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Transactions: 7/25/05-7/29/05

The last week of July barely managed to clear 10M, with just a little over a tenth of the business filed as was registered with the FCC the previous week. There was something of a run on singleton AMs, in places like Nashville, Salt Lake City, Lubbock and in uncharted waters per Arbitron - - nine transactions were for an AM only, and only one, noted below, was for even two stations.

Total Mkts 1-50 Mkts 51-100 Mkts >100




3 1 1 5


0 0 0 3


0 0 1 0
Total 14 3 1 2 8

Type of deal

Deals Stns Value
Radio, 1 mkt


13 8.26M

TV, 1 mkt

1 1 3.75M

Rad-TV, 1 mkt

0 0 $0

Radio, multimkt

0 0 $0

TV, multimkt

0 0 $0

Rad-TV, multimkt

0 0 $0
Totals 13 14 12.01M

TV Deal of the Week
Gray day in Albany GA
Gray Television didn't have to dig too deep to take top honors in a slow week. Its 3.75M purchase of UPN WVAG-TV in Albany GA was the biggest filing for both radio and television. The seller is P.D. Communications.

Radio Deal of the Week
Clear Channel unspins a bit of its OH web
The departure of WMVO-AM & WQIO-FM from the Clear Channel portfolio is not going to make many ripples on Wall Street, or in the general state of radio in the state of Ohio. BAS Broadcasting is spending 2M to acquire the Mount Vernon OH combo, which is between markets northeast of Columbus.

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