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Volume 24, Issue 76, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Wednesday Morning April 18th, 2007
NAB2007 coverage from Las Vegas
FM translators for AM stations an idea on a roll
One AM station in Rock Hill, SC already has an FM translator under Special Temporary Authority and the two FCC Commissioners speaking at NAB2007 in Las Vegas indicated that action may come quickly on making it possible for many other AMs to do the same. When NAB President David Rehr asked about the issue, framing it as a way for broadcasters to increase local service to their communities, he drew a chuckle from Commissioner Michael Copps (D). "You're not using all that promise of local programming to temp me on my vote, are you," Copps asked. While Copps is generally in favor of creating a new rule to give AMs access to FM translators, he hedged that with a desire to have a case-by-case analysis to ensure that it really does promote localism. Commissioner Deborah Tate (R) said shortly after she was made a member of the FCC, she visited WGNS-AM back in her hometown of Murfreesboro, TN and heard about the issue. Since then, she said, she has also heard from hundreds of other AM owners. What about the XM-Sirius merger proposal? The Commissioners were careful not to take sides on an issue they will soon have to vote on. "My mind is open and I'm reading everything I can get my hands on," said Tate. Also saying he won't pre-judge it, Copps added, "It's no secret for anyone in this room that I am no fan of consolidation."

Commissioners press for ownership diversity
FCC Commissioners from both political parties called for more diversity in ownership in their appearance at NAB2007 in Las Vegas. "We are failing the course," said Commissioner Michael Copps (D), noting that a third of the US population is minority, while only 2% of all broadcast assets are held by minorities. Commissioner Deborah Tate (R) questioned whether broadcasters are doing much to interest women, minorities and indeed any students in broadcast careers. And with larger clusters and security concerns, she noted that it used to be easier to "just hang out at a radio station." She and Copps suggested that the FCC might look at easing some of its rules to help minorities and women become station owners, such as changing the debt/equity attribution rule and perhaps allowing a longer period to build a new stations from a construction permit. Of course, ownership rules in general are still hot potatoes at the FCC. With Chairman Kevin Martin (R) delaying his proposal of new rules, Copps suggested that the time could be made use of by scheduling even more hearings to taker public comments all across the country. According to Copps, consolidation is the cause of many of the problems facing radio and TV these days, so he repeated his oft heard call to return to the core that made US broadcasting great - localism, diversity and competition. Tate said she had heard a lot of passion at the road show hearings and said she still would like to have one in a really small market.

40B more for radio?
It won't come quickly, but RAB President and CEO Jeff Haley insists that radio will grow revenues to 60 billion annually from the current 20 billion by curing the disconnect between consumer usage of radio and the share of ad spending directed to the medium. To demonstrate, he showed contrasting pie charts, with one showing that Americans spend 29% of the media consuming time with radio, while the other showed radio accounting for only 7% of ad spending. "I'm very confident and I'm very optimistic about growth for radio," said Haley, speaking at NAB2007 in Las Vegas, Haley said behavior-based audience measurement will help convince big advertisers and he also said there is great opportunity for radio in embracing new technologies and positioning itself as "sponsored audio content," regardless of the method of delivery. "Consumers are going to find the content they want, when they want it and where they want it," Haley said.

10 win Crystal Awards
The National Association of Broadcasters has named 10 winners of the NAB Crystal Radio Awards. Award winners were selected from a pool of 50 finalists and recognized at yesterday's NAB Radio Luncheon at NAB2007. It was a big day for the state of Minnesota, whose stations won four of the 10 awards. The winners are KSTP-FM Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN; KLGR-AM Redwood Falls, MN; KBPH-FM Bemidji, MN; KJJY-FM Brainerd, MN; KHHT-FM, Los Angeles, CA; KOA-AM Denver, CO; KTAR-AM Phoenix, AZ; WTAM-AM Cleveland, OH; WFYR-FM Peoria, IL; and WUSL-FM Philadelphia, PA.

Attendance up in Las Vegas
NAB is claiming a modest increase in attendance at the Las Vegas convention this year. The official count is 108,232, up from 105,046 a year ago. That includes 26,824 international attendees, up from 25,537 a year ago.

