Everwell TV signs for Arbitron custom study


What’s Everwell? It provides free digital televisions in doctors office waiting rooms to deliver health video content. Arbitron, the radio ratings company, will be measuring the effectiveness of the programming and its advertising content.

Everwell TV provides free digital televisions to doctors’ office waiting rooms throughout the country and broadcasts educational and entertaining programs for patients. Arbitron will provide on-site surveys in doctors’ offices across multiple markets. The study evaluates the effectiveness of Everwell TV’s programming as well as advertising content based on various demographic characteristics.

“The growing number of healthcare place-based media providers are relying on audience metrics to help them promote their brands. Healthcare specialists in particular want to provide information platforms that are geared specifically to their patient’s needs. Gauging their effectiveness will provide advertisers and content providers with the tools they need to reach their audience,” said Carol Edwards, Sr. VP, Custom Research at Arbitron.

RBR/TVBR observation: Another thing to check for: Is the set turned on? There are several companies trying to make a business of being in medical offices with infomercials and ad-supported content. We’ve noticed that the sets are often not even turned on, unlike the case with regular broadcast/cable TV, which patients tend to be more interested in.