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ABC News Radio on the scene in NO
ABC News Radio Correspondent Alex Stone reports from just outside New Orleans on the evacuation of survivors from Hurricane Katrina. Stone and ABC News Radio engineer Kevin Rider later joined fellow correspondent Jim Ryan for live reports from downtown New Orleans.

NAB commits 100M to Katrina relief

The National Association of Broadcasters has committed to raise what it thinks will be a minimum of 100M dollars in an effort to provide relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 1M of that is in the form of a cash donation to the American Red Cross, approved by the NAB Board of Directors via a specially-held conference call. The Association is enlisting the support of members to come up with the remaining 99M, some of which will come in the form of donated air time to promote relief efforts and to raise funds. "Broadcasters are a lifeline to communities in times of crisis," said NAB President/CEO Eddie Fritts, "and Hurricane Katrina has touched America's soul like no natural disaster in our history. NAB is pleased to make a 1M cash donation to aid victims of this tragedy, and I'm confident that local radio and television stations will exceed our 100M target."

Alabama Broadcasters commit to Raise 2M

With some member stations damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and many more stations in nearby Mississippi and Louisiana, the Alabama Broadcasters Association (ABA) has been deeply involved in relief efforts from the get go. Now the ABA has committed to have its member stations raise two million bucks over ten days to help with relief efforts in the coastal regions devastated by the storm. Radio and television stations across Alabama will conduct specific events and on-air campaigns asking for donations to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for relief in the Gulf Coast region. "The American Red Cross is in the midst of an unprecedented response to a domestic natural disaster. We are grateful to the Alabama Broadcasters Association for helping us save our neighbors' lives in Katrina's wake," said Billy Baxter, CEO of the Birmingham Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. "This ABA partnership with the Red Cross is an extension of the relationship our stations have had with their own area chapters for years," noted Sharon Tinsley, Executive Director of the ABA.

NASBA launches relief effort

NASBA, the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations, has launched a nationwide initiative to assist broadcast radio and TV stations affected by Hurricane Katrina. Funds raised through this initiative will be dedicated to helping smaller and stand-alone stations that don't have resources to mount a full recovery on their own. About 50 radio stations and two TV stations in Mississippi were reported off the air as of Sept. 2. Seven Alabama stations are off the air, with three AM stations in the Gulf Coast area completely out of contact and unaccounted for. Even more Louisiana stations are affected but precise numbers are unavailable due to the difficulty in communicating with stations in New Orleans and the southwestern part of the state.

Several state broadcast trade associations have already stepped forward to begin funding the station recovery and rebuilding initiative.

Donations of broadcast equipment to help affected stations are being coordinated through Jennifer Livengood at the NAB at (202) 429-5447.

Marketron offering help to damaged stations

Marketron is offering free recovery services to any radio or TV station that has been hit by Hurricane Katrina. The company is offering to help broadcasters get their sales, traffic and billing operations functional during this emergency and provide hosting services while they rebuild.

Radio host's website transformed by hurricane

Until a few days ago, Katrina Blankenship used her Internet site,, to promote her computer business and a program she hosts on WRVA-AM Richmond. But as her website drew hundreds of thousands of hits from people looking for Hurricane Katrina information, she converted it to a resource site, with links to hurricane information and relief efforts. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that one website broker offered her a half million bucks for the URL, but she isn't selling and won't let herself, or anyone else, make money off of the tragedy.

RAB to provide EZAuction services for hurricane relief efforts

The RAB is making its online auction software, ezAuction available free of charge to any member Radio stations that want to use the service for hurricane relief efforts. Only credit card processing fees will apply. This will allow Radio stations to generate relief funds that can help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. RAB's ezAuction makes the deployment, delivery and execution of an online and/or on-air auction, and in this case, a charitable auction manageable and fully transparent. It provides tools for tracking dollars, monitoring receivables, processing payments, managing inventory and delivering certificates. Existing subscribers, or any member station wishing to host a charitable auction, may use ezAuction free of charge for up to 60 days for the specific purpose of deploying a charitable auction to benefit Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

For more information or to get started, contact Dave Casper at 972-753-6760 or email [email protected].

WFTL's Kelley Mitchell to broadcast live from the Astrodome

WFTL-AM Ft. Lauderdale anchor Kelley Mitchell began broadcasting special LIVE reports from the Houston Astrodome on Monday. Tuesday thru Friday Kelley Mitchell will join the WFTL Morning News team from 6a-9a and then host a live tale show from the Astrodome Tuesday thru Friday 4p-6p.

Univision partners with Red Cross for relief efforts

Univision has partnered with the American Red Cross to assist in fundraising efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Univision Networks aired a special edition of Sabado Gigante, simulcast on the Univision and Galavisión Networks as well as RadioCadena Univision and streamed on on 9/3, to generate monetary donations for the American Red Cross emergency relief fund. The show included personal interest stories as well as reporters and interviews on-location from the Astrodome, New Orleans and Mississippi.

Univision is also:

* Producing on air announcements featuring Univision's talent, which encourage viewers to make a donation to the American Red Cross. In addition, Univision will continue its extensive news coverage across its three television networks.

* Univision Radio is producing on air announcements featuring Univison Radio talent that encourages viewers to make a donation to the American Red Cross. In addition, Univision Radio will continue its extensive news coverage as well as special segments on public affairs programs, including 'Tu Voz en Washington' which airs Sunday on RadioCadena Univision.

* Radio and television local stations are running on air announcements with local talent. Stations are also coordinating food/water drives, which have thus far generated an outpouring of donations, and are working with local chapters of the American Red Cross in relief efforts.

* has created a special section of its website accessed through "Cruz Roja", keyword: cruz roja, to house all hurricane-related coverage, essays, testimonials, photos and video.

KCEN-TV partners with CC Radio for fundraising

KCEN-TV/NBC 6, Waco/Temple/Bryan, TX has partnered with Clear Channel Radio and Extraco Banks (thirteen locations throughout the DMA) to set up a Red Cross bank account for donations. They began running a crawl last week that they would be at one of the bank locations from 6-7P for people to come by and make donations. They also went live from a bank location during the 6P News and asked people to come out and donate. With the joint effort they accumulated over $50,000 in the first 24 hours. They will continue the campaign throughout the month, until the need is met.

CC Radio announces "Tons of Change" campaign

CC Radio Bay Area announced the "Tons of Change Campaign", are market-wide, multi-station effort to help benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

All San Francisco and San Jose Clear Channel radio stations will be on-site at the Oakland Coliseum today to collect donations for hurricane relief.

Listeners will be encouraged to drive through and drop off cash donations at parking lot D of the Oakland Coliseum. All donations will go to the American Red Cross.

NRG Media collect 89,042 in aid

The people of Omaha stepped up, reached deep and contributed much today to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina for "Go Big Red Friday" with a final count for collections made during our live broadcasts on Friday of 89,042. NRG Media stations and KETV-TV broadcast from 6am-7pm from various drop-off locations throughout Omaha to encourage listeners and viewers to stop by and make a donation to the Salvation Army for Hurricane Katrina Relief. Each $100 donation at these broadcasts was eligible to win one of 3 pairs of tickets to Paul McCartney, U2 and Rolling Stones shows. The donations totaled well over 100,000.

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