Radio News ®

Analysts see a March revenue pothole for radio
Both Jonathan A. Jacoby at Bank of America and Jim Boyle at CL King & Associates were looking for modest radio revenue growth for the month of March. Instead, it looks like the industry is going to have to once again break out the red ink. The trend has been that business is better in smaller markets, and Jacoby noted that it is the larger markets that are dragging down performance. He had been expecting a 2% gain for the month, but is not looking for a loss of 1%, a result that will drag down the three-month Q1 estimate from 2% to 1% growth. Boyle was also looking for a 2% March gain, and is knocking his estimate down to -1% or even -2%. Jacoby notes that this puts companies with portfolios tilted to the large-market side at risk for meeting Q1 guidance. Looking ahead, Boyle notes that April 2006 was down, at -4%, an easy comp which will benefit radio now (he says the business needs "something, anything" to bolster pacings). But overall, "data points were not sufficient to get broadly enthusiastic about radio a few weeks ago and that hasn't changed..."

Karmazin completes
fourth lap on Capitol Hill

We have to say that we've been here and done this. The proposed XM/Sirius merger had another airing out - its fourth - this time at the Senate Commerce Committee. Before Sirius Satellite Radio CEO Mel Karmazin had a chance to speak, Chairman Daniel (D-HI) Inouye said that the proponents have "...a steep hill to climb," and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) flatly stated he was against it. The best Karmazin got at the outset was Ranking Member Ted Stevens (R-AK) saying he hadn't made up his mind yet. When he did get to talk, Karmazin offered another sweetener, a planned offering of limited XM/Sirius channel menus that would come cheaper than the current 12.95 subscription rate for each service. And premium packages would be "modestly above" 12.95 but well below the 25.90 price one would have to pay to get both now. He also again offered a credit for racy channels a subscriber elects to block. Consumer Union's Gene Kimmelman joined Karmazin on the panel for a repeat performance in opposition; Gigi Sohn of Public Knowledge made a third appearance advocating acceptance of the merger with conditions, NAB Radio Board Vice-Chair and Withers Broadcasting Company President Russ Withers represented terrestrial interests. Finally, David Bank of RBC Capital Markets made the case that the merger would be good for shareholders. Broadcasters should note that both Dorgan and Kimmelman saw the logic of this merger being used to justify any media merger as a reason to oppose it. Withers argued strongly that local content was the key to being a successful broadcaster, and when at one point Dorgan asked Inouye to take up that particular issue, Withers said he would welcome such a hearing.
| Testimony summaries here |

NAB keeps the heat on
As usual, the National Association of Broadcasters timed a barrage of Capitol Hill anti-monopoly advertising with a Capitol Hill visit by Mel Karmazin.
| Here's the latest effort |

All Imus, half the time
That's the fact for cable during the week of 4/8-13/07. The Imus/Rutgers incident consumed a full 48% of the cable news hole, and snagged 39% of the available time on radio, Don Imus's home turf (with cable constituting his simultaneous home away from home via MSNBC), and drove it to the top of the overall Project for Excellence in Journalism chart with 26%. PEJ says it was the second biggest story of the year. Otherwise, the primary interests of the five media tracked by PEJ seemed more divergent than usual. Although newspapers stayed on the story to an extent, the other four media gave news consumers a respite from the prematurely-hot 2008 presidential campaign. Newspaper writers perhaps betrayed their written tradition by putting the passing of novelist Kurt Vonnegut almost on a par with the election. Only three stories dropped off the overall list from the previous week, and all had commanded only 2% ratings. There was a return engagement for the fired US attorney story, and Anna Nicole Smith managed once again to climb onto the cable list despite the wall-to-wall Imus watch over the wires.
| Top ten lists here |

