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Watchdogs join forces to fight censorship

Representatives from TV Watch and the Creative Coalition seemingly came away from the Senate Commerce Committee's "Open Forum on Decency" with more than a transcript of their remarks. TV Watch's Jim Dyke and CC's Joey Pantoliano have announced an alliance to push TV Watch's "1-2-3 Safe TV" campaign, with CC's roster of 50 entertainers (headlined by Bill Cosby) chipping in. Pantoliano said, "Creative expression in America-whether it's a play about a national hero, a cartoon that lampoons politicians or a gritty TV drama-should never be subject to government approval. It's important for our freedoms that it stay that way." He added, "Parents should manage what their kids watch, not politicians. We don't need Washington making decisions for our families regarding what's playing in our living rooms." "The answer to the question of who should decide what programs kids watch on TV is parents," agreed Cosby. "And in homes where parents are not available to filter what children see, it is even more important that an adult use the tools that keep inappropriate programming from children. This is a form of protection."

Creative Coalition members signing on with TV Watch

Fiona Apple

Kevin Bacon

Richard Belzer

Danny Bigel

Phillip Bloch

Christy Brinkley

Gerry Byrne

Amy Carlson

Gabrielle Carteris

Bill Cosby

Wes Craven

Jon Cryer

Chris Day

Dana Delany

Catherine Dent

Hallie Eisenberg

Giancarlo Esposito

Morgan Fairchild

Antwone Fisher

Frances Fisher

Michael Frankfurt

Rick Genow

Annabeth Gish

Tony Goldwyn

Harry Hamlin

Hill Harper

Buck Henry

Matthew Hiltzik

Caroline Hirsch

Dennis Hopper

Elizabeth Hubbard

Erine Hudson

Cady Huffman

Susan Isaacs

Mary Lambert

Sharon Lawrence

Michele Lee

Wendie Malick

Robert Mitchell

Anson Mount

Tim Blake Nelson

Amy Nickon

Joe Pantoliano

Joe Piscopo

Jonathan Prince

Meir Ribalow

Richard Schiff

Henry Schleiff

Daniel Stern

Jerry Stiller

Stuart Match Suna

George Wendt

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