What Did David Field Say About KDND?


A nearly 10-year old contest at KDND-FM 107.9 in Sacramento that resulted in the death of a 28-year-old finalist remains a major issue for Entercom, which must meet an FCC Administrative Law Judge within the next nine months at a license review hearing.

Entercom President/CEO David Field offered an official comment on the matter — one that reflects his entire company’s long-held focus on putting the community first.

“What happened at KDND in 2007 was a terrible tragedy that pains us deeply,” Field said in a statement. “Throughout our 48-year history, we have had a steadfast commitment to being a caring and responsible corporate citizen, firmly committed to public service.  We take great pride in all of the work we have done to serve our communities.   Nonetheless, we fully recognize that all of our good work cannot undo that tragic event nine years ago.”

Field continued, “We do believe it is important to note that the jury that heard this case concluded that Entercom Communications Corp. was not negligent. What happened was the result of unauthorized and appalling actions by certain station employees who violated corporate procedures.  None of that diminishes our sadness, and we remain committed to continuous improvement in our efforts to serve the public.”