Financing those small station deals
There was so much reader interest in our story about a new lender entering the low end of broadcast financing (3/23/07 RBR #58) that we went back to find out more about what is available for small broadcasting companies. At Gladstone Capital, lenders Dave Meier and Brian Eick tell us they are typically able to lend 5-6 times EBITDA, based on historical numbers. What about sticks and turnarounds? They will look at stick deals, but maximum lending is 50% of stick value. Eick explained that they would be less likely to do a CP or move-in, but rather a format change where the station being acquired has been underperforming and the numbers of the old format don't mean much about revenues to be generated under the new owner's plans. "We will definitely look at first time buyers. Obviously it is dependent on the nature of the transaction and the quality of the management team. In terms of single stations, we will look at single markets, but in the radio sector we will tend to shy away from single station transactions," Eick said. TV stations, of course, can be single stations. Since Gladstone is targeting the 3-12 million lending market, although it will also look at deals above 15 million, the TV stations do not have to be major network affiliates. Meier says an LPTV, though, would have to be Class A, have good cable or over the air coverage and "a well-though-out content strategy" to be a deal that could be considered. He also noted that Gladstone is not just one, but three related companies. The new media lending unit he and Eick are in handles senior debt, but another Gladstone company can do an equity component or mezzanine debt and the third is a commercial real estate investment trust, which could also come into play. While we all know of cases where a broadcast lender has started in small loans and then moved up market, Meier and Eick don't see that happening with Gladstone. The company was created to target smaller loans and its lending units are targeting the same price range in all of the industries they lend to.

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Wall Street Media Business Report TM
Buy-outs affect Street traffic
Newspaper, television and radio operator Tribune Company is delaying its financial report for Q1 2007 by a day, and is canceling its dog-and-pony show/conference call outright. The move is due to the fact that the company is going to Zell (Sam Zell, that is) for 34 bucks a pop. The numbers will be released 4/19/07, which also happens to be the date of the shareholder vote on the pending Clear Channel privatization deal. Reuters says the 5% stockholder Highfields Capital Management is opposed, and the California Public Employees Retirement System (Calpers) has also announced its opposition, depriving the media giant of another 1% of possible upturned thumbs.

Ad Business Report TM

Confusion for clients at CC Radio over Google deal?
We're hearing from sources off the record that there's a bit of confusion in the client community and CC sales folks over the CC Radio-Google inventory deal yesterday (4/17/07 RBR #75). It could have been handled better internally: "A client just told me that she tried to get an update from Premiere yesterday but everyone was in the dark. The salespeople are looking for an answer but Kraig [Kitchin-Premiere Radio Networks President] hasn't had any sort of sales meeting. [The] client said that she is looking at the Google deal as more of a competition to Premiere. She said if Google comes in more efficient than Premiere, she would buy them as it is similar affiliates." We also heard the rank and file sales folks at CC Radio aren't necessarily taking it well, at least just yet: The salespeople and some executives are upset about it for three reasons. 1) They are no longer the exclusive sellers of Clear Channel advertising. 2) Already, buyers are saying to these sellers they will first compare avails from Google and Clear Channel and then go with the one that's better. 3) In Hogan's letter he said, 'We are partnering with arguably the hottest sales organization in the world and they will be helping us sell more of our available time.' Some folks in Clear Channel Sales were apparently livid over that and found it to be degrading.

Interep analysis shows consistent national
radio spending patterns

Interep released its annual analysis of the share of national spot radio advertising dollars by demo for 2006. The percentage of dollars aimed at those aged 25-54 last year was 42.6%, down slightly from the 2005 percentage of 43.2%, but up slightly from 41.4% in 2004. Since Interep began tracking demo shares in 1995, the percentage of national spot radio dollars allocated to the 25-54 demo has steadily declined from a high of 55.5%, recorded in 1995. However, this decline appears to have stabilized in recent years. Over the past decade, there has also been an increase in the percentage of dollars directed toward both the 18-49 demo and the more mature 35-plus age groups.

