Even if the tragedy is minor, local radio is there


WFNI 1070 The FanThe most important source of information when disaster strikes is local broadcast – in particular, the widespread ownership of battery-operated radios and the ability for a broadcaster to carry on during widespread power-outages using a generator make it the go-to source for critical emergency information. But even when the tragedy is of the non-life-threatening variety, local radio is important. Such is the case in Indianapolis, where Emmis Communications and its WFNI-AM are trying to help aggrieved football fans deal with the release of Peyton Manning.

Manning has been one of the top stars not only for the Indianapolis Colts, but for the entire National Football League, for over a decade, until injuries derailed his career.

It is no small thing for local football fans to endure an abrupt parting of ways with an iconic figure that has become source of civic pride.

Local Indianapolis television station WISH-TV reports that WFNI-AM 1070 The Fan is providing sports fans in Indianapolis with a venue to get their strong sentiments off their chests.

In particular, it mentioned the station’s 9AM-12N entry, the “Grady and Big Joe Show.” It noted that fans are of two minds – those who have accepted the situation and are ready to move on, and those who have not.

RBR-TVBR observation: The Manning situation is a national story, but it is a local story in many media markets where NFL teams may be in the market for a veteran quarterback. And of course, it is huge in Indianapolis – and only a local station could possibly give it the up-close-and-personal attention it requires. Neither syndie, cable nor satellite are a substitute in such situations.