Erica Farber makes her pitch for RAB membership (audio)


Erica FarberAs she becomes President and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau in a few days, Erica Farber is taking the helm of an organization which has seen revenues from memberships and other sources shrink in recent years. In an exclusive interview with RBR-TVBR Executive Editor Jack Messmer, Farber was asked how she plans to get stations who’ve dropped RAB membership to return.

[audio:Erica-Farber-040612.mp3|titles=Erica Farber]

RAB cut expenses in 2010 – the most recent IRS filing available – but revenues fell even faster.

In her exclusive interview with RBR-TVBR, Farber discussed those financial challenges at RAB.  She also had comments on:

-her objectives as head of the RAB

-why she took the RAB’s #2 job last year

-the leadership of her predecessor, Jeff Haley

-and more

RBR-TVBR observations: The new CEO faces big challenges at the RAB, just as the radio business faces challenges in this evolving multi-platform world. We wish her well, because if she succeeds, radio succeeds.

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