NAB Daytime Planner
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Peter H. Ottmar; Dover Capital Partners, LLC; office 401/723-1063 x103;
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Brian Eick/Dave Meier/John Weller; Gladstone Capital; Bellagio Hotel;
Brian cell 847-612-3002, Dave cell 847-650-1735, John cell 509-496-3254; [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Todd Fowler/David Reeder; American Media Services; Bellagio Hotel; 843-972-2200; [email protected], [email protected]

Brian Cobb/ Denis LeClair /Dan Graves/Jack Higgins; Cobb Corp; Bellagio Hotel; 212-812-5020; [email protected]

Andy McClure/Erick Steinberg, The Exline Company, Bellagio Hotel, office 415-479-3484, cell 415-497-3855, [email protected]. [email protected]

Frank Boyle; Frank Boyle & Co.;
Imperial Palace;
203-969-2020; cell 203-249-7818; [email protected]

John L. Pierce/ Jamie Rasnick; John Pierce & Company LLC; office 859-647-0101, John cell 859-512-3015; Jamie cell 513-252-1186, Bellagio Hotel; [email protected]; [email protected]
Gordon Rice; Gordon Rice Associates;
843-884-3590; Bellagio Hotel; [email protected]

Dick Kozacko/George Kimble;
Kozacko Media Services; office 607-733-7138; cell 607-738-1219; Bellagio Hotel; [email protected], [email protected]

Media Services Group; Bellagio Hotel;

Elliot Evers/Greg Widroe/Brian Pryor/Patricia Carberry-Harris;
Media Venture Partners;
415-391-4877; Bellagio Hotel;
[email protected]

Brian Byrnes; Paramount Media
Advisors, Inc.; 312-396-4043;
cell 312-933-7559; Bellagio Hotel; [email protected]

Glenn Serafin; Serafin Bros., Inc.;
office 813-885-6060; cell 813-494-6875; Aladdin Hotel; [email protected]

Bill Schutz; Schutz & Company; Bellagio Hotel; 757-258-8740, cell 757-880-9251; [email protected]

Larry C. Wood; Wood & Company, Inc.; Alexis Park Hotel; Office: 513-528-7373; Cell: 513-225-5100; [email protected]

Gary Cavell, Richard Mertz, Michael Rhodes, Dan Ryson; Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc.; Main Office 703-392-9090; [email protected]

Media Business Report TM
AOL unveils upfront in NYC
Broadband-only networks like AOL continue taking upfront dollars off the table with their own programming. With such a less expensive infrastructure, online broadcasters can offer ads much cheaper. At its premier "First Look" event yesterday at the Time Warner Center, AOL introduced five new programs that will launch in the fall of 2007 and early 2008 in partnership with leading production companies, including Mark Burnett, DreamWorks Animation, Endemol, Madison Road Entertainment, Stone & Co and Telepictures. At the event, AOL also highlighted its upcoming product enhancements and show how its products and services can help advertisers reach their customers. "This game is all about scale, and AOL is one of only four companies that has it," said Randy Falco, AOL Chairman and CEO, in announcing the programs. "We want to be a one-stop shop for advertisers in providing all of the tools, services, and creative support they need to reach their consumers online. With two leading advertising networks, AOL reaches nearly nine in ten online users each month, and we want to help advertisers expand and extend their campaigns to reach that mass audience. We're pleased to have the opportunity to tell our clients and the market about the great new products and programs we have for them."
| The programming lineup: |

Sprint, Suave partner with
Leah Remini for webisodes

More money off of the table for television: Actress Leah Remini knows all about the real-life stresses of modern moms as a busy TV sitcom star who also juggles her role as a wife and a mom to her 3-year-old daughter. Her latest venture will literally take her motherhood expertise to a new level as she partners with Suave, Sprint and MindShare Entertainment for "In the Motherhood," a first-ever, mom-focused web series, which will appear on MSN from April 17 through June as well as an integration partnership with the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Beginning in April, moms across the country will have the unique opportunity to write and collaborate with Hollywood screenwriters to create a series of web-based films starring Leah Remini, best known for her comedic role in the "The King of Queens," which is completing a successful nine-year run this year. Directed by Peter Lauer, each In the Motherhood webisode will profile the ever-hectic yet always humorous lives of three mom girlfriends. Professional screenwriters will develop the characters and story lines for each of the webisodes, but real moms are the real behind-the-scenes stars. Moms will get the chance to tell their real-life stories by logging onto, which will prompt them to sound off about universal experiences all moms share such as "your child's worst public meltdown," "how to put the 'me' back in mommy" or "your funniest mother-in-law child-rearing advice." The first webisode will air on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 11 and subsequent webisodes will air on May 22, May 29, June 5 and June 12.

