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Study: Local NFL radio broadcasts provide marquee environment for sports advertisers

Scarborough Research released an analysis of Local NFL game listeners and found that these consumers are top spenders in emerging sports ad categories such as travel and home improvement, as well as in traditional sports ad categories, including quick service restaurants, beer, and automotive.

Local NFL game listeners are 70% more likely than the average adult to have taken three or more domestic air trips in the past year, and 34% more likely to have spent 3,000 or more on home improvements during this time frame. These consumers are 66% more likely to spend 100 dollars or more on their monthly cellular bill.

"Local NFL radio broadcasts attract consumers who are making high-end purchases in travel, telecom, and other categories," said Howard Goldberg, SVP/Radio and Sports Marketing, Scarborough Research. "Advertisers seeking to deliver a strong message who tap into this powerful vehicle will be satisfied with the dynamic sports audience delivered."

Local NFL game listeners are also top consumers in more established sports advertising categories. They are 41% more likely to have eaten at a fast food restaurant 10 times or more during the past 30 days, and 44% more likely to have consumed any beer in the past month. In addition, Local NFL game listeners are 51% more likely to plan to spend 30,000 or more on a new car purchase in the next 12 months.

Demographically, local radio broadcasts of NFL games deliver an upscale audience. These listeners are 77% more likely than the general population to have an annual household income of 100,000 or more and 30% more likely to plan to buy a second home.

"Radio is a key medium for NFL teams in their quest to build avidity and connect with current and potential fans," said Neal Pilson, President of Pilson Communications and consultant to Scarborough. "The tuned-in, upscale nature of the football game radio audience appeals to a wide variety of marketing categories."

The Scarborough analysis also found that 25% of consumers in Milwaukee have tuned in to a Green Bay Packers game radio broadcast during the past 12 months, making Milwaukee the top market for Local NFL Game Listeners. Kansas City, MO (23%), Buffalo, NY (23%), St. Louis (21%), and Denver (20%) round out the top five markets for consumers who tune into their local NFL game on the radio.

The data in this report is from Scarborough's USA+ study, a national database of consumer shopping, media and lifestyle behaviors.

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