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Second hot seat for Hogan

Having already announced that Infinity CEO Joel Hollander would be grilled by Bear Stearns Analyst Victor Miller at Interep's radio symposium June 16th (5/27/05 RBR #105), the rep firm has now found a second hot seat for Clear Channel Radio CEO John Hogan. He'll be quizzed by both Miller and Deutsche Bank Securities investment banker Drew Marcus. It's being called a "One-on-One Leadership Dialog," so we think someone at Interep needs to work on their math.

ABCRN debuts "Hanniblog"

ABC Radio Networks announced the debut of the "Hannity Insider" HanniBlog, enabling subscribers to exchange news and opinions directly with Sean Hannity and other listeners of The Sean Hannity Show in the form of a Web blog. The launch of the HanniBlog gives Hannity the distinction of being one of the only nationally-syndicated radio talk show hosts with his own listener blog.

The HanniBlog is offered exclusively to subscribers of the "Hannity Insider," the monthly subscription service available online at The service offers listeners of "The Sean Hannity Show" access to exclusive live chats with Hannity and his in-studio guests along with classic clips from his radio program. In addition, subscribers to the "Hannity Insider" will receive daily podcasts, near-CD sound quality, commercial-free OnDemand audio, and programs that can be downloaded directly to an MP3 player or iPod.

CC Radio honors Tamburro

Clear Channel awarded radio programmer, manager, personality and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee Joe "Butterball" Tamburro with the CC Radio Lifetime Achievement Award at its Programming Leadership conference this week in Atlanta. This is the second year the award has been presented and is given to members of the Clear Channel Radio family whose contributions have helped to make radio a personal, constant and enduring digital medium that is a true reflection of local communities

"Butterball" celebrates 41 years at WDAS-FM Philadelphia. He guided the heritage urban station through the years as VP/GM/OM/PD and on-air personality. Under his leadership, WDAS-FM spent the majority of the past three years Arbitron rated #1 12+.

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