ESPN Audio presents "Sports for your Ears" (video)


Via Wieden + Kennedy, ESPN has launched a campaign to support ESPN Audio’s digital offerings, which includes the ESPN Radio App,, downloadable podcasts, and more.  ESPN spokesperson Dan Quinn says the effort will air across all ESPN TV networks. ESPN Audio outlets allow fans to listen to locally based shows from around the country, as well as to ESPN Radio’s nationally syndicated content. 

This is the first campaign ESPN has executed that specifically promotes the numerous options fans have for listening to ESPN Radio content.  In the spot, an over-sized ear laments the fact that, as an ear, sports are difficult to follow.  But all of that changes once the ear discovers what ESPN Audio has to offer. 

See the spot here.

RBR-TVBR observation: After watching the video, we were halfway expecting to see the ear actually listening to a radio/radio station, of which ESPN Radio has 700 or so terrestrial affiliates. It really goes to show you that the Smartphone is the current handheld radio. Let’s face it, as hard as it is to admit, you just don’t see people carrying pocket radios with earphones around much these days. So the content transition has pretty much been made to digital there, while terrestrial radio listening still remains strong in the car, at work and at home.