Ex-Prez booked for holiday classic


After 61 years, you’d think there was nothing left to be done differently for the holiday movie tradition "It’s a Wonderful Life." NBC, however, has found a new twist. Former President George H.W. Bush will narrate the broadcast on Friday, December 14th for the blind and visually impaired. Through a process of Descriptive TheatreVision, Bush’s description will inform the viewer of what is occurring on the screen, filling the blanks where no dialogue or other sounds tell a visually impaired person what is happening during a television presentation.

For anyone who arrived only recently on this planet, the 1946 movie directed by Frank Capra starred James Stewart, Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore. The film follows the life of George Bailey (Stewart) from childhood to maturity in the town of Bedford Falls. On what might be his last Christmas Eve, a discouraged Bailey wants to throw his life away. Fortunately, Clarence (Henry Travers), a second-class angel, is sent to show him the value of life. After Clarence gives Bailey a view of Bedford Falls without him, Bailey realizes how precious his life is and gets a second chance.