$41,000,000 KONA AM & FM & KZHR-FM Tri Cities WA (Kennewick/Dayton WA); KMON AM & FM/KLFM-FM & KVVR-FM Great Falls MT (Great Falls, Dutton); KBLJ-AM/KTHN-FM La Junta CO; KLMR-AM/KSNZ-FM Lamar CO; KTAN-AM/KZMK-FM & KWCD-FM Sierra Vista AZ (Sierra Vista, Bisbee); KCAP-AM/KZMT-FM & KHKR-FM Helena MY (Helena, East Helena); KBWL-AM/KRLT-FM South Lake Tahoe CA; ROP-AM/KSIQ-FM Brawley CA; and KEYZ-AM/KYYZ-FM & KTHZ-FM Williston ND (Williston ND, Sidney MT) from Commonwealth License Subsidiary LLC (Claude C. Turner aka Dex Allen) to Cherry Creek Radio LLC (Joseph Schwartz et al). $1M escrow, additional $39.5M cash at closing. Remaining $500K placed in post-closing escrow account. $5K allocated to non-compete. Existing superduopoly in Great Falls MT; existing duopolies Tri Cities WA, in Sierra Vista AZ, Helena MT, and Williston ND. Minor duopoly overlap between KBLJ-AM La Junta CO and KLMR-AM Lamar CO. [File date 10/23/03.]

$4,000,000 KLSB-TV Tyler-Longview (Nacogdoches TX) from KLSB Television LLC (Brian Cobb) to MMT License LLC, a subsidiary of Max Media of Texas LLC (A. Eugene Loving Jr., John A. Trinder, David J. Wilhelm). $400K escrow, balance in cash at closing less balance of $1M note owed to previuos owner Paul T. Lucci and prior $1.65M loan from buyer to seller. Station is NBC affiliate on channel 19, but will be leaving NBC as a condition of this contract. LMA wil ComCorp. will also terminate at closing. DTV channel 18 operating under an STA. [File date 10/24/03.]

N/A WLIE-AM Nassau-Suffolk (Islip NY). 65.6% of Long Island Multimedia from Stan Henry (33.3% to 1%) and Tom Rohr (33.3% to 0%) to Stuart Henry (33.3% to 79%) and Dara Schlesigner (0% to 20%). Change in voting interest reflecting changes over time in conduct of business for no financial interest. [File date 10/23/03.]

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