Media Markets & Money TM
AZ the ownership turns
KFZA-FM Flagstaff is being sold. Tower Investment Trust, headed by William H. Brothers and Gary S. Hess, is transferring the station to James R. Walker's Walker Radio Inc. According to brokers at Kozacko Media Services, the price is 2.5M. At closing, it will be Walker's only radio property.

Close encounter in Memphis
The second part of a double noncom-FM spin-off is now complete. Mid-South Public Communications Foundation already closed its sale of WKNQ-FM Dynersburg TN to Educational Media Foundation for 825K. Now a deal sending WKNA-FM Senatobia to American Family Association is done. According to Greg Guy and Summer Foust of Patrick Communications, the price on this one is 2M. Mid-South still operates FM and TV properties in Memphis and in Jackson TN.

NBC/U gets play money
It'll be playing the media investment game. The media giant will be getting 250M to invest in the media and technology sectors from 80% parent General Electric (Vivendi holds the remaining 20%). According to Reuters, the fund will be targeting media such as digital advertising and social networking. It's already found a home for 3M in a company called Adify, an online advertising tech firm. GE Media, Communications and Entertainment will also help decide where the money ends up going, and targets will have a window of 3M-15M.

Washington Media Business Report TM
Martin petitions Hill for more cash
Kevin Martin went before the House Appropriations Committee yesterday in search of funding. Currently, he's operating with 291.3M give or take. He said he'll need an additional 6M to cover spending increases over which he has no control, 5M for salaries and 1M for nondiscretionary inflationary increases. That gets the FCC to 297.3M. On top of that, he wants 17.2M more for staff increases, up to 308.5M. Finally, he asked for 4.5M for four initiatives: 1.5M for consumer outreach on the DTV transition; 1M to fight abuses of the Universal Service Fund; 1M to replace FCC vehicles; and 1M to replace the FCC's "antiquated accounting system."

RBR observation: The FCC is not one of the major funding challenges on Capitol Hill. As Martin pointed out, the government this year gave it 1M. The rest comes from our readers in the form of regulatory fees. The only thing we'd note about Martin's request is that if anything, some Democrats may favor giving the Commission even more funding for its DTV outreach program.

Engineering Business Report TM
Streaming challenger offers low cost service
Jetcast today unveiled its new streaming service at NAB2007 in Las Vegas. From the broadcaster's point of view, the service isn't much different from any other streaming company - except when it comes to paying the bill. Depending on the bit-rate (56-300kbs), Jetcast is charging a flat rate of 150-400 bucks a month per stream. That doesn't change, regardless of how many users listen to the stream. There is no listener cap or charge for going over an allotment. "Saving big money is a no-brainer, plain and simple," said veteran radio programmer Michael Dalfonzo, now with Jetcast. Why no extra charge for extra bandwidth? Jetcast officials say their technology dynamically uses a grid of users to increase bandwidth as more people click onto a stream. But it is not simply peer-to-peer, where other users are cut off if one leaves the daisy-chain. Rather, Jetcast's technology reorganizes the grid dynamically as people join and drop off. Also, no proprietary software is needed, since the service uses Windows Media Player. But that's all behind-the-scenes technical stuff. Jetcast figures its big selling point is going to be the price.

800K KXLQ-AM Des Moines (Indianola IA) and WCXN-AM Claremont NC from Davidson Media Group LLC (Peter Davidson) to Birach Broadcasting Corporation (Sima Birach). 50K deposit, balance in cash at closing. [File date 3/28/07.]

N/A KRYI-FM CP Rye CO from Harvest Radio Corporation (Larry Perry) to WAY-FM Media Group Inc. (John Scaggs, Robert D. Augsburg et al). Donation. CP is for Class C2 on 89.7 MHz with 9.8 kw @ 679'. [File date 3/26/07.]

Stock Talk
A mixed bag...
Losers and winners divided the territory yesterday, with Clear Channel up the most, 0.37, and Arbitron down the most, (0.41). CCU stock was likely up on the Google announcement for inventory.

Radio Stocks

Here's how stocks fared on Tuesday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change













Journal Comm.







Lincoln Natl.







