Erica Rose’s Thorns Come Out on Bachelor Pad 3


Woah!  Crazy episode this past week.  I’m going to make this relatively quick because I’ve got a puppy that needs to be in bed asap and I already know this is going to be another long night of whimpering and shushing.

Some pretty great moments from this past week’s show and I’ll cover them quickly.

Was anyone else oddly finding themselves really happy and excited that Tony and Blakeley hit it off?  Who saw this coming?  He thinks she’s “cute” and appreciated her talking him through the whole 6 stacks of saucers and plates ridiculous challenge.  This was so out of left field but that’s the type of stuff that will keep me watching this show.  There really is a top for every teapot.  My favorite line of the night was Tony telling Blakeley that she has fallen for the wrong kind of guys.  He completely hit the nail on the head.  And he appreciates her spirit.  Plus he’s loyal.  I like that she said he’s “domesticated.” Like a loyal lap dog.  It’s great and I think this could be an awesome pair.  Did anyone catch that Wes’s “They say loooove, it don’t come easy” was the cheesy country love song playing on the radio that Tony and Blakeley were supposedly dancing to??  Too much, this show.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.  Go Hooters Girl!  I also was actually happy for Blakeley that she won the challenge

Ummm, Kalon and Lindzi’s love affair.  Is he really a snake?  If everyone in the house thinks he’s fake and all about himself, what does Lindzi see in him?  He even dropped the “starting to fall in love” bomb on her.  Really? He’s in love?  This is the girl who said she wears dirt for makeup and now she’s wearing Neil Lane diamond earrings and taking a Bentley to a highway dinner?  I thought she would so appreciate the camping trip better than the fancy date.  Funny how everyone thinks that Tony and Blakeley are so different.  I think Kalon and Lindzi are polar opposites.

Michael’s ploy to get Erica Rose eliminated backfired.  Woah, nobody saw this coming.  Yes, it was admittedly sneaky of Michael to get everyone to vote off Erica Rose and plant the blame on Chris.  But her reaction upon finding out the truth was beyond evil.  Funny how Erica said at the beginning of the episode re: Blakeley that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  This is mega foreshadowing, if Bachelor Pad was remotely poetic or into literary references. The whole “Holly made the right choice in dumping you and marrying Blake,” – talk about pouring salt in the wound.  She’s got some serious venom underneath all those blonde extensions.  Glad to see her gone.  I will hand it to her, she knows how to shake things up.  Michael seemed to be going really strong this season and I was wondering whether he’d win again.  It’ll be interesting to see how Rachel reacts and whether she can recover from becoming a Bachelor Pad widow.  Hmmmm.

Chris might be a cat, because he seems to have 9 lives.  How on earth is he still around after the antics he pulled last week?  He does have major game though – how smart to bring Erica into the deliberation room and to show her his vote.  That was the nail in Michael’s coffin – plus Chris figured out the mastermind behind the Erica take down was Michael.  I don’t see Chris having any genuine interest in Sarah and his conversation at the beginning of the episode with Ed, accusing him of lying, was getting too annoying to follow.  Particularly where Chris’s argument is something about manning up or being a man or something relating to manliness.  These guys must get injected with testosterone before each episode.

Last, but not least, the Ed declaration that he didn’t come on the show for any romantic interest and basically he’s not remotely interested in Jaclyn was a big slap in the face to her.  Looks like she’s not giving up just yet based on next week’s previews, but once again, Ed’s one of the few contestants in the Bachelor franchise who seems to have more romantic prospects off the show than on the show.  I wonder how many women he is sexting on the side this season.

Ok, with that said, I’m off to stay up all night listening to a dog whine before work tomorrow.  Good times!  Wally just jumped up on the keyboard and is trying to blog.  He is appalled by Erica Rose’s antics but is glad that things are getting shaken up with Michael’s elimination. Wally loves a good controversy.