's PodCenter sees huge gains


Since ESPN launched its PodCenter in 4/06, unique visitors to the site have increased by 1000% and total downloads have seen 650% growth, said the company.  In an effort to enhance the user experience, ESPN has launched a new, improved PodCenter.  This new hub for all of ESPN’s enhanced audio and video podcasts features individual show pages, increased interactivity and more.  PodCenter also features a new iPhone-compatible player, giving users of the device direct access to all the site’s multimedia content through a player tailored specifically for the iPhone’s Safari Internet browser.  ESPN has also integrated a player on the front page of

From April-June, the PodCenter has averaged more than one million unique users and 4.5 million downloads per month (AndoMedia).  Additionally, ESPN content–from Mike & Mike In The Morning, to Fantasy Focus, Pardon the Interruption and The Bill Simmons Report-are regularly among the most downloaded audio and video podcasts in Apple’s iTunes store.

New PodCenter features include:
·         New shows, including downloadable versions of the Emmy Award-winning animated shorts series Off Mikes, and a podcast featuring former NFL coach Bill Parcells, former all-pro wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson and NFL Insider Chris Mortensen;
·         Individual show pages for all ESPN PodCasts, with archived shows from the past 30 days, including shows from ESPN’s five O&O stations in Chicago, NYC, LA, Dallas and Pittsburgh;
·         Easily sort-able content, arranged by category – e.g. original podcasts, local radio, national radio, "most popular" and "most recent;"
·         Interactivity with the shows in the form of emails, polls and conversation pages;
·         New sponsors, including Hummer for Off Mikes and Mercedes-Benz for Buster Olney’s Video Podcast.