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Adam Carolla gets ire of 3AF, AAJC over Asian awards parody

CBS Radio KLSX-FM LA morning man Adam Carolla has angered both the Asian American Justice Center (AAJC) and Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF) for mocking the Asian Excellence Awards show on his 1/24 show. Carolla joked about the awards show and used "ching-chong" sounds in a parody of the sound of the Awards show. Both groups are threatening boycotts.

AAJC President Karen Narasaki says Carolla "Demeaned the work of Asian American actors, directors, and producers and perpetuated the stereotype of Asian Americans as foreigners...Unless Carolla is strongly reprimanded, and the station and CBS Radio apologize, we will be forced to ask advertisers to withdraw their support of his show."

CBS Radio spokesperson Karen Mateo tells us the bit was meant to be humorous and they didn't mean to offend anybody with the comments. No word yet if there was an apology issued.

3AF President Bill Amada's letter

Subject: 3AF Protests Insensitive Comments Made by 97.1 Free FM Host Adam Carolla

Dear 3AF Members and Colleagues,

For several years, the Asian Pacific Americans have endured the insensitivity (and, frankly, the stupidity) of radio DJs, talk show hosts and commentators as they addressed world calamities, events, programs, organizations and individuals in our communities.

Each time, APA community leaders confronted broadcasters directly with their objections. It is clear that we must remain vigilant and take an even more aggressive posture against broadcasters who allow their DJs and talk show hosts to malign our community with statements and comments that are hateful, vicious, and hurtful.

On January 24, KLSX-FM's radio host Adam Carolla ridiculed the Asian Excellence Awards produced by one of our members, AZN Television. During his commentary about the awards program, which featured and recognized the achievements of Asian-American actors and entertainers, Mr. Carolla played a clip that included people saying "ching-chong, ching-chong" as some of the awardees were accepting their awards.

The leadership of 3AF has written a letter of protest to Mr. Carolla and KLSX-FM indicating that the terms and expressions used on the program were offensive, distasteful and hurtful to the Asian Pacific American community. Many community leaders are asking for an immediate apology from the station and Mr. Carolla. If the station fails to heed this call, a resolution will be considered by the 3AF Board of Directors (at its February 11th meeting) to call on all corporate advertisers (and agencies) to withhold future advertising on 97.1 KLSX-FM and any of its affiliates.


Bill Imada


Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF)

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