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Hogan to all GMs:
Google is "another step in us transforming our business"

An RBR source delivered an email to us from CC Radio CEO John Hogan, which was sent to all GMs and radio operating management.

Read part of it here

Good morning ~

This morning, we're announcing another significant step in the transformation of our business - the expansion of our sales strategy to attract potentially thousands of new advertisers who are devoted to online advertising, but not currently using radio.

Earlier today, we announced a multi-year agreement with Google to help us drive revenue across our on-air AM/FM advertising inventory. The agreement builds on our existing, more traditional relationship with Google around online advertising and creates a terrific opportunity for us to increase revenues by adding new advertisers to our client list.. And later this afternoon, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt and I will be appearing jointly at NAB to share and discuss this important news.

Details are in the attached release, but I want to emphasize a few things:

· This is an important and exciting development! We are partnering with arguably the hottest sales organization in the world and they will be helping us sell more of our available time. The agreement involves a small slice of our overall advertising inventory and I am confident that the Google relationship is consistent with, and will contribute toward, our goal of increasing revenue yield per minute.

· Google has a real economic incentive to produce meaningfully higher CPMs as they sell this 30 second inventory to their online advertisers. This is good for our company and for all of us. This deal is immediately financially accretive to us and has the potential to increase in terms of the financial benefit.

· We will continue to emphasize expanding and improving our sales teams. Our national, regional, and local sales forces will continue to focus on developing and/or enhancing the company's most lucrative advertiser relationships and on the many advertisers who seek specialized advertising packages. Our sales force will be expected continue to grow and improve...they are the lifeblood of our revenue generating capabilities and Google should be seen as a positive addition to our team.

· We know that our business continues to change and that our ability to evolve is essential. This partnership with Google represents another step in us transforming our business so we can continue to remain vital and viable for our advertisers.

Radio is one of the most engaging and effective medium in advertising today - we know that dozens of studies prove it and we live it every day. Now, by teaming up with the folks at Google, we'll be able to tap into yet another highly valuable group of advertisers in a way that will guarantee benefits to our business.

Please reach out to your EVPO if you have any questions about our announcement today.

Also, please share this announcement with your staff.


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