Erin Andrews confirms death threats


Having already been the victim of a stalker who managed to take nude videos of her through hotel door peepholes, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is now receiving death threats. As a result, she is under constant security as she competes in ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Following press reports about the death threats and heightened security, attorney Marshall B. Grossman of Bingham McCutchen LLP issued a brief statement on behalf of his client: “It is correct that within the past few days death threats have been made against Erin Andrews. As soon as we learned of them the FBI was notified. They are on the case. Erin and her family are protected. It is unfortunate that there are sick people who prey on the fears and threaten the well being of others. Erin is not alone among those who have to deal with such predators. Erin is looking forward to the future and will keep all of her commitments including her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. We ask that the privacy of Erin and her family be respected.”

Andrews had criticized the sentence given to the stalker last month. “I’m mad. Thirty months is not enough,” she said after the sentencing. Michael David Barrett agreed to the sentence in a plea deal that avoided a trial.