Radio One, Cl. A




Citadel CDL
9.69 -0.04

Radio One, Cl. D




Clear Channel








Cox Radio




Saga Commun.








Salem Comm.








Sirius Sat. Radio








Spanish Bcg.
















Westwood One








XM Sat. Radio





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Two more on Don Imus

Dear Editor:
The spineless top brass at CBS have fired Don Imus, yet CBS-owned radio stations (KLUC in Las Vegas, for example) continue to play rap music. When advertisers threatened to bolt the Imus show, they were willing to crucify an old white guy for uttering a phrase that has become part of the pop culture vernacular, yet they continue to make money selling advertising on radio stations that play music with similar, or worse, lyrics. Sounds like a double standard to me.

Larry Fuss, President
Contemporary Communications LLC
Las Vegas NV

Now that Imus has been sent packing by CBS and MSNBC for something he allegedly said, fairness would dictate that Rush Limbaugh should be on the next train out of broadcasting for referring to Barack Obama as an "Hafrican-American." Limbaugh has been given a platform to spew his hateful mesasge for nearly 20-years on the public airwaves, and has only served to further divide this country of ours. Let's face the reality that Imus is history because of the lost revenue at MSNBC and CBS, not for what he said. If there was a Fairness Doctrine in place there would actually be some balance once again on the public airwaves. I won't hold my breath that the far right hate talk will end anytime soon.

David Aamodt
Retired 30-plus year Broadcaster
Yakima WA

Below the Fold
Ad Business Report
Confusion for clients
At CC Radio over Google deal
We're hearing from sources off the record and it ain't pretty...

Interep analysis
Shows consistent national radio spending patterns...

Media Business Report
AOL unveils upfront in NYC
Broadband-only networks like AOL continue taking upfront dollars off the table, Not Good...

Engineering Business Report
Streaming challenger
Offers low cost service called Jetcast unveiled its new streaming service...

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TVBR - TV News

KAZA keeps its license
Pappas Telecasting has been given a license renewal for its KAZA-TV Los Angeles (Avalon CA), licensed to subsidiary Pappas Southern California. The license had been under attack by NBC/Telemundo, which charged irregularities regarding Mexican television network provider Azteca America, with which the station has been affiliated. NBC/Telemundo claimed Azteca's relationship with Pappas was cognizable, and raised character issues which it said demonstrated that Azteca lacked "character qualifications" to be a licensee. NBC also said it in no way impugned Pappas in these charges, but claimed that Azteca America, in addition to providing programming for the station, held a 250M purchase option on it and had loaned Pappas 129M - thus the cognizable interest. Pappas said that even if the interest was cognizable, there is nothing in FCC policy that brings a "creditor/program supplier" into play at license renewal time. In any event, the option expired 1/1/06 without being exercised. Azteca and NBC Telemundo have been dueling in the courts for some time - and the FCC basically invited them to continue to do so, while determining that it had no basis upon which to deny the license renewal, thus denying NBC/Telemundo's petition. Pappas and Azteca have begun the process of discontinuing their business relationship.

RBR Radar 2007
Radio News you won't read any where else. RBR--First, Accurate, and Independently Owned.

NAB 2007 From Vegas
Google chief wants to
partner with broadcasters
CEO Eric Schmidt sought to dispel ideas that Google poses a threat to broadcasters. Speaking just a few hours after announcing a major deal for Google to sell radio ad inventory for Clear Channel Radio, Schmidt called it the "defining deal for our radio business." Rather than competing with traditional radio ad sales organizations, Schmidt said Google's business model is not to target traditional radio advertisers or replace radio sales staffs, but rather to bring new advertisers to radio.
04/17/07 RBR #75

CC Radio signs Google
for ad inventory
Well, after months of rumor on the matter, Google and Clear Channel Radio announced a multi-year relationship that enables Google to sell guaranteed :30- second ad inventory on more than 675 of Clear Channel's stations. CC pre-sold about 200 million of ad time to Google for each of the next three years. :30's account for about one-third of CC Radio's total inventory.
04/17/07 RBR #75

