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From the Publisher Jim Carnegie:

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Damn, it is hard going back to school all over again. Nineteen years ago my wife Cathy and I started Radio Business Report with an old typewriter and paper. Now, I'm an Old Fart and have my AARP membership.

This is my last column for the weekly print version of Radio Business Report. But more importantly, it's the first that I've written for the very first issue of the RBR Daily E-paper. If you are reading this on your computer now, you'll be getting this publication for the next 40 days..every morning, plus our afternoon email update...for FREE!!! Just make sure you fill out the entry form.

Learning is a continuous process. And I for one am glad and encouraged by E-Mail technology. None of us have time to deal with news that's old by the time snail mail gets it to you.

That's why RBR is going DAILY with RBR Daily E-paper. I will not DELIVER non-helpful information or waste your time. If I do, call me and tell me so.

RBR print is now monthly....sub-titled: "The Management, Sales and Technology Journal". It's for you and your entire staff. GSMs, Account Execs, PDs, and especially Engineers. We'll cover hot issues in plain english-just what you need to run your operation.

I'm asking for this favor:

1. Make sure we have your correct contact info by filling out this small form

2. You try RBR Daily E-paper for 40 days. FREE!.

3. Take time to decide which publications are delivering the relevant and necessary information in this fast-paced world.

4. Decide where to spend your money. Do you want faxes that deliver old information, waste your toner and paper, and then are tossed in the trash?

5. Or start your morning FROM ANYWHERE with RBR Daily E-paper. From home, office, or on the road. And it's interactive. Tell me what you think with one click - email me at [email protected].

Stay well,

Jim Carnegie

Publisher & Editor

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