Experienced Obama transition team


Among 19 individuals helping to pave the way of the incoming Obama administration, four have experience in Washington communications circles. There a former FCC chairman, two former FCC staffers and the onetime head of two industry organizations. One of three co-chairs of the federal agency review will be Donald Gips, who is thought to be a candidate for FCC Chair. He once headed the FCC’s International Bureau. Reed Hundt is on the team — he actually was the FCC Chair. John Wilkins has a two year stint at the FCC on his resume. And Tom Wheeler is the former leader of both NTCA and CTIA.

RBR/TVBR observation: We’ve become accustomed to some passage of time before changes on the FCC 8th Floor take place. Even when there is not a new administration coming in, commissioner candidates often become political footballs appropriated for the amusement of any Senator with any kind of axe to grind. Although further senatorial mischief can never be ruled out, it appears the new administration is going to be all over the FCC without delay.