Ex-Rep Tom Tancredo lands on radio


Former US Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO) failed in his bid this year to become Governor of Colorado. Like so many out of work politicians he’s now moving to a media job.

The Tom Tancredo Show launches Monday, January 3rd, at 10:00 pm on Citadel’s KVOR-AM Colorado Springs.

“Tom made a lot of noise in the gubernatorial race in Colorado. He has a lot to say about matters of the state and his show fits like a glove with our award winning line up on KVOR,” said Mike Knar, Citadel’s Market Manager.

Tancredo served for 10 years in the US House of Representatives. He sought the Republican nomination for president in 2008, making illegal immigration his keystone issue, but eventually abandoned his campaign to work for Mitt Romney, who was also unsuccessful.

A staunch conservative who often battled with GOP leaders, Tancredo switched to the Constitution Party in 2010 to run for Governor of his home state. His third party candidacy, backed by Tea Party activists, roiled the political waters. Democrat John Hickenlooper won, with Tancredo second and Republican Dan Maes a distant third.

While immigration remains his signature issue, Tancredo’s new show is also expected to focus on fiscal issues. He is also particularly vocal on the dangers posed by radical Islam and what he calls the “Cult of Multiculturalism.”

According to the announcement, The Tom Tancredo Show will feature nightly well-known guests and will cover state and national politics from the perspective of having been directly involved in the daily actions of our Federal Government.

RBR-TVBR observation: KVOR may reach only the Colorado Springs market, but you can bet that Tea Party loyalists from all across the country will be listening on the station’s website. The challenge now for Citadel is figuring out how to monetize that out-of-market web traffic.