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Transactions: 12/10/07-12/14/07

The generally slow trading environment oozed along toward the end of 2007, maintaining a trading pace that a snail would be proud of. There was action in the larger markets, but it was of the niche variety. The bottom line is that the 14.5M in value dutifully recorded at the FCC during the second week of December was not enough to bring the two-week total to 50M. And there still hasn't been a television transaction.

Total Mkts 1-50 Mkts 51-100 Mkts >100




1 0 0 4


1 0 1 2


0 0 0 0
Total 9 2 0 1 6

Type of deal

Deals Stns Value
Radio, 1 mkt


9 14.5M

TV, 1 mkt

0 0 $0

Rad-TV, 1 mkt

0 0 $0

Radio, multimkt

0 0 $0

TV, multimkt

0 0 $0

Rad-TV, multimkt

0 0 $0
Totals 5 9 14.5M

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TV Deal of the Week
Long pre-winter's nap continues

Radio Deal of the Week
Salem gets down to Business
In point of fact, Daniel Frishberg, Jon Lundsford and the rest of the crew at Businessradio Network are moving from renters to buyers in the Houston market via a 7.75M agreement to acquire KTEK-AM out of Alvin TX from Religious specialist Salem Communications. The buyers had been renting KXYZ-AM from Multicultural Radio, a relationship that will cease to exist.

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