ESPN Deportes names sponsors for El Diez


It’s ESPN Deportes’ first scripted series, soccer drama “El Diez.” The lineup of major consumer-brand sponsors include American Airlines, Burger King, Coors Light, General Motors and Home Depot.  Each sponsor has a unique presence in the half-hour weekly drama, seamlessly integrating their brand into the story line.

El Diez, the series starring Alfonso Herrera, Mexican actor and singer from the band RBD (Rebelde), chronicles the life of a pro soccer player, who arrives to Mexico City in search for glory. El Diez premiered on ESPN Deportes Sunday, 10/30. The 10-episode series which continues airing on ESPN Deportes every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET, was shot in HD on location in Mexico and was co-produced by Animus Group and ÉPOCA Films. 

Each sponsorship package is tailored so the products/services are part of the series’ story line. The brands are integrated into each episode in a variety of scenes, not only showcasing product, but helping to communicate the brand values and messaging. 

“El Diez is a distinctive project that provides advertisers with content that allows them to reach the Hispanic sports fans while delivering their brand message in a unique and innovative format,” said Juan Alfonso, executive producer of El Diez & VP of programming development, ESPN Deportes & International. “From a creative perspective, we see our sponsors’ product integration as a very positive element of the program. Including these brands is an opportunity to add authenticity to a series that relies on realism.”

Sponsorship highlights:
•         Special features of General Motors’ Chevrolet vehicles throughout the series
•         Placement of Chevrolet and The Home Depot brand logo in the Atletico Nacional’s game and practice jerseys- a common practice for Latin American soccer teams.
•         Key scenes taking place at a Home Depot store and a BK restaurant.
•         Placement of the American Airlines logo in the stadiums, press conferences and gala events. AA print ads will be featured in newspapers read by lead characters
•         Behind-the-scenes interviews with some of the on-air talent sharing their stories from traveling and connecting it to the American Airlines Aprendi message that will live on the sponsor’s site
•         Promotional activations with the sponsors and El Diez production team and talent for promotions. 
•         Coors Light bottles and branding at every appropriate scene
•         Signage and mentions of Coors Light’s “Fanaticos Del Frío” site in a variety of scenes