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Transactions: 8/22/05-8/26/05

The Emmis-LIN sale by itself would have made this the biggest trading week of the year thus far, and it was amplified by the Emmis-Gray transaction. A pretty good radio week almost pushed to total to a half billion. There were four TV deals all told. One was for one of those difficult-to-find stations outside all Nielsen DMAs. That's what happens when you build your TV station in Guam.

Total Mkts 1-50 Mkts 51-100 Mkts >100




2 2 0 3


2 1 1 3


1 5 3 1
Total 24 5 8 4 7

Type of deal

Deals Stns Value
Radio, 1 mkt


14 44.315M

TV, 1 mkt

3 3 186.5M

Rad-TV, 1 mkt

0 0 $0

Radio, multimkt

0 0 $0

TV, multimkt

1 7 260M

Rad-TV, multimkt

0 0 $0
Totals 14 24 490.815M

TV Deal of the Week
Emmis sell-off begins
Two of the three transactions which kicked off the Emmis television sell-off hit the FCC this week, including the 260M sale to LIN and the 186M sale to Gray. Altogether, eight stations in five markets change hands.

Radio Deal of the Week
Riviera in the desert
Riviera Broadcast Group took top honors on the radio side with a pair of FMs in the Las Vegas area - - one of which is still working on an upgrade. Desert Sky Media is the seller; the stations are KVGS-FM & KOAS-FM; the price is cool 38M.

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