Russell Ketchum, Business Product Manager for Google Adsense for Audio. "Working with the VIERO team, we've made great strides towards expanding the number of stations that can take advantage of this new source of ad dollars."

NABOB set to
go Caribbean

The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) is urging attendees of the 31st Annual Spring Broadcast Management Conference to get reservations on the books. It'll run from 5/18-23/07 at the Sonesta Maho Resort and Casino in St. Maarten. American Airlines and the Sonesta are both offering special rates for NABOB members.

RBR Radar 2007
Radio News you won't read any where else. RBR--First, Accurate, and Independently Owned.

Day 1, CBS Radio CEO
Mason's Mission
Returning CEO Dan Mason. He's walking in at the beginning to a hopeful new era at CBS Radio. I wondered what it was like sitting on the sidelines during the Imus-NBC-CBS media frenzy-which lead to the firing of Don Imus-and for CBS losing another long standing recognizable brand, especially in NYC. Mason and I spoke over this past weekend to share his focus for CBS-not about what has happened but what will happen and it starts today. My perspective on what to expect is this...So what do you do when faced with this black eye on CBS? First I do not see Imus returning to CBS. From my perspective, Mike & The Mad Dog and the like, I trust you got your hostility out because Mason is moving forward with "Mason's Mission." This is what will happen and it breaks down in areas of: Local Radio - Local Content - World Wide Distribution - and doing a good job. (Read more in RBR)
04/16/07 RBR #74

Radio companies,
FCC agree to decree
The long-awaited agreement between the FCC and four radio giants is out. It involves the payola controversy which emanated from Eliot Spitzer's efforts in New York state back while he was AG (he's now the governor). Entercom, Clear Channel, CBS Radio and Citadel will pay a total of 12.5M (on a sliding scale) to put the matter to rest. Entercom was at the head of the parade, with a 4M voluntary payment to the US Treasury, followed by Clear Channel (3.5M), CBS (3M) and Citadel (2M). See the new Payola guidelines here in RBR special report.
04/16/07 RBR #74

The other shoe falls for Imus
As everyone knows by now Don Imus will not be on the air at CBS as they too canceled the "Imus In the Morning" show permanently.

RBR observation: In the end, there may have been no choice - either fire Imus because of the protests or shut down the show because advertisers won't touch it. Unlike conservative talk hosts whose names have also been bandied around in the media lately for alleged racially insensitive remarks, Imus in the Morning had mostly mainstream advertisers. That's because Imus wasn't a conservative talk host, or even a conservative. His show was a one-of-a-kind mix of entertainment, politics, popular culture, sports and education. That's why it attracted big names from across the political spectrum - and big advertisers. Having lost 100 million in billings from Howard Stern a little over a year ago, CBS Radio will now have to deal with losing another 15 million plus in billings from the end of Imus In the Morning. Joel Hollander may not miss his job so much as he exits today.
04/13/07 RBR #73

Time for "jump change" in TV
GroupM CEO Irwin Gotlieb told TVB Management Conference attendees in New York yesterday that events are moving so fast that gradual change, which he called "step change," won't do, the TV industry has to institute "jump change" to keep up. "The mindset we're trying to impose on ourselves is to stop looking at 'new' versus 'traditional' media. Digital delivery will allow addressability, census-level measurement, etcetera," Gotlieb said. Saying TV needs to identify problems and eliminate negatives before it looses its position as the best marketing vehicle there is, Gotlieb complained that "we have some of the worst measurement in the business - two thirds is still diaries. We are competing with digital media."
04/13/07 TVBR #73

NBC Capus Caved In
Rather that just suspending the "Imus In the Morning" program for two weeks as previously planned, MSNBC has cancelled the show completely.

RBR observation: NBC - Imus helped build MSNBC out of loyalty to Jack Welch and Bob Wright going back to his days at NBC radio WNBC. But Welch and Wright are gone and with it went a lot of vision and guts. - Now you see what we have running the media today - Flip Floppers - In this case it was Steve Capus, NBC News President , appearing on MSNBC's Hardball, 4/11/06, for 20 minutes and RBR watched as he explained why he terminated Imus. Capus said it was NOT because of advertisers who were canceling on MSNBC. In fact, Capus stated that he was Not Fully Aware of the dollars involved until recently. RBR says Bull to that statement - as anyone in the media knows the ad dollars do a lot of talking.

Plus, you can not tell us at RBR that the President of NBC News did not know the ad dollars to the pennies that were at issue of being lost. Next, Capus admitted what seemed to be the True Reason for the firing of Imus - Not being able to take the Heat. Capus said the attention from all media was tremendous. It wasn't just Imus all over the 24/7 news world, but Imus/MSNBC/NBC News appearing together in report after report. NBC became the news and management could not take the heat. Capus Caved In.
04/12/07 RBR #72

Clock ticking for CCU bidders
The vote on a 26.7 billion buyout of Clear Channel is scheduled for this Thursday, 4/19 - and almost certain defeat. That is, unless Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital up the ante.

RBR observation: We noticed the other day that Clear Channel had made a filing with the SEC, changing its bylaws so that the company is no longer required to have its annual shareholders meeting in April. That would clear the way for a postponement of the April 19th vote on the Lee/Bain buyout, without the company having to go ahead with a shareholders meeting (a pointless exercise if it is going to be sold, lock, stock and barrel). At this point, the only reason we could see for a second postponement would be to issue new proxy solicitations for a higher bid. Will it come? The magic number appears to be 40 bucks a share to get over that two-thirds hurdle. It looks like that additional 2.40 per share is going to be tough for Lee/Bain to justify.
04/12/07 RBR #72


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