SWMX reacts to Google/Clear Channel announcement
SWMX COO Bill Figenshu discussed implications of the Google/ Clear Channel deal. Fig said the deal was actually good news for SWMX, stating the age of electronic revenue generation for radio is here and that Google's worldwide name will lend legitimacy to the medium. "90% of SWMX revenue for radio stations is NEW revenue," he explained. "If Google brings more money into radio, it's good for radio.." There is also an a view from the agencies with Rich Russo, JL Media's SVP/Director of Broadcast Services, sort of called some of the details of the deal back in December. See Ad Business Report section in RBR.
04/17/07 RBR #75

Hogan's email to all GMs:
An RBR source delivered an email to us from CC Radio CEO John Hogan, which was sent to all GMs and radio operating management. Read the Hogan email in this RBR report page.
04/17/07 RBR #75

Day 1, CBS Radio CEO
Mason's Mission
Returning CEO Dan Mason. He's walking in at the beginning to a hopeful new era at CBS Radio. I wondered what it was like sitting on the sidelines during the Imus-NBC-CBS media frenzy-which lead to the firing of Don Imus-and for CBS losing another long standing recognizable brand, especially in NYC. Mason and I spoke over this past weekend to share his focus for CBS-not about what has happened but what will happen and it starts today. My perspective on what to expect is this...So what do you do when faced with this black eye on CBS? First I do not see Imus returning to CBS. From my perspective, Mike & The Mad Dog and the like, I trust you got your hostility out because Mason is moving forward with "Mason's Mission." This is what will happen and it breaks down in areas of: Local Radio - Local Content - World Wide Distribution - and doing a good job. (Read more in RBR)
04/16/07 RBR #74

Radio companies,
FCC agree to decree
The long-awaited agreement between the FCC and four radio giants is out. It involves the payola controversy which emanated from Eliot Spitzer's efforts in New York state back while he was AG (he's now the governor). Entercom, Clear Channel, CBS Radio and Citadel will pay a total of 12.5M (on a sliding scale) to put the matter to rest. Entercom was at the head of the parade, with a 4M voluntary payment to the US Treasury, followed by Clear Channel (3.5M), CBS (3M) and Citadel (2M). See the new Payola guidelines here in RBR special report.
04/16/07 RBR #74

The other shoe falls for Imus
As everyone knows by now Don Imus will not be on the air at CBS as they too canceled the "Imus In the Morning" show permanently.

RBR observation: In the end, there may have been no choice - either fire Imus because of the protests or shut down the show because advertisers won't touch it. Unlike conservative talk hosts whose names have also been bandied around in the media lately for alleged racially insensitive remarks, Imus in the Morning had mostly mainstream advertisers. That's because Imus wasn't a conservative talk host, or even a conservative. His show was a one-of-a-kind mix of entertainment, politics, popular culture, sports and education. That's why it attracted big names from across the political spectrum - and big advertisers. Having lost 100 million in billings from Howard Stern a little over a year ago, CBS Radio will now have to deal with losing another 15 million plus in billings from the end of Imus In the Morning. Joel Hollander may not miss his job so much as he exits today.
04/13/07 RBR #73

Time for "jump change" in TV
GroupM CEO Irwin Gotlieb told TVB Management Conference attendees in New York yesterday that events are moving so fast that gradual change, which he called "step change," won't do, the TV industry has to institute "jump change" to keep up. "The mindset we're trying to impose on ourselves is to stop looking at 'new' versus 'traditional' media. Digital delivery will allow addressability, census-level measurement, etcetera," Gotlieb said. Saying TV needs to identify problems and eliminate negatives before it looses its position as the best marketing vehicle there is, Gotlieb complained that "we have some of the worst measurement in the business - two thirds is still diaries. We are competing with digital media."
04/13/07 TVBR #73


New listing
Web Content Director
RBR/TVBR is looking for an aggressive and progressive Media Website Director. Will be working side by side with all aspects of our editorial, sales, marketing and production staff. RBR/TVBR is moving forward with a Pro-Active Strategy see what is required as we begin our 25th year in the media business. See Radio Careers

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to fill the important position at your organization? Media HeadHunters is the place that key media firms use to get results. See Media HeadHunters and get results with service--Period.

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